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Such a random story plz dont ask me n my friends made it up cause we where bored

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My life was perfect. My life now is absolutely a drag. Ever since I met Yuffie and Rikku. I thought Yuffie was hyper an wild. But, I mean wow. And when I say wow I mean wow. Rikku is 10times worse than Yuffie. Now, put them together for total chaos. Rikku seriously makes Yuffie look like a genius. She never sits still. Now try living with them. Its always Tifa this, Tifa that, Tifa please, Tifa can you...I mean seriously you have two arms, and two legs use them. Let me start with a typical day at our house on Mate Street.

I wake up everyday around seven. Well....I get up early because I need my time alone. Then comes 8:30 and Yuffie is up. We talk she has her favorite cereal. Coco Puffs. Around nine Yuffie goes to the park to get rid of some of her energy. She has way to much sometimes more than Rikku who seems to have a never ending supply. 9:30 comes and Rikku is awake. My day turned from good, to ok, and then to death. What I mean is that when Yuffie wakes up my day becomes ok but when Rikku wakes up omg...i feel like im dead. Rikku goes straight to the cereal and grabs Lucky Charms. She starts with her first bowl. She goes to her second. Then her third. And finally her fourth. Sometimes that isnt even enough to fill her up. I mean she is a pig. And she always complains when there is no food in the house. She blames it on me and Yuffie. Uhm...she never even notices how much she eats....she is always hungry. And this bugs me because she makes me work over at the bar. I mean i like it there and all but still come on. I shouldnt have to pay for her to eat everything up and me and Yuffie get nothing. Im lucky when Cid brings over food because he knows how much a pig she is. She then goes to annoy me after she is done eating. What i say to that Oh joy...

Rikku in a high pitch voice said "Hiya Tifa."
I responded "Hi Rikku, enjoy your cereal?"
"Well no duh Tifa."
"How did you sleep?" I swear im her mother sometimes... the way i have to take care of her and always make sure she is okay and safe.
In a annoying voice she said "LUCKY CHARMS THERE MAGICLY DELIOUS!" she smiled... "now what did u say Tifa?"
"I said how did you sleep?" she never listens.
Depending on how she slept her voice would change. Today her voice was calm. So I knew she slept ok.
Rikku said in a calm voice, "It was okay...i mean i slept ok...nothing really big and scary in my dream this time." she then left the room. She was dragging herself. It was a rare thing when Rikku was calm. I mean she never is calm. Usually this meant that something bothering her or she was just upset about no food in the house. But there was food in the house so it wasn't that. But, today i wasn't in the mood to cheer her up. All i wanted to do was sleep! But, being her friend and everything. Plus i act like her mom and sister. This meant i had to cheer her up. So i entered her bedroom slowly...
"Rikku..? Are you okay???"
"Yesh..what do i not seem okay enough for you..?"
"Rikku im just asking."
"Yea well...i'm not perfect. Well..." she laughed "I am but.. i dont feel like it today."
"Well Rikku. Was it a dream?" I was starting to worry...i never seen her like this. Well at least this bad. I feel like im Dr.Phil right now. Dont no why but i do.
"NO!?! Of course not!?! I had a OKAY!!! dream... DUH!!! I told you that already! Somethings just well...Tifa...something is bothering me...its kinda hard to explain."
"Oh!?!" i was shocked to hear this from Rikku, but it happens to everyone, at least once i think. "Rikku? Do you know what it is bothering you or you cant describe it at all."
" know how you have Cloud, i mean Vincent right? And Yuffie has Squall? And Reno has Rude? And Tseng has Elena? Zack has Aerith? Brother has Yuna? Vaan has Ashe? And...well....I have know one..." Rikku started crying. This was a first.
I hurried over to Rikku and hugged her. "Rikku, you will find took me forever to find Vincent. I was always stuck on Cloud, who was stuck on Aerith, who was stuck on Zack. I mean it took awhile. But, it was worth it in the end. What i mean Rikku is that give love time you will find love. The guy thats just right for you is out there. You just have to wait. While your waiting" I grinned, "Date some guys. Maybe one of them will be him. Trust me. I mean im like your sister well mom but never mind that. Just trust me. Thats what i did and now im finally happy. I mean there was times when i got hurt but i had my friends to help. So im here to help you Rikku when you need help in a relationship. But all im asking for is for you to trust me."

Rikku's eyes got big and she stopped crying. "I TRUST YOU! :)....but....will you help me please you promise please."
I smiled, "Of course i will help you find guys and help you wit your problems."
Rikku jumped up into the air and then started dancing "YAY!!!!!!!! Tifa's going to get me a boyfriend. WOOHOO!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! OH YA! BOOYA!!"
I just laughed at her. For once i felt like Rikku amazingly wasnt annoying.
Rikku ran out of the room screaming YAY over and over again. Now thats annoying.

