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An End to Tradition

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He comes to your apartment as is the usual Friday custom... Minor one-sided OMCYondaime

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He comes to your apartment as is the usual Friday custom when neither of you are on missions. You smile, a real smile, the one reserved for him, and say, "Hokage-sama."

In return the Fouth Hokage shakes his head and shoves you a little as he takes off his sandals in the doorway. "Does it look like either of us are in uniform right now?" This banter, too, is Friday custom. Neither of you ever wear anything uniform for this, forehead protectors included.

You pour the sake the same way as always, even though you know there is a tenseness in the air, something he is dying to say, but won't until you are both served and have taken a sip. You don't hurry, but you'd like to this once, for his sake.

He doesn't ask you how you are, and you don't ask how he is. Instead, he gives the news. "Do you remember the girl I'm seeing?"

Of course you do. You checked her background before approving of her, and again after she made jounin and he became Hokage. You haven't told him that you did this check, naturally, but he probably knows you did. You have the feeling things are about to change, for better or worse has yet to be seen. "Yes, I remember."

"I think she may be the one." And there is such a light in his eyes when he says this, and he believes it and wants your approval so much. You always felt that you needed to live up to his exacting standards-and gods know you have tried your damnedest, but he will always be in a class all his own- even though he seems to think the same in reverse. To anyone else he may have just been making a statement of fact. Between the two of you, he is asking for your opinion, to make sure he isn't making the worst decision of his life. He needs your blessing because he was on a mission when you proposed to and married the woman who turned out to be a plant from Hidden Mist. He needs someone who has stuck by him even when he was wrong and everybody knew it-though you were both gennin the one and only time- to say that this is the right course of action to take.

"Do you love her?" You ask the predictable question while you attempt to organize your thoughts.

"With everything I am." And somewhere inside that hurts you.

This could change everything between you two and you're not sure if you want that, but he wants this, and you've always always supported him because in the event that he led you through hell, you'd trust him anyway because he would lead you back. So you smile with a happiness you've only ever used on undercover missions and pray that he can't see through your mask because you've never used your skills to fool him, and it's a taboo to use said skills on Fridays when it's just you and him and a bottle of sake. "Then I certainly hope you intend to invite me to the wedding."

He smiles brighter than you've ever seen him smile, as a shinobi, as the Fourth, as a man, and you distantly think that it's bitterly ironic to be toasting the breaking of your own heart.

El Fin.
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