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meeting up with friends making some new ones too also some questions are answered

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Chapter 2


2:54 p.m.

Tomora high was like a ghost school even the teachers had left for the day, the only occupants of the premises were three young teens. A baggy clothed red mop headed male stood calmly leaning his back against the trunk of the huge oak that stood a-front the school seemingly staring off into space; a blank expression sidled on his face the only thing out of place happened to be the rod of dark chocolate pokey protruding from his otherwise expressionless mouth.

Occupying the oak as well were to distinct young females. On one of the oaks large branches one leg idly dangling below sat one duel haired teen who's attention was currently set on completely savoring the sweet taste of the heavenly raspberry pokey she devoured.

At the base of the oak entwined among the ground escaping roots sat the third teen. Waist length braid flipped over her shoulder the crimson eyed brunette lay twisted through the oaks mighty roots. A light pink candy rod of strawberry pokey looked as if it was forgotten the way it sat so lightly between her lips; eyes narrow and focused she seemed to be staring at something and nothing all at the same time.

Breathing light and even so much so you'd miss it if you didn't look hard enough the brunette's conscious self was almost entirely focused on recalling the events of the day so far.



"THIS IS FUCKED UP" Naruka-kun shouted slamming his fist onto the old wooden table in rage cracking it. "cool it we at least got Phs. Ed. Together" Seiwaru-san mentioned trying desperately to be positive. "yeah Naru-kun we got one class together at least that's something" Yushiji-san added cheerfully.
"yeah but it just pisses me off I mean come on" the red head muttered a little calmer now. Looking at each other and rolling their eyes the two girls answered together " Believe us we know Naru-kun just get over it"

sighing heavily the red mopped male hung his head in defeat.

Mayako Yushiji: First class-Geography Second class-Phs. Ed. Lunch Third class-Metal Shop Last class- Mathematics.
Koji Seiwaru: First class-Mathematics Second class-Phs. Ed. Lunch Third class-Geography Last class- Metal Shop.
Seirgi Naruka: First class-Metal Shop Second class-Phs. Ed. Lunch Third class-Mathematics Last class- Geography.


First class


a brunette teen slumped over her desk thinking over and over 'death would be less painful gods I hate review' Miss. "Yushiji!!!!" sitting up lazily Mayako shot the young teacher a creepy glare. The teacher went home half way through class claming a huge migraine.


a thick meter stick slammed down onto the dozing duel haired teens desk. Eyes snapping open the teen shot up "huh" the pig or a woman who loomed over her requested again for her work passing her the papers of work that should half taken a whole week to do. The teachers eyes grew to a considerable size as she looked through the papers all done all perfect it was impossible...

unable to handle trying to figure out a way for this to be possible her brain just shut down... five minutes later the class was released and the paramedics took the teacher to hospital care.


tuning out the young male teacher the Russian sat at his desk, idly tapped his foot to his music. After about 10 minutes Naruka-kun had become bored with music and instead proceeded to try to drive the teach. Past the thin line of sanity. Not even five minutes into his play the telepath huffed a huge sigh, the jittering male twitched constantly claiming horrific hallucinations kept appearing out of thin air.

The slightly distant hum of a quickly approaching car snapped the brunette back into present time; lifting her head Mayako unwounded her body from the tree roots at the same time Koji's feet connected with the ground as she leapt from her perch. Following suit Seirgi shouldered off the tree trunk to stand dusting off his shirt.

Turning into the parking lot and view the youngsters say the car was a custom designed slick black convertible. "nice" the red mopped muttered with a whistle.
"fast..." was the response that hissed from the duel hair as her eyes lit up. Deciding not to voice her opinions on the piece of shit on wheels; one crimson eye started up a slight twitch at the boring lack of style for the so-called 'custom' transport. 'descusting just dicsusting' was about the only thought occupying the psychic's mind.
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