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Things 41-60

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  • 100 Things

    (#) Mrs_Theresa 2007-07-09 11:51:39 AM

    some times archie could be mean but these would be funny if he would do these things in the show and i an trying to comeup with some ideas but i am not having eny luck but i love this story!
  • 100 Things

    (#) Riane46 2007-07-09 12:32:02 PM

    Hahahaha, very hilarious still,

    -When Theresa/Neil is sleeping I can not put 1 of thier fingers in thier nose.

    -I cannot jump out of the couch and scare everyone with fake bloody face, and eyes rolling around behind my eyes, making if I was a zombie.
  • 100 Things

    (#) book-worm 2007-07-11 08:56:14 AM

    HAhaHA!! These are soo good. How bout:
    - I'm not allowed to ask Hades if he's really gay
    - I'm not allowed to scare off every guy who even looks at Atlanta (even though it's too tempting)
  • 100 Things

    (#) ClassoftheTitans_fan 2007-07-13 11:40:10 AM

    Archie's a bit mean to Theresa dunt u think? lol. Well all of em...but still haha!!! rate: funny!!1
  • 100 Things

    (#) Honeybee 2007-07-19 11:35:51 PM

    Snorts with laughter Oh my gosh...... That was hilarious!!!!!!! Very funny and VERY cute!!!! lmao ;P Ah.... sighs in happiness I'm so super glad that I'm back!!!!! lol Hmmmm, I was just thinking about what else you could have Archie not do..........
    1) No pulling Hera's peacocks feathers out (and if I spell anything wrong today.... forgive me!!! It's a Friday and I'm stuck at University till two!!!!! Waaaaaaaaa) lol Anywhoooo.....
    2) Uhhhh Don't dress up as Cronus and walk into the dorm yelling that you will kill any who gets in your way, and head straight for Theresa, (trying to see how fast Jay will react to a threat directed at the love of his life... lol) Cuz Jay plus a mad rage equals.... welllll lotsa hurt for Archie!
    lol Sooooo yeah that was my brilliant two cents worth!!! And I know that they are pretty lame......... buuuuutttt oh well, deal!!!!! lmao (",)
    Oooooo, talking about Harry Potter....... THE BOOK IS COMING OUT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, well technically it's tommorrow at like one but WHO cares!!!!! lol I'm soooo super excited!!!! yay!!!!
    Okay, AHEM....... now that I have terrified all of ya... ;P I'll go!!!!! Enjoy, have an awesome Harry Potter weekned!!! (",) Hope you update soon soon!!!! Mwah
    Love Honey
  • 100 Things

    (#) Ryuu-Bushi 2008-12-31 08:55:47 AM

    1. Archie is "NOT" in any way related to Tonks from Harry Potter (or her son for that matter)
    2.No beating up Atlanta's "poterntial" future boyfriends, which would be all the boys at New Olympia High.
    3.He isn't allowed to sneak up behind Theresa and grab her just to watch Jay make angry faces.
    4. Can't fog up all the mirrors in the house so Neil can't look at his "beutiful" face.
    5. can't complain about his ankle at the end of a battle just so he can lean on Atlanta and put his head on her shoulder (or Thereas for reasons belonging to #3.
    6. can't take Hades hat so he can order thantos to kidnap Atlanta.
    hmm if i come up with more i'll let u kw. lol these were funny!

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