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Claire was chilling in her future self's apartment and watched everything she did. She watched a channel called Fuse a lot and got really excited when some band called My Chemical Romance was mentioned. Some video called Helena was on and 30 year old Claire rocked out to it. 15 year old Claire watched the video.
"DUDE GERARD IS GONNA BE SO SHOCKED! MY FREAKING BOYFRIEND OR HUSBAND IS IN A BAND!" she said recognizing the lead singer from the picture. Claire danced around. Claire went back to the present and ran outside. "I HAVE AN AWESOME FUTURE!" she jumped around

"Oh really back from your adventure already?" Gerard asked laughing.

"Psh I'm going back I need to find out my boyfriends name" said Claire.

"Oh you've got to be shitting me, you're actually trying to make believe this bull shit?"

"It's not Bull shit Gerard it's the truth"

"I want evidence"

"Ugh Fine!"

"What are you guys talking about?" Mikey asked

"Claire thinks she can time travel" Gerard said

"Dude check out my future!" Mikey said excited

"You believe this Mikey? Fuck" Gerard said shaking his head

"Are you sure that the guy in your future wasn't Gerard?" Mikey inquired

"I highly doubt it was Gerard, Mikey. 1.) I love Gerard like a brother and 2.) This guy was in a band"

"And we all know I'll most likely never be in a band" Gerard said, Mikey just rolled his eyes.

"You neverknow what the future holds Gee" said Mikey

"Yeah Gerard, but I do!" said Claire dancing

"Claire can you please see what I'm going to do in the future" Mikey asked

"Alright I'll be back" she said running inside and grabbing the watch, "July 4th 2007, Mikey Way" again everything warped and she was on stage by a bassist of that My Chemical Romance band. She looked at him and she screamed happily. The bassist was Mikey, even though it was a 26 year old Mikey she could still recognize him. She didn't recognize where they were until the lead singer said something,

"THANK YOU GERMANY YOU HAVE BEEN A GREAT AUDIENCE!" she also recognized someone else on stage,

"RAY!" Claire yelled. She wasn't heard by anyone. As soon as they got backstage Mikey called someone

"Hey Alicia" he said, Claire got a tingly feeling inside her she was happy for Mikey, that's all she needed to hear. She went back and Mikey and Gerard were still setting off fireworks.

"Mikey you're bassist in that band my whoever is in!" She said

"What? I don't know how to play bass!"

"Well when you're 26 you do" she said, "And there's a woman in your life"

"Yes!" Mikey cheered, "What about Gerard?"

"Oh no no no no" Gerard said

"I thought you didn't believe in this" Claire said

"I don't, I'd rather just be unknowing then have you making up some story about how I'm going to be an actor"

"Psh whatever"

"You know even if you really are time traveling isn't this going to alter things"

"I don't know" Claire went to bed that night with a good outlook on her future 15 years from now. Tomorrow she was definitely going to see Gerard's future weather he liked it or not
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