It was 11:42 now. Yuffie just came home. She picked Rikku up and they headed over to Squalls. I decided to stay home. I would finally have some alone time. Well away from the two devils. Vincent, Cloud, and Reno where all coming over. My three best guy friends. Even though i kinda hate Reno. But still.
Vincent is my adorable blanket. He is my secret lover. Just joking everyone knows we go out. He is always there for me.
Cloud is my best friend out of everyone. I used to have a thing for Cloud. A big crush on him but i think i finally got over it. He still keeps the promise that he made to me when we were younger. Amazingly i dont have to bug him about it anymore.
Reno is a good annoying lil idiot friend. Where to start on Reno. Lets see....he is kinda somewhat in weirdest ways like a brother to me. Yea that probably explains why i hate him. But...still. Everyone thinks him and Rude go out. I know that Reno is not gay. Thats one thing i do know! For a fact. Rude might be but not Reno....he is always talking about Rikku, Fran, and Renoa. And how there so hot and sexy and then he says you are to Tifa dont get me wronge but wow they are just my all...which sparks and idea. I can tell Reno about how Rikku wanting a boyfriend. Hey thats a great idea because Reno likes her an well Rikku wants a boyfriend. So i feel so smart now....i clapped my hands together and walked towards the door. I sat in the chair waiting for them to arrive. About ten mins later the door bell rang. I got up and ran towards the door. When i answered the door Vincent gave me a long kiss. Reno and Cloud walked around us. I went and sat down on the loveseat. I decided not to be Rude.
"Would you like anything to drink or eat? Anything at all?"
Reno of course had to say something "Yo can i get some rum?" He winked.
I started to laugh, i dont know why maybe because he used that annoying word YO! "Fine yo i can yo get you some yo rum...anyone else want anything yo??" Reno glared at me. I just smiled. Cloud nodded no and well i already know what Vincent wants. Well not really because he could care less. I went to the kitchen and i came back out with a tray. On the tray i had 4 glasses, 1 bottle of wine, and 1 bottle of rum on the tray. I poured Reno some rum.
Reno, "Yo, thank you dear."
"Yo it was no problem yo." He glared again and i smirked. This annoyed him and he knew that word annoyed me so it worked. I poured wine for everyone else. Vincent kissed me and accepted his drink. Cloud nodded and took the glass. I didnt feel like drinking today. But i drank my glass of wine because i only poured a little bit for me. I then decided to ask Reno about the Rikku thing.
"So Reno you know how you like Rikku? Well she wants a boyfriend. What do you say?"
Reno's face lit up "you mean?"
"yeah, do you want me to ask her?"
"SURE!! Wait she thinks im gay."
"Uhm....that was Yuffie who thinks....oh yea Rikku did say something like that to didnt she well...if i tell her you like her she will know you not gay."
Vincent "..."
Cloud "Reno wouldn't be my friend if he was gay Tifa. Same with Rude who has a crush on you."
Vincent "same here and i still need to kill Rude for liking Tifa."
I started getting mad. I dont care about the Rude part. Im mad about the Reno part. I wasnt even calling Reno gay. I never would do that. I then said in a loud voice "I WASNT EVEN CALLING HIM GAY! Sheesh."
Cloud smirked "Well we were just saying. So dont go pms on is. Dont get a temper."
I had to lie "I wasnt getting mad!"
Cloud "Then what were you? Happy??"
"I was confused!"
Cloud grabbed my arm "Are you sure Pretty Tifa?"
Vincent pulled out his gun and pointed it at Cloud "You hurt her and i will kill you."
I then hasted to stop this. I pulled away from Cloud and said to Blanket i mean Vincent. Dammit Rikku and Yuffie. "Put that down. We dont need to be killing anyone."
"Yo, shes right yo." Reno said as he turned the TV on.
I said "Exactly yo is right." Reno ignored me and watched TV.
Vincent stood in the corner of the room and Cloud sat in a chair. I went to the bedroom to make a phone call. I decided to call Rikku to ask her about the boyfriend thing.
Ring,Ring,Ring,Ring Rikku answered "Hello?"
"Hey, Rikku its me Tif.."
"yea so uhm....i found someone for you....."
"Really who???" she sounded excited.
"Well Reno likes you."
"Feto, Beno, Labrino, Zibo...?"
"NO!!!" omg i swear she is so slow......
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