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Chapter 20 - Til' The End

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Gerard's P.O.V:

As Frank and I were finding someone to feed from I couldn't help but think about Jane. Is she alright? Is she hurt? Fuck, I don't even know if she's alive. The thought of her dead made my stomach turn. She's not dead... that woman would have told me if she was. Right? I exhaled making the air look as if it was poison that could kill any innocent bystander. But not Frank nor I. For we are already dead. Stuck for eternity like this. Only if someone drove a steak through our hearts coud we ever die. Who knows when that could happen. Tomorrow? In five seconds? In an hour? Who knows?

" Gee she's fine. She's going to be alright," Frank muttered, more to himself than me. I sighed.

" All we can do for now it prepare for tomorrow dear Frankie." I started to tell him about the Haroquel who came after they left.

" Sooo she knows where Jane is?" he asked hopefully.

" I am pretty sure of that because she has done this before. I think she's a sort of guardian. At least that is what she seems to be. Shh. I sense a mortal." We made our way over to an alleyway and hid inside.

" It smells fairly old. Male, around fourty at the least, give or take," he whispered to me. I nodded. We stood there in dead slience until we heard soft footsteps making their way along the damp concrete. I saw him pass The alley, oblivious to the world around him as he looked lost deep in thought. We held our breaths as we walked cautiously behind him. We apporoached an alleyway as with a swift movement Frank pinned him to the brick wall inside of it. I said a few words of an anicent language and he fell into unconciousness. I let Frankie take some first. I could hear the blood trickling through his veins as I stood on edge waiting for Frankie to finish. When we was full I went over and drank from the freshly opened holes in his neck. I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger by the minute. I finished up also, leaving just enough blood in him to survive. I uttered another few words to repair the torn skin and started back to the arena.

When we returned we went to bed. I tried my best to get to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking of how Jane is. The thought of her dead danced through my mind. After what felt like an hour or two I felt myself diving into a fitful sleep. I awoke to someone shaking me.

" Gerard, awaken. We must hurry." I rubbed my sore eyes to find he woman from last night standing there. I could see she was adorned in black skinny jeans, grey clandestines and a long, plain black tee. She chuckled a bit. " You really think i'd wear clothes like the ones I wore last night all the time?" I nodded yes. " Well you thought wrong. Now you must get clothed. Your... friend seems quite ummm," she told me thinking of the best word to use.

" The character?" I asked.

" Yeah." I rose from the bed, got dressed and left the bus with Frankie and the woman. She stopped beside a tree and told us to wait here. We stood there wondering what she was doing. Frankie and I stepped back and she threw a bag filled with arrows and some bows from the tree. She hopped down and picked them up.

" I suggest you two not to touch the ends for they have spells bound on the blades so if this were to go through any spirit, demon or just about anything it'll die. We must get going if we are to save her." We started to walk through Chicago, passing pedestrains getting their mail in their housecoats, walking to work or just outside enjoying the crisp morning air before all the hussle and bussle of the city kicks in. All ther while we were walking Frank was trying to make small talk with the girl only to get short replies each time. I smiled a bit at it.

" Sooo where are we going?" I asked finally.

" We'll get there, we'll get there." After another five minutes of walking we ended up in another alleyway at the edge of town. We looked around to see if it was empty and luckily it was. She uttered a few words to the wall and a large, gaping black hole opened up.

" First things first, what you are about to enter is unlike anywhere you've ever been. It might look similar to somewhere but it is definately not. Stay together unless I say otherwise. There are things in here that are not human, nor anything you've ever seen or will see ever again. What you are about to witness is to be kept secret. Everything,. Jane, me, Haroquels, the dark forces we are about to witness, every single bit. Understand?" We nodded our heads.

" Now we either survive and save civilization as we know it, or we die trying. When you enter, there is no turning back. We fight for your love, all of your guys' friends, the world, universe, every shitty thing that enhabits this world. No turning back, understand?" We both replied yes.

" Good. Now, you two are not mortal, correct?" Frank and I looked at eachother. " That's what I thought." She came up to me and looked me over. Then she opened my mouth to find my fangs. "Umm hmmm... well. This is better than I thought. Vampires are on the same level as Haroquels. They know as much magic as Haros." She pulled a small dagger out of her back pocket. I stepped back a bit, flinching as she took it to my forearm. It never hurt but it was surprising to say the least. She drew the dark liquid that filled my veins and brought it to her mouth.

" What the hell?" Frank asked her. She stepped back a bit.

" So you are from the Way family, am I not correct?" I looked at her suprised and confused as to how she figured that out. " It's all in the blood dearie, it's all in the blood. She'll be mad at you, you know that right?" I hung my head low nodding in agreement to her statement.

" What? Why? Someone please fill me in!" Frank half shouted.

" Ever hear of the Canadian murders of those two Haroquels?" she asked him.

" Yeah apparently vampires killed them. What a load of shit." I sighed. Sighing alot nowadays...

" Well did you ever hear tell of what happened to those Vampires?" He shook his head no. She walked over to the hole.

" I'll tell you along the way, come. We've already lost valuable time. Now or never, make your choice," she said before entering the porthole and disapeering. Frank and me looked at eachother before I turned to black hole, Frank followed along.

" Til' the end, dear Franklin," I said pretending to tip a hat on my head before we headed into the dark abyss, knowing that what could ly ahead could mean the end....

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