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Chapter Thirteen - Arguing?

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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"Ele wait!" Sar shouted running after her friend, who was rushing out of Panic's recording studio to go get some ice cream for everyone. "Ele, what's wrong with you?" she asked panting as she finally joined her.
"Nothing's wrong with me, why do you ask?" Ele said as she started walking again, faster than usual.
"I ask because you've been awfully quiet when everyone is so happy with the way the song is turning out..." Sar blocked her by standing in front of her, forcing her best friend to speak her mind.
"Maybe I'm not excited about it as you all are! It's really great that you get to sing your first song Sar, really... but there was no need to get me into all this, too!" she said, and it came out a little bitter, definitely not the way she wanted it to sound like.
"Well, I'm sorry you have to sing with me, obviously I'm not as good as you are but oh-well!"
"You know what I mean, Sar! You know exactly why I didn't want to be part of this project!"
"What are you so afraid of, Ele? Why can't you just be yourself for once?" Sar asked looking at her.
Ele just bit her lower lip, looking around to avoid her glare. "You know what, Ele? You used to be different..." she said before storming back into the studio.
Ele just stared at her friends running away, a few tears slipping from her eyes. She stood there just looking at the same spot for what felt like hours, before she took out her sidekick and punched in familiar numbers.

"Where's the ice cream? I'm still so hungry!" Ryan asked as the door burst open and Sar walked inside, tears' stains on her cheeks.
"I don't know, ask Ele..." she replied before locking herself into the bathroom.
Ryan and Brendon exchanged glances before Ryan ran into the bathroom, only to find his girlfriend sobbing in one of the stall.
He gently knocked on the door. "Sar, what happened?" he asked sweetly.
"Nothing happened..."
"Yeah right, and you're crying because there's something in your eye..." he joked before they fell silent.
After a couple of minutes, Sar couldn't hold it any longer.
"Me and Ele had a fight... Can you believe it? We've been best friends for seventeen years and we're fighting for the first time..."
"Why? What happened?" he asked, concern evident in his voice. Mostly because his girlfriend was extremely upset about it.
"She just... I don't think she's really happy with this whole project, and instead of listening to her, I had to be so goddamn stubborn and selfish and blame her for ruining this..." She paused to sob some more.
"Sar, you're making things bigger than they really are... you're gonna talk and things are gonna be just fine..."
"No... She hates me!" she screamed opening the door and looking at her boyfriend. "You should have seen the way I talked to her. I was a bitch to her, I was bitching on my best friend!" she threw her arms around his neck and let him hug her.
"Well, everyone makes mistakes... I'm sure that if you go home and apologise she'll totally understand..."
Sar nodded, sniffling. "Yeah, you're right... can you take me?"
Ryan smiled. "Sure!"

When they joined the other back in the lounge area of the recording studio, they found Spencer and Hailey sitting, while Brendon was busy putting on his jacket.
"Hey, were are you going?" Ryan asked.
Brendon turned around.
"I'm gonna go look for Ele, she's not answering her phone, I want to talk to her and see what..." he was cut off by his sidekick ringing. "Ele, where are you?"

"Hey Brendon, I'm... I'm outside the studio, I'm sorry I didn't get the ice cream but..." Ele said, trying to wipe away the tears. She was doing a good job at hiding them over the phone.
"Screw the ice cream, I'm coming out, you want to talk?"
"Yeah, I think... I think I need you right now..." and with that said she broke into crying.
"I'll be there in a minute baby, just..."
"Brend?" she interrupted him.
"Can you please come alone? I don't want to see Sar, I'll explain everything..."
"Ok, don't worry, wait for me..." he said before hanging up.

Sar looked at him expectantly. "What did she say? Where is she?" she asked.
"Hum... She's out by the door, I'm gonna go see her..." he answered.
"I'm coming with you, I need to talk to her..." Sar went to take her purse, but Ryan stopped her as he exchanged glances with Brendon.
"Sar, I think it's better if we go home and wait for Ele to get there... I think she wants to talk with Brendon first and..." Ryan reasoned with her, but Sarena just shook her head and looked at Brendon.
"She doesn't want to talk to me, right?"
Brendon nodded.
She let a few tears slip, before she added "It's ok, I guess I deserve this..."
"Sar..." Brendon looked at her. "I don't know what happened, but I'll try to talk to her and fix this, ok?"
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