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My Smile's An Open Wound Without You

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I groaned the next morning as the early morning light hit my eyes. I opened my eyes just slightly and saw it was only 8. Figuring I could sleep for another hour, I immediately fell back asleep. Later I woke up feeling better, but now it was 10:30, and I scrambled out of bed. I only had 3 hours to get ready to leave for the airport. After a quick shower, I dragged my suitcases out and began packing.

Everything was packed by 12:30, and I was fixing something to eat when my phone rang.


"Hey Haley. I forgot when I was supposed to come pick you up." I heard my friend Madison say. Madison was one of my best friends growing up and was supposed to be dropping me off at the airport.

"You can come over whenever you want. I'm already done packing."
"Oh, okay. I'll be there in about 10 minutes."

I cleaned up the apartment some while waiting for Madison. About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang.

"So, ready for a summer of fun?" she asked as she walked in.

"That I am. But I'm not sure if I'm ready for Pete's hyperness," I said laughing.

"Yeah you gotta watch out for that. Just threaten to take away his Sidekick if he won't behave."

"I would, but I kind of want to live. He'd kill me if I do that."

"Yeah, he probably would. You know I'm just jealous you get to spend the summer with them," she said, sighing.

"I wish you were going too." Madison had also been a part of our little group in high school.

"No pity parties. Come on, you have a plane to catch."

I sighed as I sat down on my seat on the plane. I was anxious to see Pete again now that it was so close. As soon as the plane took off, I pulled my iPod out, put my headphones on and quickly fell asleep. I awoke about an hour and half later, too excited to fall back asleep. Besides there was only about 30 minutes left in the flight. But I was too hyper to do nothing, so I pulled a book out, one Pete had left at my apartment. I was immersed in the book until the captain announced we would be getting ready to land. I quickly put everything back in my purse so I could exit the plane as soon as possible. A few minutes later, I shot out of my seat, grabbed my bag from the overhead compartment and walked to the exit. As I walked out into the crowded airport, I scanned the crowd for Charlie. I finally spotted him and walked quickly over to him.

"Charlie!" I yelled when I was almost next to him. I threw my arms around him.

"Hey stranger," he said, laughing. "You have a good flight?"

"Can't complain. Let's hurry up and get outta here."

"Anxious to see a certain someone, are we?"

"You know it," I said, laughing, as we walked over to where the luggage carousel was and grabbed my luggage.

"Jeez, bring enough stuff?" Charlie complained as we walked to the car.

"Hey, I'm a girl. I need all that stuff. Besides I don't have nearly as much stuff as Pete."

"True. Pete and those damn hoodies."

As we drove to the venue, Charlie entertained me with stories of what had happened on the tour so far. By the time we pulled up next to the tour buses, I was wiping the tears out of me eyes laughing at Pete's resurrection of the porn ninja. We loaded my suitcases onto the bus, and then walked into the arena. Charlie handed me my security pass, and I clipped it onto my jeans.

"What time do the boys go on?" I asked.

"Around 9." It was only 7:30 now.

"I don't want to surprise Pete until after the show. So I guess I'll go hang out with Dirty at the merch stand for a while."

"Ok. Just be careful of rabid fans."

"Will do. But they'll just have to back off-Pete's mine," I said laughing as I walked off. As I walked to the stand, I pulled out my Sidekick and messaged Patrick: I'm here. Going to surprise him after the show.

I hung out at the stand until I heard the boys intro music start playing. I told Dirty I was going to head backstage to watch the show. I made my way to the stage and decided to stand on Joe's side of the stage to cut down on the risk of Pete seeing me. But every time Pete came on Joe's side of the stage, I would pull further back into the shadows.

One of the times Pete was on my side of the stage for a while, I got a really good look at him. I realized then how tired and word down he looked. Sure, to the crowd he looked like the typical Pete Wentz, but to me I knew that wasn't true.

