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Explaining the Kids and Tattoos

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Second Chapter

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"Well.... When I was 13 I was going out with this guy Derek and he got invited to this party and he asked if he could take me and the people hosting the party said yeah. At that time I wanted to be popular so bad so I went and they had beer and I was told to drink some and wanting to be popular I drank it. I just keep drinking more and more until I was really drunk. Then Derek kept telling me that he loved me and I would tell him I loved him back. Then one time when he said I love you and I said it back he said 'If you love me so much then have sex with me' and being drunk I didn't think twice about it. So I went and had sex. Then a few weeks later I would always get really sick in the morning and then when I missed my period I was really worried so I went and got one of those test thingies. I did everything I was supposed to and when I looked at it, it said I was pregnant. I was really worried and I had no idea what to do. So the next day at school I told Derek and he said sniff he said, 'You slut! It ain't mine! You probably slept with someone else' and he stormed off. That just hurt me so bad and I was really worried about what my mom was going to say but I knew I had to tell her. So when I got home I said 'Mom can I talk to you?' she said 'Sure darling about what?' I said 'Mom you might want to sit down' she said 'Ok?' and she sat down then I said 'Mom I-I'm P-P-Pregnant' She flipped out and then my step dad came in and said 'What the hell is going on?' and my mom said 'SHE'S PREGNANT' he said 'SHE'S WHAT?!?!?!?!?' Then he came over to me and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground and my mom told him to go in the other room and that she would handle this. So what she did to handle it was buy me an apartment. She said 'If you are responsible enough to have sex then you are responsible enough to live on your own.' and she left. Then I called my friends and told them and Brit said 'I told you not to go to that party' then she told her mom what happened and she didn't think it was far that I was on my own so she said that Brit could come live with me. So she brought a lot of stuff for us and then I called Dee and her mom thought the same thing so she brought stuff with her too and she came and moved in with Brit and me. Then three years later I'm doing just fine and I love my two kids to death so that is the story" Everyone was just looking at you then Benji came over to you and put his arm around you and said, "I am so sorry" "Benji I'm fine don't worry about it but thanks" You looked up at Benji who was sitting between you and Brit and you just gazed in his beautiful brown eyes. Then Brit says "Hey Lydia" snapping you back to reality and you looked at her and said "What?" "Your makeup is smeared from you crying" "It is?" You reached your hand up and wiped some of the makeup away "Hmmm so it is" Benji said "You can use some of my eyeliner if you want" "And you can use my mascara" "Thanks Brit, thanks Benji" So you got up and so did Benji and Brit rummaged through her purse until she found her mascara "Here you go Lydia" "Thanks Brit" You took it and followed Benji to this little room. He grabbed his eyeliner and said "Here you are" "Thanks and now where is a mirror" He pointed to a full length mirror "Thanks" You went over to it and started putting your eyeliner on and you noticed Benji watching you. You look at him through the mirror and say "What?" "Nothing I just think it's funny the way girls put their makeup on" You look straight at him and say "O really?" "Really" "And how do you put makeup on?" "Like this" He takes the eyeliner and puts it on just like you did. "You put that on the same way I did" "No I didn't" "Yes you did" "No I didn't" "Then how was it different?" "You opened your mouth" You laughed "So did you!" "No I didn't" "Whatever" You take the eyeliner back and continue to put it on. Then Benji pokes you in the side and says "Don't mess up" You squirm and say, "Don't do that!" "Don't do what? Don't do this?" and he pokes you again. "Yes don't do that" So of course he keeps poking you but you just ignore him. So he stopped poking you and started jumping on the bed, which made it creak. (Out to the other room) Joel says after hearing the creaking "What the hell are they doing in