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Dating 101

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some dating advice for those lacking it. Thanks to Pete Wentz

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The happy Patrick went into the livingroom. He was tempted to jump on the couch and scream with joy, but that wasn't the kind of person he was.

"Hey, Pete." He tapped his sleeping friend on the arm.

Pete rolled over and opened his eyes half way. "What is it Pat?"

"Ya know that girl i told you about? I'm going on a date with her."

"That's awesome Patty. G'night." Pete covered his head with the blanket once again.

"No no, Pete i need your help." Patrick pulled the blankets back to reveal Pete's face.

"With what? Can't you see i'm suffering here? I'm a very sick man, Patrick."

Patrick grinned. "I know Pete, but this is important."

Patrick paused. "How about if you help me, i'll go to Sprinkles and get your favorite cupcakes."

The bassists face lit up almost imediately. "What is it you need my friend?"

"I don't know what to do, or wear, or say. In fact, i don't even know what i'm going to start a conversation with."

"Alright." Pete coughed before continuing.

"You-" his voice was fading.

"What, what's wrong?" Patrick asked conserned.

Pete pointed to his throat and shook his head.

"Oh great, you lost your voice?"

Pete nodded.

Patrick sighed and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. "There. Write everything i need to know down on paper. Got it?"

Pete nodded and grabbed the pen and started writting.

ok Pat, first, you need to compliment on what she's wearing. It's very important that the lady friend knows that you noticed how much time she put into what she is wearing.

Patrick nodded. "Ok, got."

First of all, never talk too much about yourself. Girls hate a concieted guy who only talk bout himself. Ask her about her life, her interests, the works. Everything you can think of. And, if worst comes to worst, excuse yourself to go to the little boys room. That can buy you time to think of something to talk about. And, give you the chance to empty the tank, if ya know what i mean.

Patrick laughed. "Ok, got it."

AND, if the worst comes to horrible, you can always escape through the bathroom window. Worked for me once.

"Pete, i'm not gonna crawl through a bathroom window. That's rude."

Pete shrugged his shoulders and went back to writting.

Now, for your choise of clothing. Don't wear anything too too fancy. Wear something casual that say's 'hey, i'm hot, i'm hip, but i'm not self-centered about it.' I think that's all you need to know. ok?

"Alright thanks. Anything else?"

Pete simply wrote, 'cupcakes'

Its a little late but i wanna wish everyone a happy 4th of July. Unless your Brittish in which case you don't celebrate July 4th. In which case, happy 4th anyways, cause im nice like that.
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