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Think back, but don't turn back.

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A girl with a troubled past finds her sanity in Jersey, but that was four years ago. Now she has her four best friends Frankie, Bob, Ray and Danielle, but what happens when the Way Brothers come to...

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I always loved the start of the year. This meant that I would get to see my 4 best friends, Frankie, Bob, Ray and Danielle. I know you're probably thinking why haven't I seen them over the summer. Well, in the summer I go back to England to my family, and then return back to Jersey with my brother and sister, Laurie and Heidi. It's a long story of how I came to be here but I'll tell anyways.

A couple of years ago, about 4 now, I was in my first year of high school, which made me 11 years old and Heidi in year 9 making her 14. Laurie was in his last year making him 16 but by the size of him, he was 6ft3", you would have thought he was past university meaning that he was over 21. Well Laurie had somehow managed to come into major dept but didn't tell anybody. I had one night gone into to his room to find one of mine and Heidi's DVD's as he was always stealing them when he broke down and started to beg me and Heidi to help him get the money back.

I asked him how much it was and when he told me I couldn't believe he had been so stupid. It was over £300,000 and there was no way even my Mum and Dad could have paid that off in the amount of time that he needed. He asked us what he should do and I suggested that he left and he did it quickly. He refused at first, as he didn't want to leave anyone behind, my other sister Abby and my little brother Dominic. It came to the point where he knew he had to leave; he needed to leave the country. Everything was set; he was going to go when my two sisters, brother and I were in school and My Mum and Dad were at work. At last minutes he got cold feet and couldn't do it, over the last month he had saved up all he could so that once he was over there he was able to afford a flat until he found a job. He came to school and pulled Heidi and me out of class and took us with him. He had packed our bags for us; just essential things like clothes, then came and took us away. We were meant to be staying in New York but it was too expensive and ended up in New Jersey instead.

The only reason we have to go back every summer to my parent's house was because they found us after a month because what we did was illegal, but they let us stay as we had our lives sorted out over here.

"Get up Bekki! You can't miss your buss on the first day back!" Laurie shouted to me through the door of my bedroom. We were still living in the apartment, but Laurie now had a better-paid job as a film director in New York. He stayed here in Jersey though because he his schedule was fit to him meaning he only had to be in New York later in the day and even the days he needed to be there early he just stayed at a hotel and left Heidi in charge for a few nights.

I groaned and pulled back the sheets to awaken myself more then stepped out of bed. As I put my feet down I hit something hard making he shout in pain. There was my dog asleep, well not anymore. My dog Bazil was very important to me and it followed me around the apartment most of the time.

I looked at the time and realised I had over slept leaving me with only enough time to shower dry my hair then run for the bus. After I showered I put my tight black jeans on, my Slipknot band tee and a plain black hoody. I left my black curly hair down and put some eyeliner around my eyes then went to the kitchen to see Heidi putting her lunch in her bag. She too had some grey tight jeans, a Black Flag band tee, grey hoody and her hair down. We kind of looked similar but she was lighter than I was, I kind of looked gothic. We both said bye to Laurie then headed out to the bus stop.

As we arrived Heidi pulled out her pack of cigs and handed one over to me. We both smoked and waited for the bus to arrive and when it did when both stubbed out our cigs, looked at each other and sighed then got onto the bus. This was going to be a long day.

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