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Bob proposes.

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Joyce was wearing a black silk dress. I had told her to dress nice, and she sure had! He hair was straightened and loose over her shoulders. She sat on the bench in the middle of a park. The air smelled of freshly mown grass, butterflies danced amongst the bright flowers, the sun was beginning to set over the small lake infront of us. It was the perfect moment, I hadnt been nervous...until now. My tongue felt way too big for my mouth, my palms were sweaty and I felt dizzy.
Joyce smiled as the sky slowly went pink, orange and yellow.
"Dont you just love sunsets?" She asked. I nodded slowly. Wondering what to say, I had had it all planned out, Ray and Frank had pretty much given me a script AND step by step instructions. But I had forgotten it all. Joyce smiled at me. I smiled weakly back.
"Are you ok? You look sick." Joyce said. I gave a big, obviously fake, smile.
"I'm fine - really!" I assured her. She didnt look convinced.
"Is there something wrong. You know you can tell me anything" She said, turning to face me properly. Oh god! CALM DOWN BOB! AAAGH! What do I say? Erm....are you meant to say a speech or something first? Why cant I remember what Frank and Ray had said?
"Bob..?" Joyce put her hand on my knee. "Bob whats wrong?" She asked. I took a deep breath.
" know, we've been dating for a while now and...and...I've really enjoyed it and..." I stopped, I didnt have a clue what to say next... after a small pause of me staring about us, anywhere other than into her eyes, she sighed.
"Are you breaking up with me?" She asked finally. I stared at her in shock, almost chokeing on pure air!
"WHAT!? No! Of course not!" I cried, was that what it had sounded like? Like I was breaking up with her!?
"Then just say what you want to say Bob! Come on, I wont be mad!" Joyce said.
"Its not you being mad that I'm worried about" I replied, Joyce looked confused.
"Just say what it is you want to say Bob. Dont worry about the outcome" She said kindly. I took a deep breath.
"You know what Joyce. I'm just gonna say it, no fancy words or poems or any of that crap -" I put my hand inside my pocket, Joyce was looking even more confused, yet I was sure I could see a hint of understanding in her eyes. I pulled the small box out of my pocket and opened it, revealing a ring.
"Will you marry me?" I asked, my voice was barely more than a whisper, and was already filled with hopeless - ness.
"OH MY GOD YES!" Joyce practically screamed before flinging her arms round my neck. I was in shock, was that a yes? Did she just say yes? Joyce pulled away, smiling at me.
I came to my senses and put the ring on her finger, she looked at it admiringly before flinging her arms round my neck again and pulling me into a kiss.
After the kiss, and telling eachother how much we loved eachother, we got up and began our way back to the tourbuses before it got to late. We held hands and the mood was much lighter, I felt almost drunk from happiness.
Outside the buses we shared a kiss before Joyce went into her bus, as I was walking away I heard everyone in Joyces' bus scream in delight. I smiled to myself as I walked into my bus. The guys were sitting in the living area, Gerard (Surprise surprise) sketching, Frank sitting on the floor having what seemed like a staring competition with Mikey, and Ray eating cookies. When they saw me they fell silent.
"Did she say yes?" Asked Ray. I grinned.
"HELL YEAH!" I cried, all four men yelled happily and bombarded me in hugs and congratulations.
"Your getting married! That is so AWESOME!" Cried Mikey. I laughed.
"I know!" Was all I could think of to say!
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