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Chapter One

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The human race becomes dominate to a half man half wolf breed of species. Two people fight to survive while being hunted as renegades. Please R&R

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The end of the human race as a dominate species happened quickly, or that's what I was told. I was born after The Woverin Wars. That was when a new species fought and won domination over Earth. Their half wolf and half man. Vicious, mean, and intelligent. Most of the humans live in small clans, choosing to serve and live among the Woverin's. There are a few that choose to live as renegades. Hunted, shunned and having to fight for survival. I am one of them. I choose not to live as a Woverin slave. I hunt them as much as they hunt me, and I trust no one.

I slowly walked through the forest, making my own path. I was being followed and had been for some time. But instead of confronting the follower immediately, I led them deeper into the forest. Finally I circled around, coming up behind my pursuer. It was a man, but I didn't let that deter me. On catlike feet I crept up behind him and put my knife to his throat.
"One false move and your throat is slit," I hissed in his ear as he tensed up. In one fluid move, he grabbed my wrist and flipped me over his shoulder onto the ground. I tried to seize the knife that had fallen next to me, but he kicked it out of my reach. Then he grabbed my arms, dragging me up.
"Do you always hold a knife on innocent travelers?" He demanded, holding my wrists when I tried to punch him.
"You were following me" I said, jerking away. "Are you a Woverin tracker set to bring in the bounty on me?"
The man began to laugh, "a Woverin tracker." He snorted, "I thought you were a Woverin as silent as you walked. I was going to kill you." He looked me up and down, "you're a renegade, aren't you?"
I just glared at him then retrieved my knife and began to push my way through the trees.
"Wait" the man called, "where are you going?"
I disappeared without answering.

Later I was ambushed by two Woverins. I managed to kill the first one with my knife. But the second clawed me, rendering my arm useless. I kicked him in the face, causing him to fall on the ground howling, but he came up quickly. He backhanded me, sending me sprawling on the ground. I lay there stunned, in pain and unable to move as the Woverin howled in triumph and moved in for the kill. The bushes parted and a figure jumped out of the darkness, the moonlight glinting off his blade before he decapitated the Woverin. I quickly got to my feet, ready to run if the man came after me. He turned and I gasped, it was the man I had threatened with my knife.
He sheathed his blade as he approached me, wary I backed up a step. Noticing this, he grimaced and held out his hands in a peace gesture.
"I won't hurt you," he said walking forward.
"How do I know that?" I demanded taking a step back.
He smiled, "if I had wanted to kill you. I would've when I had you at my mercy earlier." He nonchalantly walked over to the dead Woverin and rolled it over to where the other onelay. "My name is Aaron," he said not looking at me, "I'm a renegade also and I think we could help each other."
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