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Yachiru The Chibi Vampire

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Yachiru is a vampire no one no's were she cam from but shes a vampire and her parents died when she was a baby so she no's nothing about this hmmm maybe this strange guy no's

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Yachiru The Chibi Vampire

"Nee, Ken-Chan whats a vanpare".

"A what".

"Nee A vanpare, see". Yachiru showed him a book she found.

"A vampire is a blood sucking pansy who prays on the weak because there too pansy ass to be able to fight a strong person".

"Yep a strong person like my Ken-Chan, heaee". (you no the laugh she does).

"Where did you get that book, I don't remember having anything like that 'round here".

"The Library, 'cause I needed the book, 'cause I even asked the Library women where to find it 'cause, I had a dream and it had big fangs like this, the creature did", Yachiru said holding her fingers pointing down to make it look like she had fangs.. "And it bit me in the neck right her", she told him pointing to a place on her neck. "And it hurt too", She said matter-of-factly. "The lady gave me this book, but I can't read, Nah so can Ken-Chan read it to me".

"I have better things too do then read a book to you brat".

"Nee ken-Chans a Meanie I'll go ask Feather head (referring to Yumichika) 'ell read to me 'cause he says I gotta' be smart too". Yachiru left to go find Yumichika. She looked all over and of course dhe found him in his room looking at a vanity mirror. "Hay feather brain will you read this to me 'cause Ken-Chan won't and you said I gotta' be smart". Yumichika agreed silently and picked up the book and Yachiru.

"Why do you want to read a book like this fukutaichou".

"I had a strange dream last night and I got bit by one of them things it hurt real bad so what does it say happens when your bit.

"Its says you turn into one, did this vampire say anything too you", he asked sort of chuckling thinking it was a result of a young girls active imagination.

"He said uhhh, smell like a vampire but I'm hungry so I'll eat you because you still have the stench of human on you, thas what he said'". Yumichika stared at the young girl with an eyebrow raised. "

Thats a weird dream fukutaichou, hmm anyway it says once bitten they turn into one if they don't die".


"Hummm no it was just a dream".

"OK at least I'm not gonna turn into one haha, read what it says anyway", she said going from scratching the back of her head sheepish-ly to being serious.

"It says Vampires can become vampires too way the first by being bit by one and not dieing the second is having vampire parents, un-like the urban legends some vampires can age it just depends on the person. Or they could have vampire parents and get bitten and it speeds up the process because having vampire parents you do not become one in till the age thirteen. Vampires drink blood,. And among other things have to mate to have heirs of the kingdom. Vampires have royalty, You either are married into them or born biologically into it said that the vampires numbers have dwindled and know they are out looking for them".

"Wow that makes my dream seem really scarey".
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