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Chapter Twelve.

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More chaos insues, will they survie?

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Hey yeah, SORRY about the like five month wait...but like I've been busy. And writer's block TOTALLY sucks man. So yeah, here's chapter twelve. I own nothing. Well...I own the plot. That's about it. :P

~Hours Later~

"Come on, Brendan we have to move", Pete's voice rang out into the everlasting hallway.

Brendan sobbed, "N-no! W-we c-can't leave!!"

Pete lifted Brendan up, "Yes, we can."

Brendan cried out trying to struggle away from Pete, "It's like you don't give a shit!! Why the hell are you acting like this?!"

Pete replied angrily, "I do care Brendan!! I really do! But we need to get the fuck out of here! Sulking around is not going to help! Yeah, sure I'm going to miss Ryan! But yeah, WE NEED OUT!"

Brendan fell silent.

Mikey asked quietly, "How are we supposed to find a way out if we don't even know where we are?"

Frank said, "Mikey, shut up. We will find a way out. I'm sick of all you guys being so negative! I'll tear down the fucking wall!"

To which Jade replied with, "The walls won't tear."

Once again, all but Davey had been startled.

"Oh not you again! Get away! Every time you're around someone fucking dies!!", Frank replied angrily.

Jade shrugged.

Frank's nerve was lost as he charged at Jade, "You're the only one who seems to know what's going on! So please, tell us!" He tackled Jade.

Jade replied, "What's there to tell?"

Frank retorted angrily, "TELL US WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!!" He punched Jade hard in the face.

Jade didn't react to it, but only disappeared.

Frank was startled once again, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!!!" He sat up, utterly confused.

Everyone had blank looks on their faces.

Frank said a little annoyed, "That's it. I give up. I'm staying here." He crossed his arms and sat where he was.

Ville said, "That's exactly it. He wants you to stay there. He wants you to play into his ploy. He wants you to listen to him. What we have to do, is take whatever it is necessary to get OUT of this place."

Everyone was listening to Ville and they all nodded agreeing with him.

Ville said, "Then come on." He walked off.

Everyone was silent. Pete was the first to move. He followed him. Gradually everyone followed as well. Frank had to be dragged along.

~Hours Later~

"Come on, where's this magical exit Ville? Hm??", Gerard asked out loud.

Ville replied, "Somewhere, now shut it."

Frank whined, "Why does it have to be silent? My feet hurt! Where are we? I'm tired!"

Mikey sighed and covered Frank's mouth, "Shut up Frank."

Frank gave a muffled sigh and shut his mouth.

~A few MORE hours later~

Davey was running ahead.
Ville shouted, "You're going to get hurt!!"

Davey replied, turning around to face him, now running backwards, "I will no--AAAHHH!!!"

He was cut off as he fell into a hole that was conveniently covered with a rug. His hands were only visible as he gripped onto the sides, "Somebody help me please!!"

Brendan said, his anger showing, "Just leave him. It's not like he was on our side anyways."

Ville had rushed ahead to try to help Davey. Davey was trying to not fall. He couldn't see the bottom of the hole.

Ville said worriedly, "Quick! Give me your hand."

Davey reached up trying to grab his hand, but fell a few feet. He grabbed onto something jutting out from the side of the wall, "Please! Help!"

Ville replied, "I'm trying!" He reached down, now lying on his stomach to try to get to Davey. "You're too far down! Reach up!"

Davey tried to reach upwards, but lost his grip, "NOOO!!!" Ville tried once more to reach Davey frantically, but failed. He could only watch as Davey fell deeper and deeper into darkness, until he couldn't see him. He listened and heard Davey cry out as he hit the bottom. He listened for more screams, but heard nothing.

After a few minutes he stood up, his head down. The others had gotten to where Ville was. They looked at him questioningly. Ville looked up with a sigh, "Come on...let's go..."

Frank asked, "Wait, what happened to Davey?"

Ville said, "He fell...he couldn't reach."

Brendan narrowed his eyes, "Or did you push him?"

Ville looked at him, "I didn't push him."

Jade, appearing out of the shadows once again, stated, "No, he didn't. To which I'm proud of. I would have."

Ville looked at him with a venomous stare, "You would have pushed your own friend!?"

Jade smirked, "He was no friend." He melted away once again.

Gerard angrily called out, "WHAT THE HELL IS FUCKING GOING ON!?!!"

Little did they all know, their demise would soon meet them...

So yeah...sorry it took like...FOREVER, but do you like? Sorry if it sucks,, no excuses. I just have writer's block. So it sucks. :/ Okay, reviews, you know the drill. :]
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