there?" Brit says "Are you sure you want to know?" "Ummm not really" "But I don't think Lydia would do anything like that" "Me either" (Back to you guys) "Benji quit that! They are going to think something bad is going on in here" "O laugh I didn't think of that" So he stops jumping and you finish up your makeup. "K all done" "Hey Lydia can I give you tear streaks?" "Ummm Sure" So he comes over to you and sits in front of you and when he is putting your tear streaks on he opens his mouth "Ha!" He stops putting you makeup on and says "What?" "You just opened your mouth" "I did?" "Yes you did" "K so maybe I do open my mouth when I put makeup on. So what. Now get back over here so I can continue to put your makeup on" So you lean forward and let him put your makeup on and you laugh a little when you see his mouth open. He doesn't pay attention to it. Then he says "K all done" You look in the mirror and it just looks so awesome "Thanks Benji" You jump up and give him a hug. Then you walk out of the room and the first person to speak was Joel and he said "What the hell where you guys doing in there?" "Well I was putting on my makeup and Benji was being stupid" "Hey I wasn't being stupid" "Yes you were you were poking me then you were jumping on the bed" "So that's why the bed was creaking" "Yep." Then you turned to Benji and said, "Told you." "I didn't say I doubted you did I?" "No I guess not" So you sat down and your kids came and sat back in your lap. It was silent for a few seconds then Benji said "Hey Lydia have you ever thought about getting any more piecing or a tattoo?" "Yeah I have I just haven't had the guts to ask my mom 'cause I have to get her permission before I could get it and I can't get a tattoo 'til I'm 18" "O Ok but if you could get a tattoo what would it look like" "It would have a big heart in the middle with barbed wire running through it then on either sides of the ends of the barbed wire it would have 2 more hearts and in one of the hearts it would say Amie and in the other it would say Bennie and the one in the middle would have my name" "Wow that sounds really cool" "Thanks" "And what about piercing?" "I would like to get my lip, nose and eyebrow pierced" "Cool Cool" "Yep Yep" It was silent for a few more seconds then you said "I'm hungry" and everyone agreed that they were hungry too so you all decided that you were going to go and get something to eat. So you walked out of the room with both of your kids on your hips and went to find your moms and finally you found them "Hey mom mom and mom" (Brit's and Dee's moms are like you second and third mom so you just call them mom) your mom answered "Yes Lydia?" "We are going out to eat ok?" "Ok but be back soon 'cause we are going to leave soon" "Ok" So you walked out and when you got to the car you realized that Benji wasn't with you guys "Ummm Where's Benji?" Right after you said that Benji came through the doors and was putting something in his pocket. "Where did you go?" "Somewhere" "Ok? O if we are going to take these kids I have to go get their car seats" You set your kids down and said "I'll be right back" So you run back in and get your moms keys. And while you are in there Amie pulls on Benji's shirt. He crouches down to her level and she says "Benji do you like my mom?" "What do you mean" "Do you like my mom?" Then Bennie says "Like a girlfriend like?" "Ummm I don't really know. I mean I like her but I just met here today. So I don't really know." "O Ok" Then you come running over with their car seats and say "Ok I'm ready to go" So you put their car seats in then put them in their car seats and get in yourself. Joel and Brit are sitting in the front then you and Benji and Billy are sitting in the middle and Chris and your kids are sitting in the back and Paul and Dee are sitting on the floor. Then you got to the restaurant. It was just a fast food one. You and your friends have had this idea for the longest time that it would be fun to walk through the drive thru so as Joel starts to pull through the drive thru you say "NO PARK SOMEWHERE" So he turns and parks and he says "You want to go in to eat?" "No I want to walk through the drive thru" Then Brit says "Yea we really need to" Dee says "Yea we have had this idea that it would be fun to walk through the drive thru for the longest time. Can we? Pleasssssssssse?" You three give all the guys puppy dog looks and they finally say yes. So you all get out of the car and go to the drive thru and stand