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My Physical Romance

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Hannah's boyfriend asks her home for dinner

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It was late November. There was a light coat of frost on all the windows in Newark High. Ms Daly was going on about potential difference in the physics lab. She really did have a passion for the subject. Shame it didn't rub off on most of her students. She was happy to find one who could do the subject. She didn't seem to notice the extreme lack of attention in the class. Some of them wondered if she really cared. Hannah doubted it. It was up to them if they wanted to learn, not up to her to force them. She admired Ms Daly if only for that; she didn't pander to the students' every whim.
As much as she was trying to listen, it was hard. Jason Way was playing with her fingers behind the bench. The feel of his warm skin was enough to distract anyone from the riveting world of electricity. She could almost feel the whispers from her friends in the bench behind her. She was tempted to turn around and give them daggers but she knew she would be caught and detention didn't really fit in with her plans. She didn't know what her plans were, exactly, but she knew they would be with Jason. Any plans with Jason beat detention any day.
Jason Way was the classic American heart throb with a twist. He had sandy coloured hair and bright green eyes. His skin was slightly tanned and he was a good build. He had a perfect smile that showed his glistening straight teeth off to perfection. Hannah had never counted herself among the girls he would go for, until September when he had asked her out. She had never counted herself as ugly, just not very special. She didn't believe him at first. Why would a guy like that be interested in her?
The bell rang to signal the end of the lesson. Ms Daly reluctantly put away her apparatus. The class filed out of the lab, sorry to leave the warmth of the overhead heaters for the chill of the corridors.
Jason Way was still holding her hand. "So are we doing anything tonight?" he asked.
"I don't know, you tell me," she said. Her friends were still watching from their lockers. She made a mental note to hit them all later.
"Well if you want to you can come over to my house for dinner. My mom wants to meet you," he said.
"Really?" she asked.
"Yeah. And my dad does too, I guess. He's not usually very enthusiastic about my girlfriends. I think he might be different with you though. You seem more the type he would like. Please come. They're going to pester me until I get you over," he said.
"Okay, sure, that sounds great," she said.
He smiled that perfect smile of his. "Great! I'll meet you at my car after school. I gotta go to wood shop now," he said.
"Bye," she said. He walked away, still smiling. She turned to her friends and hit them all individually.
"Hey!!" Lana said.
"Watch the 'do!" Fiona said.
"It's not our fault your love life is so interesting," Maeve said.
"It's not particularly, you guys just don't have any," Hannah said.
"Don't rub it in," Lana said.
"You need boyfriends," Hannah said.
"Too right!!" Maeve said.
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