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Everyone wonders why Yachiru loves chocolate so much and this is why. drabbles length and not very good

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The first time Yachiru discovered chocolate, the very first time she had tasted it was a little bit after she meet Ken-Chan. She thinks she might have tasted it before, she remembers that faint taste of something sweet but she doesn't remember.
She doesn't remember much from before she meet Ken-Chan, but to her it doesn't matter. Anything before she meet Ken-Chan isn't important, all thats important was that that she meet someone important to her, and she had a name. This is why chocolate was so important to her.
The first time she had chocolate, well that she could remember, was when Ken-Chan had killed some robbers and they had chocolate and he gave it to her, said "I have no reason for sweets", and then she was addicted. When she eats chocolate it reminds her why she is alive.
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