in you places that you were sitting in the car and walk up to the place where they take your order and while Joel is trying to order you keep saying stuff like "And umm I want ummm I want ummm I want fries. No no no I want a burger. No I want a salad" Until Joel turns around and says "LYDIA SHUT UP" "Fine you party pooper" So he orders everything and you all walk up to the window and when the guy sees that you aren't in a car he just busts out laughing so you get your food and get back in the car. By now all of you are laughing. So everyone is in and buckled and Benji leans up and whispers something in Joel's ear and Joel says, "Ok will do" Benji sits back down and you say, "What was that about?" "You will have to wait and see" So now you are really confused but you get even more confused when Benji takes off his bandanna and rolls it up and says "Put this over your eyes" "Why?" "Because I have a surprise for you" "Ok" So you allow Benji to take his bandanna and wrap it around your eyes and tie it. So now you can't see anything and then you stop. Benji says, "Ok I'm going to get out and then you stand up and follow my voice ok?" "Ok" So he gets out and says "Ok now stand up and follow my voice" so you do and when you get to him he puts his hands on you waist and you manage to put yours on his shoulders and he swings you down and puts you on the ground then he lets Chris out then he gets your kids out. He takes you hand and say "Just follow me ok?" "Ok" So you start walking then he says "Ok there is this small step right here" You hit your foot on it then step on it. You walk in a door and then Benji lets go of your hand to take off the bandanna. He takes it off and you open your eyes and see that you are in a piercing and tattoo parlor. You turn around to Benji and say, "You got my moms permission?" "I sure did" You jump up and down and give him a big hug. Then the guy behind the counter says, "Can I help you?" "Umm yes this girl would like to get a tattoo and a couple of piercing" "Ok and are you 18?" "No she is not so here is the permission paper thingy" "Well if she is not 18 then she is not supposed to get a tattoo but I think I can make an exception with you" "Thank you thank you thank you" "So we will do the tattoo first. If you will follow me into this room right here we can get started" "Ok" You grab Benji's hand and say "You are coming with me" So you drag Benji into the back room and the guy says "Ok and where would you like your tattoo?" "On her lower back. Her SLUT spot" You glare at him and he stops smiling and the guy says "Ok come lay down right here" So you go lay down and the guy says "Oh I'm going to need you to unbutton and unzip you pants and lower them a little so I can do your tattoo" "Ok" So you do that and Benji is watching you with this BIG grin on his face. You smack him and say, "Pervert" So you lay down and the guy says, "So how do you want your tattoo?" "And Benji pulls out a napkin and says, "Like this" (You drew your tattoo so everyone could see it better when you were in the car after getting your food) "This is how you want it?" He shows you the napkin and you say "Yep!" "Ok will do" "Benji come here and give me your hand" "What are you afraid that it will hurt?" "Yes now get over here and give me your damn hand" "Yes ma'am" So he goes over to you and sits in the chair by and holds your hand and then you get your tattoo done and when its done the guy says "Ok all done but you can't cover it up for at least 12 hours so you're going to have to move you shirt" "Ok" You button and zip up your pants. You stand up and bring up your shirt and scrunch it on one side and take your hair out of the ponytail then put the ponytail holder around the shirt so it will stay up (did that make sense?) Benji looks at your tattoo and says "Wow that looks hot!" "Why thank you Benji" "Anytime" So you all leave the room and the guy says "Ok if you will follow me into this room over here we can get your piercing done" "Ok come on Benji" "I'm coming I'm coming" So you sit in the chair that the guy told you to sit in and you reach and grab Benji's hand and the guy asks "So what are we doing today?" "Ummm my lip, nose, and eyebrow" "Ok which eyebrow and side of your nose and where on you lip?" "Right on my nose and eyebrow and in the middle of my lip" "Ok" So when he pierces your lip, nose, and eyebrow you squeeze Benji's hand. Benji picked out your earrings and you thought he did a good job (they can be whatever