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Honda Civic Tour 2007

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This is based on a true story, most is true others are made up. For my bestest friend in the ENTIRE world, Miss Krystle, herself!! This is a one shot for you, my dear. Enjoy!!

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"I can't believe that our concert is this weekend!!" said Krystle, to her friend Trish on the phone.

The two were talking about the show that they had had tickets for two months in advance. Trish lived in Chicago and was coming to visit Krystle in her home in Michigan. The two girls were to meet up on the coming Friday and spend the whole holiday weekend together. Krystle was devising a plan to get ready for the show, all week.

"It'll be like spirit week only, not," laughed Krystle, to her friend.

The girls came up with a theme for everyday of the week. Each day would get them just a little more pumped for the show.

Monday- Conservative and no jeans.

Tuesday- Fall Out Boy/ Panic! shirts that they had made when Krystle flew out to Chicago to see Trish.

Wednesday- Crazy hair/ clothes day.

Thursday- Punk with class and stipes all a flow. Basically the two would dress like preps, but with edge and top their outfits off with stripes.

Friday- This day was the coolest. Because they got to dress like the Dandies from the music video 'A little less 16 candles, A little more touch me'. They would dress sophisticated, sexy, and daring.

Krystle had hung up with her friend and stared at her walk-in closet. She grabbed a pair of black pants and a plain pink dressy top. She also had set out some black flats and a beautiful necklace. This week was going to be a lot of fun, but she was more concerned about the concert. She had been thinking about the lead singer of Fall Out Boy for quite some time. His name is Patrick Stump and she thought he was drop dead gorgeous!! Krystle was also excited to see the bands Cobra Starship and the Academy Is. She knew that Trish was pretty much obsessed with the Academy Is, so it was a definite sign that this show was gonna rock, literally.

After saying good night to her mom, step-dad, little brother, and grandparents, Krystle brushed her teeth, washed her face, and turned down the lights. She fell right to sleep and started to dream about the concert. She just slept and slept until she was brutally awoken by her aggravating alarm clock. She awoke, groaned, hit the snooze button, and fell right back to sleep. The next time she awoke was to the song 'Build God, Then We'll Talk', she got up to answer her cell phone and then continued with getting dressed. Trish called her to see if she was up or not.

Once Krystle was dressed, she ran down stairs, said Good Morning to everyone, grabbed an apple, some green tea, her books, and headed towards her bus stop. She couldn't sit still on the bus that morning. Her main focus was on the pending concert. The bus ride wasn't long and Krystle had finished her breakfast on the ride to school. As she made her way into the school building she met up with her friends, Hannah and Sean. They were both excited for her concert. It was always a treat to see Krystle smile or get excited about something that she loved. Whether it was music or theatre. She loved it all and so did those around her.

She made her way into her first hour, which was Theatre Arts with Mr. Boenman. Her teacher said to grab a partner of the opposite sex that was unfamiliar to you. Meaning you didn't know them very well. Krystle, the polite and outgoing one that she is, made her way over to a boy in a trucker hat over on the couch.

"Hi!! I'm Krystle and well I don't know you, so we're partners, Kay??" said Krystle, introducing herself.

The boy looked up at her, smiled, and replied, "Hi, I'm Patrick and sure we can be partners."

Mr. B told his class to come up with a five-minute scene about each other. Krystle was very creative so she suggested that they do their scene like a fashion show, but with music. Patrick went along with it and their scene ended up being hilarious, original, and interesting.


Skipping forward a few days, it was finally Friday and Krystle was awaiting patiently at the Detroit airport, baggage claim for her friend. She had a Starbucks in her hand and was sitting on a bench that was right next to the baggage conveyer belt. She looked towards the gate exits and saw her friend, Trish, carrying her suitcase and was all decked out in "Dandie" wear. Krystle helped her friend with her luggage and then they both headed towards the outside to meet a taxi. Fortunate for them, one was waiting right outside for them.

"Finally this weekend is here!!" said Trish, with a sigh of relief.

