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What I've Done

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Patrick can't refuse a fellow creature of the night now can he?

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Summary:Patrick can't refuse a fellow creature of the night now can he?

NOTE it's fake,never happened and that since it's a story we can do what we like. It's a twist off of Drama Doesn't Follow Me It Rides On My Back but welllll you'll see. This contains VERY sexual content sooo you're warned!

Patrick=Head Dark Angel the ruler of all the evil angels
Brendon=Angel Of Darkness an extremely powerful being capable of yielding any creatures' powers.
Pete[whose mentioned a few times]=Vampire and Patrick's husband
Ryan[whose mentioned a few times]=Wizard and Brendon's husband

Also note this is the flip universe. So Patrick is confident,is skinnier and what some may call "emo" also it's a magic story so yes mpreg is allowed =D comment?

Chapter One When Darkness Falls
Patrick ran his fingers through his black hair.Pete was away doing something or another. Patrick didn't give a damn. He was hot,pregnant and in sexual mood. He had to find someone..soon.
Brendon walked around the park in a foul mood. He needed something to make him feel better but Ryan wasn't around.
"If it isn't a fellow creature of the night" Patrick winked seductively.

Brendon smirked. "Hey Trick." He walked over to him with a seductive look on his face.

Patrick sucked on his lip ring. "Ryan gone?" He earrings sparkled.

"Yep. No idea where he ran off to."He scratched the back of his head.

"Maybe he's fucking Pete" He rolled his eyes.

He snickered. "Who knows. They're always off and when they come back it's like nothing happened."

"So why can't the Head Dark Angel and the famous Angel Of Darkness have a little fun?"

"That's a good question...I don't know..."

"Then let's" He smiled.

"Lets..."He grinned.

"Yes lets"
Brendon's lips crashed onto Patricks in a rough kiss.

Patrick moaned kissing him back crashing his hips hard against the young males
Brendon couldn't help but moan after Patrick. Pushing closer to him.
Brendon roughly pulled down patricks pants adding more pressure to the kiss.

Patrick undid Brendon's pants pulling them down and pulled his shirt off. "Mmm take on a vampire form,I want you to bite taste my blood." He let his eyes roll back.
Brendon smirked and did what he was told. Biting and loving the taste of his blood. He whispered. "You're delicious"

"I bet you are too. Now shut up and fuck me already" The older male groaned.
Brendon chuckled and did as told again. Entering him roughly not wasting anytime.

Patrick shut his eyes pushing up hard against Brendon.
Brendon groaned and pushed harder and faster.


"Then do it...fucking...harder..faster..oh fuck I'm gonna..."
Brendon rolled his eyes but went harder and faster.
Patrick pulled brendon's hair tugging at it. He thrust his hips up. "You're fucking amazing.."
"Sure i am.."He started to feel like he would come soon.

Patrick released onto his chest and Brendon's stomach.
"Fuck." Brendon released not long after into Patrick. His eyes rolling to the back of his head.
"That...was amazing"
"Yea.. it was..."
"Definately doing this again"
Patrick flapped his dark wings. "See you soon angel...."
"See you soon."
Patrick disappeared in his classic flash of red heading home not caring if he got there before Pete did or not.
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