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Chapter 15 - What Have I Done?

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Gerard's P.O.V:

I stood there wondering what did I do wrong?

" You didn't do anything wrong Gerard," came a voice from behind me. I turned around to see Holly in a dark corner on a chair lighting a cigarette. " Just set her ex fiancé's soul upon the world in search of her. Til death do they part. What a load of bullshit." She took a puff of her cigarette crossing one leg over the other.

" What do you mean?" She let out a small laugh before responding.

" Dear mortal. You have much to learn. You see, your dearest Janey as you might've heard is a Haroquel."

" No shit. You just told me not even 12 hours ago!"

" I'm not finished." She put her cigarette but out on the chair. " You may not have known this but when Haroquels kill their loved ones they don't nessesarily die. Their souls are whisked off into the underworld like most mortals after they die. But if a Haroquel kills their loved one, the next time they find true love, the old love that they've killed gets to choose between staying dead, or becomming an evil spirit haunting the earth in their old body, perfectly clean and reborn. You see, i've talked with Anothony recently and he's vowed to come back and claim what's rightfully his. He'll destroy her new love first before taking her for himself. Usually when a spirit like him is reborn he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Til death and beyond," she finished with a high pitched chuckle. I stop a step forward enraged.

" Who the fuck are you?" I spat. She looked up at me with blood red eyes and stood up, slowly making her way over to me.

" I was once Jane's close friend. Untill I met him. He was the love of my life. Jane and him were going out for a couple months when he and I got together. It was meant to be. Then they got engaged and he stopped taking interest in me. I told him to come to the street that night and to wait outside. He saw her killing that mortal and got enraged. He tried to kill her I guess but she killed him before he got the chance to kill her. I will make her pay for the things she did. They will be together once more and then, I will torture and show no mercy in doing so. Then when the time is right, kill her. Anthony and me will be together once more. And nothing's going to stop us." I lunged at her but she vanished into thin air before I got to her.

What have I done?

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