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chapter 10

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AU rydon high school

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Pairing- Ryan Ross/ Brendon Urie
Disclaimer- don't know don't own, title belongs to Panic!

Brendon POV

I'm a complete and nerves wreck, what am i going to do! I cant do this! I stood about six yards from the school for another practice. I had no idea what to say to Brent either. What would he say to me? Is he mad? Is he actually gay? what if he wants to get together or something? I had left Ryan's house early this morning and not wanting to wake him left him a note to explain my absence. He just looked to peaceful to wake up.

I was completely flipping out when I turned around ready to chicken out and just walk away. I turned around and saw Karen coming in my direction. Karen? Why is she here? " Hey brother! " she shouted.

" Karen? What are you doing here? " I asked. " just came to watch your practice. Unless your going somewhere?" She half stated half asked.

" Oh! Ummmm, no, I'm not going any where! Just.....taking a quick walk is all. "

She raised an eyebrow skeptically obviously not believing me, but continued to the school drooping the subject anyway. We reached the practice area and there is a god! Brent isn't here! A huge grin covered my face and I heard Karen mutter a quick " Good luck. " Before heading of to sit on the top row of the bleachers.

As I was wondering I couldn't help but wonder where Brent was. He has never missed a single day of practice. Was it because he knew it would be awkward? Or did he not want to be near me? Did he quit the team? Oh my god, what if he was stuck on some horrible cannibal island somewhere!

Wow, I thought to myself. Now that was a little irrational. I mean seriously, cannibal's? Jeez.

Practice was over after about forty minutes and I walked up the bleachers to greet Karen. We decided to go to McDonald's for lunch. I pulled up in the parking lot and we walked inside. I asked Karen to go get us a table while I order our meals.

I ordered an Asian salad and got Karen a cheese burger with large fries. I set the food on the table and went to go get the drinks and ketchup.

I sat down and we began eating. It was a good ten minutes before she started talking.

" So..." she started, I looked at her to show she had my attention. " Where was Brent today? " She asked staring at her chipped dark blue nail polish. " I don't know, why? " I asked. She shrugged still mesmerized by her nails. " Just wondering. "

I inspected her face to notice a light blush and a small smirk, but I decided to shrug it of. I decided for once in my life not to tell her what happened between me and Brent. I just wanted it to go away and the best way to make that happen is by ignoring it, right?

We continued eating, just talking about random unimportant things. Once we were done we threw away our trash and headed past the obnoxiously happy clown card bored cutout and out the swinging doors.
I walked threw the front door and into the house, Karen following my actions. We separated to go into our own rooms.

I walked into mine and......oh shit.

There lying on my bed was Ashly. Yes, girlfriend Ashly. I took a moment to think, Ashly is my girlfriend and Ryan is my boyfriend. Thats so strange to have a girl friend and a boyfriend. Not to mention I'm technically cheating on both of them. I couldn't do that to Ryan, It was a definite, me and Ashly had to brake up, the sooner the better.

I was to absorbed in my thoughts to realize she was speaking to me. I looked at her noticing she was giving me an expectant glare. " Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't catch that, what? " She rolled her eyes flipped her hair and gave a long drawn out sigh. " I said, you were supposed to come over last night. And you didn't. Where were you that was more important then being with your girlfriend! " she nearly shouted, breathing heavily to control her anger.

" Sorry, something came up. " I said indifferently. She continued her glare. " It's another girl isn't it! " I smiled and shook my head, I wasn't lying, It was Ryan, and Ryan is a boy. " Who is it? She continued ranting, Is she a cheerleader? Oh my god! Its Megan! your cheating on me with Megan! "

She was practically in hysterics now. And who the hell is Megan anyway?

" No. " stated calmly. " I just don't think its working out, and that we should break up." Continuing my indifferent tone. She looked at me sadly but it didn't take long before it turned to anger." Fine! " she screamed " but don't expect me to take your sorry ass back!" And with that she stomped out of my room and out of my house.

I couldn't help the feeling of relief that washed over me after hearing the front door slam shut. She was out of my life! Finally gone! Yes! I logged on to AIM hoping Ryan was on so I could tell him the good news. Disappointment flooded my face after seeing he was not online, there was however a message sent from an unfamiliar screen name.

own_you_all- Go 2 the school parking lot.
own_you_all has signed off.

What. The. Fuck. Some random person wants me to meet them in the schools parking lot? Why? I contemplated going before quickly deciding it would be a bad idea and I should stay home.Should stay home. Notice the use of the word should.

Letting my curiosity to the situation take me over I threw on a hoodie and climbed out the window. Mot wanting anyone to notice I was gone, after all it was already past my curfew. I landed on the grass with a light thud and started walking to the school. It was almost completely dark by time I entered the parking lot about fifteen minutes later.

Because of the dark I had to squint, looking for whoever I was here to meet. I took a good ten minutes doing that before figuring this was all some stupid prank or joke. Just as I was leaving i spotted something on the ground. I slowly approached it, soon deciding it was in fact a person lying on the ground. It looked like a girl maybe? In this light it was hard to tell, they were skinny and lanky and curled up into a ball. Oh holy shit! I looked down at the puddle of blood surrounding the person. I walked closer and bent down over the person and held back a sob and let out a shaky:

" R rr ry ryan? "

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