When the boys began to play Saturday, I walked to their dressing room. I sat down on one of the couches and tapped my foot impatiently. In an attempt to distract myself, I picked up a magazine laying on a table and flipped through the pages. A few minutes later I heard the boys outside the door fighting over who would get first shower. Suddenly, the door flew open as Pete and Joe tried to squeeze through the door at the same time.

"Uh...can I help you?" Pete asked, looking over in my direction, where I still had the magazine in front of my face.

"Actually, I'm looking for my dorky boyfriend. Have you seen him?" I asked, as I lowered the magazine. I grinned at the shocked look on Pete's face.

"How? When?" he sputtered.

"That's a first, Pete Wentz, at a loss for words," I said laughing. Next thing I knew, Pete threw himself at me.

"Oof! Get're sweaty." I pushed him off of me.

He pouted. "I haven't seen you in forever and that's how you treat me."

"Yeah, you smell. Go shower and then you can be near me."

"Fine," he said, stomping out of the room like a little kid.

I hung out with the rest of the guys waiting for Pete to return.

"I'm so glad you're here," Joe said, as the two of sat on the couch. I had known Joe for a long time, since when Pete and him were active in the Chicago scene. "Pete hasn't been the same the last couple of weeks."

"What do you mean?"

"He just hasn't been Pete. At least not the ADD Pete we're used to but. But when he'd talk about you, he'd seem to come alive more. I just don't want him to get depressed again. He's been doing well for a while now."

"Me neither, but I understand where he's coming from. It's hard when we barely get to see each other. You know how it is. There are times I wish more than anything he'd be there with me, and yes, there are times I've cried myself to sleep. But I'd never ask Pete to give up his dreams. I think Pete's just getting worn down, and I think all of you need a break."

"As much as we love touring, we do need to slow down sometimes. And I know Pete misses you more than he says he does," Joe said, as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

Just then Pete walked in the door.

"Hey, hands off my girlfriend," he joked.

Joe pulled me closer to him and said, "Sorry Pete, we've had a secret relationship going on. Just thought you should know."

"Whatever. What would she want with you, when she has me?" he asked, with a straight face.

Joe and I laughed, laughing even harder at the sad look on Pete's face.

Pete then pulled me off the sofa, and I waved bye at Joe as I followed him out the door. Before I could even ask where we were going, Pete pulled me close to him and kissed me. I immediately gave into it, realizing how much I missed being with him. After a couple of minutes, Pete pulled back and rested his forehead on mine.

"I've been wanting to that since we left," he said.

"Me too. I've missed us. We need time to just be us."

"That we do, and we'll get that chance after this tour," he said, as he laced his fingers through mine. We spent the next 45 minutes walking around just talking, until we ran into Charlie, who told us it was time to load the bus. There were a few girls who'd managed to sneak back where the busses were. The boys quickly signed autographs and took pictures with them. Patrick, Joe, Pete, and I walked to the living room area while Andy went to the bunk area to call his girlfriend. The guys wanted to watch a movie but couldn't decide what to watch.

"But I'm tired of the movies we've got," Pete whined.

"Oh get over it," Joe said. "Let's just watch Star Wars."

"NO!" we all yelled at the same time. Star Wars is good and everything, but there's a point where it becomes too much.

I got off the sofa and walked to the bunk area where my stuff was. I came back carrying a binder full of DVD's.

"I figured you'd be tired of those, so I brought these."

Pete immediately grabbed it out of my hands and flipped through the pages, finally deciding on Happy Feet. Patrick and Joe rolled their eyes, and I shrugged apologetically. But they gave into him, when he gave them his puppy dog eyes, knowing it was better to do so then telling him no. An hour later we were laughing at Pete's attempt to dance like Mumble. After the movie was over, the boys still weren't ready to go to sleep, so they put in Night at the Museum. Pete had been banned from picking the movie when he wanted to watch Peter Pan. By that point, I was lying with my head on Pete's lap and fell asleep soon after the movie started.

The next thing I knew, I felt myself being lifted up as Pete carried me to the bunks. He laid me down, and I rolled over. I felt Pete crawl in next to me and wrap his arm around me as I snuggled in closer.
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