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the library

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They find a new spot to take a look at. It seems to yield more questions than answers

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It seemed like forever until the next day. The three Turks gathered themselves together. Tseng stretched his aching muscles and then looked out of the window. It was just about light outside. Not that a great deal could be said for the matter.

"How hungry am I?" Elena muttered.

"Eat the dead dog then." Rude said with a dead-pan straight face.

"Gross!" She screwed up her nose and then punched him in the arm. He didn't say anything but she saw his jaw tighten and knew she had hurt him at least.

"Both of you stop it." Tseng cut the frivolity short. "Let's see what else we can find in this place." He opened the back door and ignoring the dog he stepped out. "We can head over to the library and see if there is anything listed in the historical sections."

The two Turks nodded and headed out with him. Again the strange ash fell around them. Rude murmured his annoyance at it but he was also concerned for his partner and the president of ShinRa. The last thing any of them wanted was to be stuck in this gods forsaken town.

They moved across the town making a mental map of the places they were passing. They passed a school and a couple of other older looking buildings. Finally they found the library and it was boarded and closed up.

"Well this was a place they didn't want anyone getting in." Elena said looking at the heavy wooden barricades.

Rude snorted. Master of obvious statements or giving away details, which would be his title for Elena. She just had to speak even when it didn't seem necessary. He took a look at the boards and peered in. He wished he hadn't as he saw something he was struggling to explain in words.

"Tseng." Rude said turning around. "Is it absolutely necessary to go in to the library?"

"I would think that we are looking for information and libraries happen to have such a thing." He said patiently. "What is wrong?"

"Well you see, you know that Hojo likes to experiment and has made some pretty odd things in the past..."

"Yes." He said impatiently.

"I think he might have met his match." He said stepping aside to let Tseng take a look too.

Tseng looked in through the window. The library shelves were stacked high and in places the books were missing in large sections but this was not the cause of the intrigue. The centre where a tables had once been laid out to allow quiet study had been pushed together. On top were four cages, which held decaying bodies inside them. Some had more than one arm or leg and all had permanently fixed expressions of horror of them.

Tseng sighed deeply, whatever this place was it was warped. He looked around at the two Turks and shrugged. He wasn't going to invite more trouble but he certainly wanted to get out of the town as soon as he could.

They pushed open the doors and found that the corpses did not react. Rude wondered if they were getting overly paranoid as he picked up a book. It was a bible for a religion of some sort. He passed it to Elena who ventured to read out a few passages. It seemed to centre on sin, about the fact that murder and other crimes would have to be paid for in hell.

"Cheerful subject." She said as she flipped through it.

"Wonderful. Post mark it to Sephiroth but can we please get a move on?" Tseng said. Finally after some searching he felt satisfied that he had found a map of the town. He put it in his pocket and then found a small silver dagger. "That looks important but I have no idea why."

"Perhaps it has something to do with that?" Rude pointed to a large oil painting on the wall. The dagger was being plunged through a chest. "And look at..."

"Reno!" Elena shouted as she looked at the person on the painting. "Reno and... is that you Rude?" She pointed to someone in the background who had been shot and was lying over what looked like a park bench.

"This is weird." Tseng admitted.

The painting had what looked to be like the redheaded Turk being killed and the person plunging in the dagger looked similar to Elena. There were the others in the background and they had all been killed in one way or another.

"But how did this happen?" Elena said her voice wavering.

"I think a better question would be when." Rude pointed out.
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