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Chapter Three

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The human race becomes dominate to a half man half wolf breed of species. Two people fight to survive while being hunted as renegades. Please R&R

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After we finished eating, I sat next to the fire, staring into the flames. Aaron came out of the woods and sat next to me silently.
I jumped when he suddenly asked, "how did you become a renegade?"
I stared into the fire for a while, without speaking. "I was born in the last free human run city." I began softly, "my father and mother were on the high council. When the Woverins took over the city, they slaughtered everyone in a high position, including my parents." I looked away as I blinked back tears, "I saw the Woverins kill them. Then because I was attractive, I was taken to be in the harem of the eminent Woverin lord Kel, I was 12 at the time." I heard Aaron's sharp intake of breath, but I couldn't look at him, afraid of the condemnation I would see in his eyes.
" I immediately became one of Kel's favorite new toys, " I said bitterly. "So I was treated well for about a year, then he took a wife from one of the Woverin blue blood families. She was so jealous of me that she arranged for me to be caught with some of her jewels. I was sentenced to life in the mines. I slaved there for three years, before I got up the courage to make a weapon and slit the guard's throat. I've been a renegade for ten years. That's why I don't trust anyone, after I escaped I tried to live in one of the renegade camps. They treated me like dirt when they found out whom I was." I sat there with my eyes tightly closed, breathing heavily. Aaron put his hand lightly on my shoulder and I whirled around, glaring at him, waiting to see the condemning look. Instead I saw pity. He gently pulled me towards him, being careful of my shoulder.
"I don't think you're dirt, or what happened to you was your fault." He said softly, "I know how it is to be treated badly because of whom you are." He stared intently at me before speaking again, "I have Woverin blood."
I gasped sharply, "but you look human," I protested.
He nodded, "my mother was a human, my father was some Woverin foot solider. He raped my mother and got her pregnant, when I was born she thought she could hide what I was. But it wasn't long before the people in our village found out. They stoned her and would've killed me, but my grandmother smuggled me out to a renegade village where the different are accepted. I may look human, but I still have tainted blood in my veins and most people can't forgive that."
He stared at me, before saying softly. "I'll understand if you no longer trust me."
I sat quietly for a moment, then reached my hand out. "I still think I can trust you, you are a good man, no matter what's in your blood."
We sat in front of the fire, staring into each other's eyes silently. Then Aaron leaned over and kissed me lightly.
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