you want) and you walk back out to where everyone else is and you ask the dude "How much do I owe you?" "O it's on the house" "I don't feel comfortable not paying. How much?" "No it's ok. I'm just happy that I got to work on such a pretty girl like you" "Umm thanks" "O by the way your piercing are going to be kind of sore for a couple of days so it might be hard to eat or smell or sleep" "O ok thanks" "Yep" Joel says "Poor Benji doesn't get to kiss Lydia for a couple of days" You scream "JOEL" and hit his shoulder then Benji says "Yeah what makes you think anything is going on between us two?" Joel points to your hands and you realize that you guys are still holding hands so you quickly let go. Then Brit yells "OOO BUSTED!" and everyone except you and Benji start laughing. So you leave the store and get back in the car and everyone get buckled up and Joel starts driving. While you guys are driving yours and Benji's hands find each other again and you guys link fingers. You look up at Benji and smile and he smiles back. All of a sudden Joel says "HA! I knew it" "Knew what?" While pointing to your guys' hands Joel says, "That you two liked each other" "Yeah so what if we do?" "I'm just happy I'm right" "Man Joel you are so conceited" "I know" It was silent for a little while then you said to everyone in the car "You know what would be cool?" "What?" "If we went to a club tonight" Brit says "Ohh that would be cool" "I just have to find a sitter for the kids. Does anyone have a phone?" Joel says, "I do" "Can I use it?" "Yep you can" He hands you the phone and you call your mom "Hello?" "Hi mom?" "Yeah" "Will you- are you going home tonight or somewhere else?" "Home why?" "O ok never mind. I was just going to ask if you would watch my kids but I don't want them around that guy" "Lydia he isn't that bad. He can be really sweet sometime" "Yea and most of the time he is a drunk perverted dickhead" "Lydia he is not" "Whatever just give Christy the phone" "Ok" "Hello?" "Dearest other mommy that I love so much?" "What do you want Lydia?" "Will you watch my kids while we go to my club" "I would Lydia but I'm going to my moms tonight" "Ok well will you give the phone to Kolene" "Yea hold on" "Hello?" "Dearest other other mommy that I love so much?" "Yes Lydia?" "Will you watch my kids tonight while we go to my club?" "I would like to Lydia but I have a class tonight sorry." "It's ok thanks anyways bye" "Bye" You hang up the phone and give it back to Joel. Benji says "They couldn't baby-sit" "No" "Hey how about my mom watch them?" "Do you think she would?" "Yea of course just let me call her. Joel give me your phone" "No I'm going to call her" "You asshole give me the fucking phone" "BENJAMIN" "What?" "There are little kids in this car. Don't speak like that" He turns his head back to the kids and says "Sorry kids" Amie says "It's ok we hear mommy saying those words all the time" Benji looks back at you with a sly smile on his face "Oh really?" "Ok so I do so what?" "Then don't get after me for saying those words" "Fine I won't" Joel says "Hello mom? ~ I was just calling to ask how you were ~ I'm fine mom ~ Yeah Benji has to ask you a question ~ Ok here he is" He hands Benji the phone and he asks if she will watch your kids and she says yes. Joel says "Ok now we go to moms house" So you drive there and it doesn't take very long. When you get there everyone gets out and Joel goes to the front door with all of you following and he walks and screams "MOM?" "Coming" and all of a sudden she appears. So everyone gets introduced and you set the kids down on the couch and you go ask Robin "Robin do you think you will need the car seats?" "I might so you might want to go and get them" "Ok will do" So you and Benji go and get the car seats and while you're getting them Robin asks Joel "Does Benji like Lydia?" "I think he does" "Well that's good 'cause I like Lydia I think she looks like a good kid" "She is" Just then you and Benji walk into the house "K here they are" "Just set them right there" "ok" Then Benji and Joel go get some clothes to wear and you guys are out the door again. Then you go to Billy's house and he gets some clothes and you go to Chris' and Paul's house and they get clothes (I know not all of them leave that close together but oh well deal with it) Then you go to your house and you and Brit and Dee get clothes. All of you got dressed at your house and then you were off.
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