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Chapter 2

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Violet's POV

Everything was quiet when I woke up. The bus was moving, they had probably started driving to the next show last night, I thought to myself. I stood up, placing my hands on the upper bunks to keep my balance as I made my way to the back of the bus where the bathroom was. I opened the door carefully not to wake anyone up and then close it after me.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I was a mess. My hair was kinda sticking up in the air and I had black circles around my eyes from the make-up I fell asleep with last night. I quickly fixed myself up, brushed my hair and then made my way out of the bathroom.

When I had closed the door behind me I was surprised to see Ryan in the back of the bus, sitting on the couch reading a book.

"Hey, good morning bookworm" I said sleepily and sat down next to him.

"Oh, hey Vi," he said, smiling shyly and looking away from the book. "I just woke up, I thought everyone was asleep"

"Yeah, I think everyone except me is fast asleep." I said yawning while Ryan put away his book.

Then he turned back to me and stared deeply in my eyes, like he was trying to tell me something. I didn't mind, his eyes were so gorgeously brown. Just when he started to move his lips to make up a word, he looked away from me, kinda embarrassed. Oh, typical Ryan, he was always so afraid to express his feelings, telling someone how he felt was really hard for him. So I just gave him a minute before asking.

"Ryan, is something bothering you?" I said smiling softly at him and the reaching for his hand.

He just looked away, but looked back at me when I took his hand to hold it. He had tears in his brown eyes and it broke my heart to see him that sad.

"Oh Ryan, it's okay, you can talk to me" I whispered and hugged him. He just let me hug him and laid his head on my shoulder, crying.

After a couple of minutes of silent crying he made me let go of him and wiped the tears away.

"It's just," he paused and looked down, "dad died."

I was shocked, I didn't know that. "Oh my god Ryan, when did this happen? Are you okay?" I said concerned and took him in my arms for another hug. His dad always made life tough for him, and I just couldn't believe that this had to happen when his dreams were coming true. He didn't deserve this.

"I'm not doing that good. I just can't concentrate anymore. I haven't written anything since he died. Well it's been a month now, sorry I didn't tell you. I just couldn't bear to tell you on the phone." He said sadly and hugged me back. "It's so great that you could come with us on tour. I need you right now."

Ryan and I have always been close since the first time I went to his house. It was after a school dance and his dad had been drinking. I couldn't believe the way he treated him, he threw a beer bottle at him when he walked though the door. Ryan had thought that he was out for the night. I had no idea that it was that bad. His dad didn't want him or me in the apartment so he yelled at Ryan until he closed the door and we were alone in the hall. He couldn't even look into my eyes. I was shocked but I knew that he needed to be comforted and I just hugged him and told him that we could go to my house. We never talked about that night again but he became one of my closest friends. I could tell him anything. And he trusted me with his life.

"Oh, Ryan." I said and hugged him crying. "It's going to be okay. I'm here; just know that I will be there for you. You will get through this." I said and kept comforting him. He gave me a weak but thankful smile and we just sat there looking through a window at the traffic passing by.

Brendons POV.

I woke up with a headache. 'Great!' I thought to myself and regretted that pillow fight. I didn't hear anyone, so I assumed that everyone was still asleep. I sat up in the sofa and looked around. Mark, our bus driver was listening to his iPod while driving and didn't notice I was awake. I walked to the back of the bus and saw someone in the dark.

"Who's there cuddling in the dark?" I said sarcastically and turned the light on. To my surprise Ryan and Vi were there, hugging each other. I don't know why but I felt this weird feeling stir up my stomach.

Ryan and Vi panicked and quickly stopped hugging, looking surprised, and Ryan a little embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry if I interrupted anything," I spat. Okay, that may have come out a little too harsh. "I mean,"

"It's okay" Vi said smiling warmly at me and then at Ryan. "I was just gonna go ask Mark when were gonna stop for breakfast" Then she walked to the front, leaving me and Ryan alone.

"What was that?" I said. I didn't care if I sounded jealous.

Ryan avoided my stare and said "Nothing" then picked up his book and started reading.

"Whatever" I huffed and left him alone.
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