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chapter 21

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WARNING: There is SEX in this chapter!
Oh and I have changed Warner Bros. To Victory Records....sorry don't be mad!
Ashley's POV

"So what are the guys like?", Lyndsie asked.

"Gerard is Crazy, with just us but when he's around new people he's kinda shy."

"Really he never acts like that on stage or to his fans."

"Yeah well, he see's all his fans as friends, or at least what he tells me.", we laughed.

"What about the rest of them?"

" Mikey is like a cool laidback brother, you know the ones who always get into trouble with you. Ray is the one who always gets me out of trouble and Bob, it's like we are friends but he's mostly like the big overprotective brother that I never had.", she laughed.

"How did you and Frankie meet?"

"Well, it started with Aneesah and I went out to lunch and I ran into Gerard there with his band we got introduced and we kind of hit it off. Later on I found out that I was the producer of their next cd."

"That's right, that's amazing are you working on anyone famous lately, you know producing cd's?"

"Taking back Sunday."

"Oh my gosh are you serious!?"

"No, I start on their cd next week."

"No wonder Frank loves you.", I smilled.

"Yeah, Lyndsie how did you and Nikki become friends?"

"Well, I was already friends with Panic at the Disco, actually I'm Brendon's sister."

"Oh that's interesting, I didn't know he had a sister."

"Yep, and that's me, Brendon doesn't ever mention his family members, but I'm glad, I don't want reporters spying on me."

"Yeah, they do it to me all the time, buy I'm use to it."

"ASHLEY!?", I turned around to see Quinn and the guys.

"QUINN!", Lyndsie whispered to me.

"Is that the used?"


"Oh just checking.", Quinn ran over and hugged me.

"What brings you to Las Vegas?"

"Nikki moved here, Why are you stalking me?"

"Ha ha very funny, we have a gig here tonight."

"Oh that's awesome where's be-", I was cut off by being picked up off the ground. I looked behind to see Bert smiling at me. "I found him.", he laughed that famous Bert McCraken laugh that always makes you laugh with him.

"Ashley I missed you sooooooo much."

"You seen me six days ago at my wedding."

"I know buy that was sooo long ago.", I looked around but someone was missing.

"Quinn where's Kelly?"

"We had a huge fight and broke up, like two days ago."

"Oh my gosh why didn't she call me?"

"I don't know."

"I'm soooo sorry.", I hugged him again.

"It's okay."

"Oh this is Lyndsie and I know you already know Nikki."

"Hey Nikki how's William?"

"We're not together anymore, didn't Ashley tell you?", he looked at me and I just smilled.

"No, she hasn't called me ever since her wedding."

"You know I love you right.", he walked away.

"Quinn!", he didn't stop.

"I'll be right back.", I ran out side and I didn't see him. "DAMNIT!"

"Why didn't you call?", I jumped and turned around to see Quinn sitting on a bench.

"I don't know I came here straight from my honeymoon, I guess it just slipped my mind."

"Okay you get away with it this time, but next time call me, you said we were best friends, did you mean it?"

"Of course I did, and I promise to call you." I hugged him. "Let's go back inside.", he nodded. "Oh and why didn't you call and tell me about Kelly?"

"I did buy your cell was off."


"Your friend is cute.", I stopped and looked at him and smilled.

"You like Lyndsie?"

"Yeah, but so what."

"Why don't you ask her out for coffee or something?"

"Yeah, okay.",

"Man you wont believe me when I tell you that Lyndsie is Panic at the disco's frontman Brendons's sister.", Bert said walking over.

"That's awesome!"

"Yeah and she is going on tour with them when we go on tour together."

"NO WAY!", Quinn said.

"YES WAY DUDE!", They were jumping up and down when Lyndsie walked over.

"What are you doing?", they stopped.

"Oh nothing.", I laughed and walked over to where Nikki and the guys were sitting at the food court.


"ASHLEY!", I jumped on him people were starring at us. None of us gave shit.


"ASHLEY!", I hugged him.


"Ashley stop it, people are looking.", I sat down in her lap. She pushed me off. Someone caught me before I hit the ground. I thought it would be Jeph but it was Brendon. I looked up and he was smiling.


"No problem.", I walked over to Frankie. Who stood there with a mad look on his face. I whispered in his ear.

"Baby calm down let's go for a walk, just you and me.", and he whispered back.

"Can I kick his ass first?"

"Let's go for a walk.", he nodded. I walked over and told everyone that me and Frankie were wanting to be alone. I grabbed Frank's hand.

