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Chapter Twenty Four

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Chapter 24.

Ryan's POV

I sat curled up like a cat on the couch of the suite reading, like I always do.

"Awww look at Ryry. He looks like a little kitty!!" Brendon cooed as he walked in from his bedroom.

I rolled my eyes. "God I hate that nickname."

"You know you love it." He whispered in my ear as he walked past.

"God you guys aren't gonna go all Ryden on us are you?" Spencer called from the table where he was eating lunch."

"Haha. Doubt it." I said and went back to reading.

Brendon had stopped in the middle of the floor. Slowly he turned around and ran to me. He forced me to look up from my book and he kissed me.

I was so in shock I didnt pull back and I didn't respond. Then as soon as it happend, he pulled away from me.

"...uh. What the fuck was that?" I asked.

"I jsut wanted to see if those stories were realyl true. If we were secretly harboring feelings for each other, but both pretended to like girls but we eventually realize that we love eachother." Brendon rambled.

I sat there and stared up at him with a my eye brows pulled together.

"I didnt feel anything. Did you?" He said.


"Ok thats what I thought. Those stories are shit."

"But they're really creative." Jon chimed in.

"You guys are soo beyond weird." Spencer said shaking his head.

"Yeah well thats why you love us." Jon pointed out.

With that, my phone rang. I got up and picked it up off the coffee table where it was resting and glanced at the caller id.

"Hello? Ross here." I said grinning like a baffoon.

"I can here the smile in your voice, you know perfectly well who this is mister. Dont go all business on me." I heard on the other end.

I chuckled "Alright. hey Nicky. Whats up?"

"Whats up is that my apartment is covered in bouquets of gorgeous flowers with smashing Pumpkins lyrics on the cards."

"Oh really? whos the awesome guy that sent you those? I might just have to find him and make sure he knows you're mine."

There was a pause and a sigh.


"I know you're not mine...yet."

"If only you understood." I heard mumbled from the other side. It was quiet, as if I wasn't supposed to hear.

"Whats that?"

"I have to go, but thank you for the flowers!"

"Wait, can we get together?"

"I'm going to my uncle's house in Michigan. I'll be gone a while."

"Well, how about when you get back?" Iw as trying not to sound too hopeful.

"I dont know, too far in advance, but I really do have to go. I'll talk to you later."

"Bye." I got in jsut before the line clicked and the call ended.

I brought the phone down from my ear and sighed. I looked up and all three of the boys were staring at me from the table.

"What?!" I half yelled, frustrated.

They went back to eating while shrugging and muttering "Nothing, nothing at all."

"No, really guys. What? Is it so wrong for me to want to make things right with Nicky? Seriously."

They looked at each other.

"No..." Spencer said slowly.

"But it is wrong for you to be pussy whipped." Brendon said while taking a bite of his Fruit Loops.

"What! I am so not-"

"Ok so maybe pussy whipped is not the correct term." Jon cut me off. "But really, chasing after Nicky? Can't you two jsut be friends? Shes obviously over you. You need to get over her and stop mooning over her."

"Dude. You mooned her?

"Shut up Brendon." Spencer smack ther side of his head.

I fell back against the couch and spread the length of it. I drapped my arm over my eyes so the bridge of my nose rested in the crease of my elbow.

"We kissed."

I heard the sound of food getting spit out of mouths.

"Um. Excuse me? Can you repeat that please, my ears must be blocked becasue it sounded liek you just said that you kissed Nicky." Spencer walked over and leaned against the back of the couch.

"I kissed Nicky. In fact, we pretty much full on made out."

"Where weree we?" Brendon sat on my stomach.

"Playing Guitar Hero."

"SHit. So thats where you two were..." Jon sat pretzel style next to the couch.

"So what happend? God you're bony." Brendon tshifted his weight trying to make himself comfortable...on my stomach.

"Welll. It was going well then she pushed me off and said there couldn't be any "us" until she could trust me. Then she got up and walked out of the room and sat on the couch and watched you guys play the game."

"Ooooooo. Do you want some aloe vera for that burn?" Brendon's butt hit the floor after I puched him off me.

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry it took so long. i really did go away to my uncle's and that means no fanfic writing at least on computers so wrote in my notebook and pretty much wrote this as soon as i came home so i except reviews for my troubles :-p
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