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Prologue: Outside the window

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He stood outside her window. Watching her, planning something. If only we knew what his plan was. If only we had known he was there. Now our world is about to turn upside down.

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He stood outside her window, croutched in the brush. Watching her, planning something. She was peacfully sleeping, her brown hair touseled. He could only watch her breathing. He stood there until dawn when her breathing began to be less peaceful. When she woke up in a cold sweat and looked at the window no one was here.

"Pete! Emma!" she screamed. I ran down the stairs to her room, followed by Emma.

"I dreamed someone was outside my window again."

"Isn't that almost every night this month?" Emma asked now sitting on the bed with her arms around Amanda. She nodded.

"Is he doing anything in your dream?" I asked.

"No, he just stands there looking at me. I wonder if it's not a dream." She shuttered.

"It's only a dream," Emma said supportivly, giving Amanda a hug. She glared at me and I knew not to talk. Amanda took Emma's hat and smiled when it was ripped out of her hand and she was hit with it.

"Ow!" she yelled as she smacked the back of Emma's head. I kissed her head which made her grimice.

"Ow!" Emma yelled and that brought Patrick bounding down the stairs.

"You alright?"He kissed her.

"Amanda only smacked my head," she said like she was actually annoyed and rubbed her head.

"You hit me first," Amanda said her voice rising from playful annoyance.

"You took my hat." Emma smirked.

Patrick and I looked at each other amazed with the insanity of these two girls.

"How did we get involved with these girls?" I asked him jokingly.

"I don't know," he full-heartedly kissed Emma and walked upstairs. I followed him. My head was imediatly filled with questions. The biggest one, the unanswerable one, the one looming over me. It was the one I was afraid to say out loud for that might make it real. Was it really only a dream?
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