"Where are we going?", he asked.

"I'm fixing to change your mood, with the only way I know how."

"And how are you planning on doing that?"

"You'll see.", I went into some store I didn't read the sign.

"Why are we in Belk?"

"I walked to the back where the sign said dressing rooms. I walked into the very last dressing room. I closed and locked the door.

"What are you doin-, I cut him off with a hard kiss. I pulled apart and started to kiss down his neck.

"I'm changing you mood.", I said unbuttoning his pants.

"Ashley here?!"

"Yes, be daring.", he turned pinning me to the wall.

"I'm not complaing.", I smilled. He ran his hand up my skirt pulling my panties down. I undid his belt buckle and soon his pants and briefs were on the floor as well. He kissed me muffling my moans as he entered me. He went slow at first which was driving me crazy. Soon he started to go faster. When we hit climax he slowed down then stopped all together before we slid down the wall. He layed his head on my chest breathing hard. When we were breathing normal. I spoke. "Making memories."

"Good memories.", I laughed a little. Someone knocked on the door.

"Miss?, Sir?, whoever is in there are you alright, you've been in there for forty-five minutes now."

"Yes, we'll be out in a little bit.", I was trying to get up but Frankie wouldn't let me.

"Let's stay like this a little longer.", I played with his hair.

"Come on we have to get up and try to make ourselves look decent.", he finally let me up. When we got dressed I was fixing to go out when Frankie stoped me.

"Your not going to go out there with you hair like that are you?", I looked in a mirror. Oh my gosh my hair.

"Baby go buy me a brush now!!", he walked out and come back in with a pink brush. I fixed my hair back and took Frank's hand and walked out.

"Please come back.", he sales lady said. I smilled and walked out.

"Baby why don't we go to the Used concert tonight?"

"Yeah, oh I called the air port and are flight is at ten tomorrow morning."

"That's cool.", he smiled and kissed me.

"Hot topic, let's go in there.", I said pulling him with me.

"Where the Hell have you been we have been looking everywhere for you.", Nikki said walking to us with everyone following.

"Did you try Belk's dressing rooms."

"What's at Belk's dressing ro-", she stopped, "Oh okay, stupid a question.", she laughed. My phone started to ring Panic at the disco, I looked at Nikki.

"Oh and I forgot to mention that I changed you ringtone."

"Yeah it's okay, it rocks.

Me: Hello

Victory records: Have you come to a decision.

Me: Well my husband is leaving this weekend to go on tour can I come this weekend?

Victory Records: Yes, absolutely, they will be happy knowing that they got you.

Me: Okay, when will I meet the manager?

Victory Records: When you meet the band.

Me: Why didn't the manager call?

Victory Records: Well she's new, they replaced their manager at last minute, so that's why do you have a problem with that?

Me: No not at all.

Victory Records: Okay then we'll have you and the band on Sunday sound Good?

Me: Sounds perfect.

Victory Records: Okay well I'll contact the band's manager.

Me: Okay bye.

Victory Records: Bye.

End of conversation!
"Who was that?"

"That was Victory records right baby?", Frankie said smiling.


"What for?", Quinn asked.

"I'm producing Taking Back Sunday's new cd.

"No way we have to celebrate.", Bert yelled.

"Well me and Frankie are, we're coming to your concert tonight. Unless it's sold out or something."

"We can always make room for your favorite girl.", Bert said coming over and giving me a hug and Frankie a kiss. I laughed.

Lyndsie's POV

"Are you coming tonight?", Quinn said walking over.

"I didn't know I was invited."

"Of course you're invited.", I smilled. Is he flirting with me or am I reading the signs wrong?

"I guess I will then.", he smilled and walked over to Bert. I need a second opinion. I walked over to Ashley and pulled her to the side.

"Ashley do you think Quinn is flirting with me?", she looked away.

"Do you know something I don't.", she smilled and nodded.


"He likes you a lot he's trying to get the courage to ask you out.", I laughed.

"Why does he need courage it's just me."

"He's really into you."


"Seriously.", she confirmed.

"OH MY GOSH!", everyone looked at us, I smilled

"Thanks Ash! Are you okay with me calling you that?", she laughed.

"Of course I am."

"Hey can you help me pick out an outfit for tonight?"

"What's tonight?"

"The concert and my plan to blow Quinn Away.", she nodded and walked off after telling Frankie where we we're going. This is going to be great!

Hey I know impressive I got you the chapter in a day....GO ME!....LOL...but anyway tell me what you think!
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