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Chapter 1: Welcome Back to My Life

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DNO. Story #2 in my series. Terri is back and kickin' ass!

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Hey! I'm back and almost good as new.

The gunshot wounds have pretty much closed up, and I was officially released from hospital 2 weeks ago. Can you believe it's been 3 months since Dally almost got us both killed? Oh well, so much has happened since then! I need to fill you in.

I was in a coma for a week, and they all thought I was going to die. The bullet in my leg just passed the skin, giving me decent gash. The one on my side just barely went in and out, nice and clean, didn't hit anything important. One of the ones in my chest got lodged in a rib and the other stopped just short of my right lung. Those two damn near killed me. The doctors said I'm damn lucky. I have to agree. One guy said that honestly I should be dead. And I had digested that. It was true.

Oh, they had also taken a full body x-ray and found out that my shoulder was slightly misaligned. They say it seems it's been that was for years. I wonder why.

Then a week after I woke up, Johnny and Ponyboy had their trial for Bob's murder. Ponyboy was let of almost instantly, but Johnny had to go through what seemed like hours of uncertainty, but was only probably three quarters of an hour. I took the doctors and nurses to hell and back to let me go to hat hearing. I had to be there.

Finally Darry spoke to them on my behalf, and well, Darry's sorta big, so they took his words into consideration.

I did end up going, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, Johnny and Ponyboy told their stories as well as two Socs, Cherry Valance and Randy Adderson, girlfriend and friend of the deceased. I don't know why they helped, Cherry because she wanted justice or something like that, and Randy because he's just sick of fighting.

I like the whole Soc/Grease thing. It helps you live in a place and know the score. And gives you someone to vent your anger on.

So the court had a ten-minute recess to discuss Johnny's fate.

He came right over to me. "Terri?" he asked, I could tell he was scared, though he didn't look it. "Why did you come down here when your so sick? I mean you're banged up pretty bad, why bother coming if you can't even stand up?"

"Because you need all the help you can get!" I said, trying to sound happy but my voice was raspy from the surgeries to remove the bullets. "That, and I wouldn't miss thins for anything, even if I WAS dying, nothing would stop me from being here."

He grinned and court came to order once again.

"Defendant Johnny Cade..." the judge paused for a split second in which I heard all the greasers hold our breaths. "... not guilty. I place him in the custody of his parents Mr and Mrs Frederick Cade."

That was that. Johnny told me They weren't too happy to see he was home. I guess they still don't know I'm home, so Johnny decided not to mention it to them.

I've made a new friend in the hospital her name is Sarah. She was in for a busted wrist. She told me she got into a fight with a Soc for insulting her and her friends (one of them was Lizzie, small world eh?). Anyway she's cool.

I got to see Lizzie and Riley a few more times. They're still in school, and as soon as I have my way, I'll be in school again. I have the money, just not the age to sign the forms myself. I'll be seventeen in a week on April 14th, and then everything will change.

Anyway, Lizzie hasn't said anything more about Johnny, she's still afraid I'll beat her like I did Sylvia. But I wouldn't, not Lizzie anyway, she's a good girl, not like most greasy girls (I say that with the utmost respect, I am a greasy girl after all and proud of it). She's got something most greasy girls don't have: a good head on her shoulders. Sure she's slightly absent-minded, and quite frankly frightening sometimes, and not to swift on bad days, but she's smart, and has a good sense for dangerous situations.

Now Riley's started going on about Sodapop and how he's the hottest thing around, and I just said good luck. He's still to upset about Sandy to go out with anyone.

Now the biggest event of all.

Last week Dally gave me his senior ring (which he rolled a drunk senior to get)!

He took me to the Nightly Double (our first official date) and we didn't even watch the movie. We spent the whole time throwing popcorn at each other and blowing straw wrappers in each others ears (that one was my idea, one got stuck in his ear!).

When the movie ended we walked over to the park. He stopped next to the tree I fell under when I got shot.

The he did something totally not Dallas; he got kinda romantic, almost mushy like. "You saved my life here. Thanks, I don't know what I was doing." He was holding me close to him only it wasn't scary like that time in the hospital this was romantic.

I figured he was trying to start a conversation. "Any time."

He laughed. "I only did that cause I was mad."

"At me?"

"Huh? No at me. I was to bold back at the hospital. I didn't mean anything, I'm just used to rougher chicks like Sylvia."

I remembered her, and I didn't like what I remembered.

"Anyway," he said after a pause, "I wanna try again, if you don't mind." He let go of me and I shivered, I had forgotten how cold it was out. He took off his senior ring and took my left hand. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Absolutely!" I was overjoyed. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack; my heart skipped so many beats as he put it on my middle finger.

"Now let's see if I can do this right this time," he said wrapping his arms around my waist. He leaned in and kissed me.

Again I was on the brink of a heart attack as I put my arms around his neck. We made out for hours, and I felt comfortable this time.

That wraps up the last three months. Time to get to now, and I'm about to introduce Sarah to the guys and Riley. Lizzie already knows her so that won't be a problem.

This should be fun... in a train wreck kind of way.
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