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The other three are working through the night watch in another bar

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"The bar." Rude pointed to a small place. It was called Annie's bar. They were on the other side of the town compared to Rufus and Reno. Rude didn't bother to pick the lock instead he opted to punch the living daylights out of the sturdy back door.

"Well we shall hold up here then." Tseng told them and opened the door. The back of the pub had boxes stored up that at some point had been ransacked. He poked one with a gloved hand and it fell apart. Bottle tops fell on the floor and Tseng mumbled something. "We have got to find President ShinRa."

They moved in to the bar which unlike the other had a reasonable outlook to it. The lights were working and the jukebox seemed to have been left ready to put money in. Gil it was rapidly realised by Elena was not the currency. She picked up a coin and looked at it. She then pocketed as many as she could get from the till just in case. They searched the area and then settled down after pulling out some cold beers from the fridge.

"Okay plan of action is we start again first thing in the morning." Tseng said uncomfortable with the fact that their list of plans had to be written on the back of a torn apart beer mat.

"Well if we each take turns in a watch then we can rest and try and sleep." Elena suggested.

"I'm good for that." Rude nodded. "I'll take first watch." He said adjusting his gloves and pushing his shades up on to his head.

He sat patiently for a majority of the night. He was quite concerned about his partner if he was honest. They usually took the assignments together. Reno could get a little out of hand with his eagerness to bash something in if the bigger Turk wasn't there to let him rant it out. Then again Reno was the second in command for a reason. He was good at what he did.

He woke Tseng next as Elena looked to be quite peaceful on the floor and it seemed a shame to move her. Tseng muttered something under his breath and then knelt down and kept the sword close enough to grab in a hurry.

There was a strange noise at the back of the stores and Tseng quietly stepped up and took his sword with him. There was something aiming to get in the back door. He leant and listened. It sounded like the sniffing of a large dog, his mind went to Dark Nation. Dark Nation, the companion of Rufus' for some time until Cloud had got his hands on them.

He opened the door and a large dog greeted him. It stank and as he tried to close the door with unnatural strength it fought back and slipped in through the door. Tseng looked at it shocked for a moment.

Flesh was falling from it sides and matted fur with rotten innards clung to what was left of it. How it was still walking he did not know. The tongue hung low to the floor and was extraordinarily long. Putrescent breath came from it and he was quite sure the thing was blind. It seemed to smell him through and started to pad towards him.

Tseng did not take a chance to let it too close. He brought the sword down across its neck and severed it from the dogs' body. The head rolled into a stack of empty boxes. The body fell against the metal shelving case. He looked panicked for a moment before flicking the blood from the sword and replacing it at his side.

The other two Turks followed in to the room hearing the noise. It was a frightening thought that the thing had been alive and could smell like it was decaying as it walked. The blood pooled around both halves and Tseng picked up a quick shot of rum and set it back down.

"We are not going to get out of here very easily are we?" Elena asked. "I like this place even less than I like the Slums."
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