"Ohh I know!! We're gonna have so much fun!!" replied Krystle.

"It's good to be in Michigan again, with you," said Trish.

"I agree. It's been way too long," replied Krystle.

The two hugged and then continued their taxi ride. The taxi driver drove the girls all the way to Krystle's house and even helped Trish with her bags. Once the girls were inside, they went upstairs to Krystle's room and blasted some Fall Out Boy. They danced, laughed, and then started gushing about the cute members of the Academy Is and Fall Out Boy. Trish couldn't shut up about the lead singer of the Academy Is, William Beckett.

"Krystle darling, I think I love him!!" announced Trish, while she drank a Tab Energy Drink.

"You're crazy, hun," laughed Krystle.

"Maybe, or maybe I really AM in-love with that kid. Ohh William," said Trish, then she giggled to herself.

The weekend went on and before they knew it, it was Sunday, the day of the Honda Civic Tour. Trish and Krystle were both spiking their short hair and putting on their make-up in Krystle's bathroom. They only had a few more minutes until Krystle's step-dad wanted to leave to go to the venue, known as DTE Energy Music Center. The girls were at the venue about 2 ½ hours early. They met up with other fans and Trish's famous, cute guy, in tight pants, radar was in full swing.

"Krystle!! I see Alex and Nate from Cobra!!" announced Trish.

Krystle looked over at what her giddy friend was pointing at and immediately smiled. She then went back to drawing on her pants. Trish wrote the words "Big Mess" on her hands and the word 'Santi' on her right wrist. After about a half hour, the security people let them inside the venue. Trish noticed that the girls had VIP tickets and that only gave them the luxury of going to the VIP club "Starlit". Once inside, the girls headed towards the merchandise table, where they waited for a good 30 minutes for them to just set up. A familiar guy politely walked behind Trish and Krystle, which made them look at each other in awe.

"Wasn't that just...." Trish started.

"I think so. I think that was Micheal from the Academy Is," replied Krystle.

The two laughed awkwardly and then finally made their way to get their merchandise. Trish got a yellow the Academy Is shirt and Krystle got some Fall Out Boy pins and a Clandenstine necklace. They then went to the VIP club to get some waters and Trish wanted to get changed out of her Fall Out Boy shirt and into her new the Academy Is shirt. Once they finished their waters, they heard an announcement that the band Cobra Starship was about to perform. The girls ran from the club and to their seats. They rocked-out to all the Cobra songs and Trish pretty much had a heart-attack when William Beckett came out on-stage to help sing 'Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)'.

After Cobra played, the VERY white rapper, Paul Wall came on-stage and the girls left their seats. They walked around and out of her eye, Krystle noticed the lead singer of Cobra, Gabe Saporta, standing in-front of a blob of fan-girls. The two girls pushed their way to the front of the line and got to meet Gabe for the first time. Trish wrapped her arms around Gabe and he did the same with her. She wanted to be able to get the full grasp of a rockstar, litterally. Krystle took a picture with him, as well. They got autographs and then went back to their seats.

Krystle accidentally bumped into a guy.

"Oops I'm sorry," she said, then looked up to see who it was.

"No prob." said the guy.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Umm, Hi P-Patrick," said Krystle, realizing that it was Patrick Stump, from Fall Out Boy.

But wait, wasn't that the guy from her Theatre Arts class?? Nahh couldn't be. Or could it??

"You look really familar, I mean other than being in Fall Out Boy. Don't you go to my school??" Krystle asked.

"No, I'm much to old and not to mention chubby for school," said Patrick.

Krystle became really confused. Was it just plain irony that she had met a shy guy in theatre class that strangely resembled Patrick Stump. Same first name and everything. Weird, but anywho, back to the story.

Trish hadn't noticed Patrick at all and was well on her way back to their seats. Krystle said Good-Bye to Patrick and asked him to meet her at the VIP club afterwards. He said that he'd try, but wasn't promising, on account of stingy managers and security guards. Trish freaked-out....again when she saw the Butcher's drumset on-stage. The Academy Is was about to perform and they started to jump up and rock-out. Trish was desperately trying to flirt with William, via dancing, 20 rows back.

