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A Slow Descent

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Can you tell me what stopped the rain?

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I used to have so much faith when I started.

Cherry blossoms scattered across the cushy ground now colored pink by the petals. Wasn't there a park here? Lily sauntered up to the magnificent tree, lethargically petting the unrealistic bark that clung to the base of the trunk. So many blossoms were held up by the tree that if you looked up, you could not see the sky which was painted desolate blue. The sky was a canvas, one that lacked the colors of true beauty and emotion. A polished bench sat plainly beneath the great tree. It begged for usage but Lily would not give it a second look. She strode down the lines of shedding trees until she reached a cozy knoll that had a spectacular view of the rest of the area.

Her eyes scanned the rest of what she thought was the park but now, things were looking grim. In fact, the cherry blossom tree was the only thing that gave warm coloring to the world besides the sky, but even that was a tired color. She huddled up to her knees, rocking back and forth for comfort, when she realized she was not alone. Beside her ... Was it really Azy? Lily grabbed at the apparition but her hand sank through while the image disappeared. To her right side Azy appeared again, but the specter could not be touched. "Is this just her cruel way to torture me?!" Lily yelled at all the ghosts that popped up before her.
"Lily? Is that you?" a familiar voice ... Gerard's voice.

"Stay back! I'm tired of my very own mind playing tricks on me," she pleaded while pounding her fists into her feet. "Wake me up from this nightmare!" Gerard placed his delicate hand on her trembling shoulder, each fabric of her shirt felt good to the touch. He tried to peer at her face but to no avail, she would not allow it to be seen. "Sing like you think no one's listening ... You would kill for this, just a little bit, just a little bit. You would, you would," Gerard sang to her sweetly, his hand moving its way to the side of her face.

"Why are you helping me?" Lily whispered in Gerard's ear.

"Because I l --"Gerard's words were cut short by a raindrop slipping off the tip of his nose. Lily immediately broke out in tears. "Gerard don't leave ... Stay here so there's no more killing, please?" she sobbed into his jacket.

"I need to get back home ..." but her eyes pleaded to him so desperately. "Fine ... I'll stay. But only until mum calls."

"All right, I can deal with those terms. Th-Thanks."

The two sat gazing up at the sky, watching the monochromatic sun turn into a moon. "So, you used to know me, right?" Lily said in the midst of their silence.

"Oh, yeah. I did ..." he replied with uncertainty.

"Why would you be led to believe that I'd remember you? True, I hardly remember my past now, but why the hell you would stand out in my brain?" To this question, Gerard simply shrugged. "I saw you everyday, I know that for sure. But ... I mean, we lived in the same apartment complex. I even said hi to you all the time. Maybe you just never noticed me or let the memory slip." he lied. His sentences were full of lies ... "Oh, well if that's the case, I could see why I forgot. No big deal I guess," Lily fought hard to not doze off.

Inevitably she nodded off, head resting on his shoulder. "Lily?" Gerard whispered quietly, but Lily could not hear through her vivid dreams and half lidded eyes. Not knowing what else to do, Gerard tenderly ran his fingers through her glossy flocculent hair. "If I told you the truth, you'd never believe me," a hard sigh slipped out of the cracks in his lips. Suddenly his phone vibrated madly in the folds of his pocket. Pulling it out and flipping it open, he noticed a message had been sent to him. "Come home soon, dear. Dinner's almost ready."

Gerard lightly removed Lily from his shoulder, laying her out flat. He stood up to stretch then bent back down and carried Lily down the tiny hill, like he was holding his very own bride. The hardwood bench caught his eye as soon as he stepped off the hillock, his feet quieted down thanks to the petals laying about. Onto the feathery bed of blossoms, he gently set her down and repositioned her so her hands were her new pillow. "Sleep tight ..." he muttered before vanishing in the forest of crippled trees.

Lily made not a sound and slept pleasantly for the first time in a long while ... But all good things must come to an end.

The droplets of rain formed a nasty drizzle. Lily's eyes flickered open.

"Why did you leave me Gerard?"
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