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This is the first section of B.S.I.A.

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In the middle of the Algarve, Portugal, a couple were taking a stroll and went walking through an alley way. Two poeple were lying on each other, rubbing each other and lick the others genitals. they looked up and the man waved his penis at the couple before running off with the girl laughing. The couple frowned and carried on The couple held hands as they walked down through the alley way. The woman was wearing a white dress covered in white sequins. The man was wearing a black suit with two back packs slung over his shoulder. When they had turned round the corner and checked no one was watching they ripped there clothes off. Underneath was a black suit equipped with a pepper spray and top gadgets. On each side of the belt that snaked around their waist was a small sphere, inside, they both knew, was a gas that could blow up a whole, 2 metal shielded door into oblivion! Yet no one but Dr Hargo knew what kind of gas. The couple kissed and got out a gun from there back packs. They aimed the gun at the top of the building to the left of them and pulled the trigger. Two men eventually fell from the top and landed lightly; caught by the couple at the bottom of the building. The man was called, at work, Dragner. The woman was called, again, at work, Black wave A.K.A B.W. They pulled a dart out of the men's arms and squeezed out more of the liquid Dr Hargo called 'Dark Sleep'. The men wouldn't wake up until tomorrow afternoon and they would still have a dark cloud surrounding there eye lids. The couple pulled out a pair of boots and gloves. Once the gloves were on and the boots fastened, Dragner pressed a button at the bottom of his boots. Suddenly, he rose about three inches into the air as air was sucked in from the side and pushed out at an astonishing speed. Basically, he was floating in the air. He clapped his hands and placed them on the wall. He felt the gloves stick to the wall and grinned. The procedure was copied by B.W and they made there way up the wall. Once at the top, the couple shook with terror as they realised that putting the guys at the top to sleep was a mistake. Of course, a dark warlord bent on revenge and destroying the world would obviously have more than two guards on his Hotel roof!
"No!" shouted Dragner and leapt on front of B.W as the guards pulled up there guns to them. One bang splattered blood over B.W. She screamed as she realised it wasn't her blood...Dragner's shoulder was bleeding rapidly. The guards grabbed her and she fainted as she felt pain erupt in her head!

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