After TAI played the girls went to join other fans in the meet and greet line. They pushed their way towards the front and once Trish's eyes met with William's she knew she couldn't turn back.

"William?? William!! I-I love you," she said.

William gave her a confused look. He didn't know whether to be flattered or scared. She continued talking to him and she fell more and more in-love with him. He signed her shirt (as well as the other bands) and gave her a hug. He also signed Krystle's pants.

The girls went back and rocked out to the rest of the bands. Everyone was great that night. The girls decided to go back to the VIP club and get some water and a dessert. Krystle only had about $20 bux on her, so she treated herself and Trish to a piece of key lime pie. Just then Trish noticed a tall guy with medium length hair followed by some others.

"Is this seat taken??" asked the guy.

Trish looked into his hazel eyes. Her eyes lit up and she quickly shook her head.

"Oh. My. Gosh. It's William!!" she mouthed to Krystle.

Krystle didn't notice. Her main focus was on Patrick. The two were talking and flirting. Trish took out a pen and started to write down some questions for the Academy Is for her school newspaper. The guys answered all their questions and then asked if the girls wanted to exchange numbers. Trish got out her cell phone and each member of the Academy Is and Fall Out Boy typed in their numbers. Krystle did the same.

Krystle and Patrick went off to another table to talk. Patrick was so interested in what Krystle was like. They had instant chemistry. After a short while the two were holding hands and laughing together.

"I feel like I know you from somewhere," said Patrick.

"Well, I've always been a big fan of you and have written several fan fictions about you. Even a really good vampire fic that Trish helped me with," said Krystle.

"Really?? What's it like??" asked Patrick.

"It's about me and my friends and it's based around the music video for 'A little less 16 candles, A little more touch me'," explained Krystle.

"Really?? I'd love to read it," said Patrick.

Krystle nodded. The two kept talking for awhile longer and Krystle occasionally looked over at Trish's smiling face. Her best friend was surrounded by her favorite band. And her favorite lead singer, William.

"Hey, can I see you again??" asked Patrick.

"Ohh, I don't know, umm don't you kinda have a headlining tour to worry about??" asked Krystle.

"Well, I get a few days off, can I see you then??" asked Patrick, sweetly.

Krystle couldn't resist. She nodded and then the two stared into each other's eyes. Everything just seemed to stop because before they knew it, they were kissing on the mouth. They broke away at the sounds of cat calls from the table where Trish and TAI were. The two laughed to themselves and then Patrick said that he had to get going. Krystle nodded and the two stood up and hugged once more. Patrick promised to call and he kissed Krystle's forehead.

"Come on Trish, I think you've scared them enough for one night," said Krystle, laughing.

"Awe can't she stay?? We like her!!" said the Butcher.

"Yea guys, we gotta start going back to the buses," said Patrick.

Trish giggled uncontrollably and Krystle smacked her friend's head. Trish snapped out of it and said her good-byes to her rockstars. She and William got up to hug and this time, he showed his affection for Trish, with his lips on her lips. They kissed for a good couple of minutes and then broke away from each other.

Krystle and Trish said good-bye again and walked back to meet Krystle's mom, whom was in the parking lot of the venue. The two were blushing, smiling, and laughing uncontrolably on their way to the car. Krystle's cellphone buzzed in her pocket and she got a text from Patrick saying that he was thinking of her right at that very moment. She smiled and replied that she felt the same way and then she put her cellphone away.

Krystle's mom blasted Fall Out Boy's new cd 'Infinty On High' all the way home. The girls just listened and thought about their rockstars.

This weekend sure meant A LOT to them. It was to NEVER be forgotten. Whatever was planned to happen that night, definately happened.

The End.

A/N: Dedicated to my good friend Krystle. I love you, girlie!!!! And Thnks Fr Th Mmrs at the HCT!!!!!! 5/27/07!!!!!!!!!!! DTE!!!!!!!!!
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