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Chapter Nine: Home Alone

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Alexis is at home by herself and encounters strange things.

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Clinga: Hahaha, so yes I have returned. This chapter is pretty short, but hey man! Atleast I managed to write SOMETHING.
I really didn't want to ignore this story any longer, so I hope you all enjoy.

Gerard cleared his throat as he pressed the 'talk' button on his cell.


The line went dead.

"What the?"

Yeah. It was to... expected, to happen. 'As if she would want anything to do with me.' thought Gerard. He walked to his bunk bed in the mid-section of the bus and layed down. He'd never see Alexis again.

Alexis hung up her phone. What was she thinking? Seriously.
Well, the house was quiet, her mom left a note saying she was at church with Lexi's brother. She didn't feel like going anyways. Who'd blame her? She was up all night taking turns driving home with Britney who was asleep most of the time. Heck, it didn't really matter; she didn't goto church much. The grandfather clock in the living room chimed ten times. Alexis walked into her bedroom and picked out her night clothes to wear. She was going to go straight to bed after her shower. As she was walking to the bedroom door she felt something- someone. She turned around sharply, expecting to see someone or just /something/. Nothing. She narrowed her eyes in confusion. Her window was open. She took a deep breath and closed it then continued to walk into the bathroom.
The warm water on her skin felt so relaxing, like getting your back massaged; but way better. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. The air was fogged and misty. She grabbed her hairbrush and ran in down her wet hair. By time she was done with her hair, the room had cleared, except for the mirror. She walked to it and took the backside of her hand and smeared in across the moist glass. She letted out a sharp, intense gasp as she saw a black figure standing behind her in the mirror. She turned around on her heel. No one was there. Lexi rubbed her forehead and turned back around to face the the mirror, revealing no one was behind her.

"I'm just tired, that's all, that's all." she assured herself.

Who was she kidding? She was freaked out. It couldn't possibly be who she thought it was. Nah.
Her parents should be home soon; she didn't like this 'alone' feeling, no one does. Her bedroom was the same as she left it when she returned. She collapsed onto her bed and pulled the covers up to her chin.
There was a creaking noise. She sat up and looked around. The door was closed. But the window was opened again. Lexi walked back over to the window and saw something that scared her, and made her wonder.
Carved into the wooden window sil, "It's not nice to hang up."

Back on MCR's tour bus, Gerard smirked in his sleep.

In case you didn't know, Lexi is short for Alexis. So I'm gonna start calling Alexis, Lexi. It's easier for me, haha.
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