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Last day of summer slowly melting into the first day of high school... Who knows who we'll meet next :D

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The last day of summer was always the one kids cherished most. Leaves still held their ground at the tops of trees, shimmering with the yellow glow from the ball of light in the sky. Three kids sat on the curb right outside their cul-de-sac, basking in the heat and licking the dripping ice cream off their cones. "Billie, what's it like over at the high school?" Olivia said in between licks.

"Haven't I told you like, one thousand times?" Billie Joe grumbled as he finished the last bite of his cone.

"One thousand and one times never hurt!" Lily snorted. Billie Joe rolled his eyes, his tanned hands wiping off any excess ice cream that found its way onto his new T-shirt. "It's fun, I guess. There's a lot of weird people there but you get used to 'em. Ya just gotta decide what kind of person you're gonna be."

"That meaning...?" the two girls asked in unison.

"Are ya gonna be a prep or a goth or a... You get the point."

"I wanna be... me." Lily said in a sing-song tone.

"Yeah, but if you don't label yourself, they're gonna label you something awful nasty," Billie Joe pointed out whilst wiping the sweat off his brow. After pushing himself up off the curb, he lent a helping hand to the two girls. "Being a freshman is fun for the first half of the year, but its charm wears off. Ah, I remember being a freshman," he said nostalgically.

"You're only a sophomore. It wasn't that long ago," Olivia patted Billie Joe hard on the back, he hacked briefly. A teenager their age rode by on his bike, waving briefly to the three. "See ya tomorrow BJ!" the boy's voice echoed between the houses.

"Who was that?" Olivia poked Billie Joe.

"Cone," he beamed at her.

"Who names their kid Cone?" Lily crossed her arms over her chest.

"His name's Jason, geez. We call 'em Cone 'cause he loves to eat ice cream cones."

"We like cones but we don't get a cool nickname!"

"Lily, would you shut up?"


Lily and Olivia frantically dashed around the house, singing lyrics to songs that they just made up on the spot. "I can tell there's something going on!"

"Hours tend to disappear!"

"And we don't care about the young folks!"

"Lily, Olivia, your father is trying to do his work. Go sing in your bedrooms," their mother scolded.

"Yes ma'am," the girls grumbled before trudging into Lily's bedroom. Pictures that Lily drew were scattered everywhere, trinkets and CD's weren't in organized spaces but rather in disastrous heaps. Olivia always poked fun at how messy her sister's room was, but hers was no better. "Wait, why did you come into my room?" Lily glared sideways at her sister.

"I dunno. You stalked off so I followed."

Lily shrugged and popped a Pet Shop Boys CD into her stereo system. She knew it'd drive her sister straight out of the room. "Eww! One Night In Bangkok!? If you wanted me to leave you coulda just asked!" Olivia cried, her hands cupped around her ears. After hours of boredom and complaints, the two resided to their beds, although their erratic heartbeats kept them awake for about an hour after they first got into their comfortable spots.

The sound of a spastic alarm forced the two to shoot right up in bed. From down the hall, her mother shouted for them to get dressed. Lily dashed out from under her duvet, she eagerly knocked on her sister's door. Olivia answered within a fraction of a second, she was already dressed, just like Lily was. The two grabbed each others hands and bounced together in a circle. "Girls! Billie is waiting for you two! Aren't you ready?" Mother said with an irritated tone. The sisters grabbed their messenger bags, planted kisses on their mother's cheeks, and leapt onto an unsuspecting Billie Joe Armstrong.

"Well that was fast. Your mom didn't even come say 'hi' to me," Billie twisted his lips into a frown while they walked down the street, the sun was just appearing over the forest green treetops. They were greeted with clear blue cloudless skies, the air was crisp and palatable. "First day of high school, guys. How does it feel?"

Olivia and Lily exchanged glances. "Wonderful."
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