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Carrots were for Cassidy

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Gabriella giggled as soon as she walked through the door. Not only was her husband making something that smelled heavenly, reminding her to thank Zeke a thousand times over for cooking lessons during their college years, but the sight of Troy wearing the 'Baby in the Oven' Apron was something else. "Now you are a sight for sore eyes," she said, letting her shoes slip off of her feet and walking behind him on the cool kitchen floor. Wrapping her arms around him from behind, she laughed even more when she felt the baby kick and Troy skip forward.

"Ow," he said, turning around from the stovetop and looking at her belly.

"Don't blame her, she just wanted to say hi to Daddy," Gabriella said as Troy said hi back by kissing her and the baby. "So, Daddy, what smells so good?"

"Food from Chef Bolton," he told her, gloating over whatever he was actually making.

"Which would be..."


"Ah, should've guessed," Gabriella joked and looked over into the den where Cassidy was playing. "Sold two houses today."

"Beat Dad at basketball today too. We're just having a good day today, aren't we?"

"Looks like it, ow!" she stopped mid-sentence and held her hand to her belly and felt another kick come. "This," she paused as Troy came over to feel also, "is most definitely your daughter."
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