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"I'm lactose intolerant!"

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Frank and Darcy go to Church

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Yay! it's time to introduce my favorite The lovely Mary aka _____.. Yeah anyways. I hope you like this chapter, i worked on it last night, well reworked on it. Give love. Oh yea as you guys know Frank goes to catholic school, and he's about to go to church or whatever. But i honestly don't know much about Catholic people, so don't get Mad, or whatever else, if i start making up shit.
Plus it's fiction. come on.

"I'm Lactose Intolerant"

"Frank there you are." Claire said coming in, and getting a little scared by his unexpected presence. She was sure that he had run off to Sunday school with Darcy. Darcy! That name left distaste in Claire's mind. Out of all the people Claire new Darcy was the most violent, disrespectful, strangest girl she had ever met. For one going to a catholic school when it was obvious she didn't care for the lord. Probably her parents sent her there to get her saved. But Aunt Claire was hesitant if God could help her. Aunt Claire shook her head; she didn't need to think like that. Keep an open mind.

"Frank what are you doing? Your going to be late for Sunday school, especially since you still have to pick up Darcy." Claire flinched of the name that had come out her mouth. The girl was beyond strange with her short black hair that went everywhere. Everybody in the school was sure that she was a lesbian. Aunt Claire shook her head a homo in a catholic school, just what we needed she thought to herself.

Shit. Frank thought. "Yeah I forgot all about her." Frank finished the last of his Coco Puff's, and slurping the last bit of milk still in his bowl. " Yeah I should get going." Frank told them standing up and placing his bowl into the sink. "Bye Uncle John, and aunt Claire. Love you guys."

"Love you too." John told Frank, keeping his eyes fixated on the newspaper he was scamming through.

"See you later honey. I love you too." Claire told him, while refilling Uncle John's coffee cup.

Frank smiled at them, and left out the back door.

"What the fuck took you so long Frank... My fucking sister already left" Frank looked at her a little puzzled, why was she always in competition with her. " She so beat us this week, now we have to wait till next week, because you're too late." She wasn't even in the car yet and she was already yelling at him, Frank thought.

Darcy didn't give Frank a chance to explain himself when she slid herself into Frank's Toyota. Just like every morning, Darcy went into her life about her parents hating her. "Frank! Why do my parents hate me?" Darcy whined stomping her big black boots on Frank's car mats. She looked like a 2 year old throwing a pre-tantrum.

Frank drove off. " Darcy your parents don't hate you."

"You're only saying that because they adore you!" Darcy crossed her arms, and slumped down, making her short boyish haircut stick up in every direction. They did adore Frank, but that wasn't why he said that. Yeah she could be inappropriate at times, and immature, and also irresponsible but that was just how she was. "And plus this morning they were totally fucking contradicting me, or some shit like that." Darcy crossed her legs so she could stop herself from stomping; her heels were beginning to ache.

"Contradicting Eh? What did they do today Mary?" Frank asked with a grin on his face. Darcy gave Frank a punch in his arms. " Ow! I'm sorry. I meant to say Darcy."

"Yeah whatever. Anyways I was sitting at the table, with my fat ass father on one side of me, and that ugly bitch I call my sister on the other side of me, and then-"

"Your sisters not ugly, and you dad is not fat." Frank said cutting Darcy off. But Darcy ignored him

"Anyways Frank I was eating my pop tarts...when my mom came in and she asked me if I wanted juice of milk..." Darcy threw her arms up, clearly exaggerating the situation.

Frank replayed what she had said in his head, but he still didn't understand the problem. "I'm not understanding how they were contradicting you."

Darcy looked at Frank with a wide expression on her face.... "You don't see the problem! I'm lactose intolerant Frank Fucking Iero!" She whined even more throwing her body against the back of the seat numerous of times.


"Yeah oh. I would suspect you of all people, would remember Frank." She laid her head calmly on Frank's shoulder sighing softly to herself.

"I'm sorry I forgot. Just like your mother did, she probably just forgot as well, and how are you eating pop tarts if your lactose intolerant?"

"What do you mean they forgot? What parents fucking forgets there daughter doesn't eat dairy products because she's mother fucking lactose intolerant Frank!?!" Darcy was now yelling. " Some fucking reason I can eat pop tarts without getting sick."

Frank thought about keeping this argument, but Darcy would probably win in the end like always. "Bad ones." Frank mumbled, just to make her quiet down, Darcy was one for scenes.

"Exactly." Darcy sat slumped down in her seat, she sat quiet for a minute before she continued. "Anyways Frank you never told me why you were late. Start explaining."

"I had to take my friend home." Frank answered. Friend? Was Gerard now he's new friend, they've only met just today, could someone honestly have a friendship that fast.

Darcy fell into a pit of giggles. "What friends? You don't have any friends. You barely have me as a friend." Darcy kicked her feet upon the dashboard. "Whoa that was funny!"

"What are you talking about? I have friends." Frank said. "And get your feet off there." Frank swatted at Darcy's feet.

"Fine. You don't have to get your thongs in a twist." She laughed taking her feet down. " Friends? Who your sister Alaska that lives in Kansas, or your aunt and Uncle that play checkers with you on Friday nights."

Darcy was right. "Your mean." God! Why does my life suck so much, Frank thought to himself. She was very right. Frank didn't have much friends especially at school were he was looked upon as a weird kid and Darcy was looked at as a crazy lesbian, not many people wanted to be bothered with them, even teachers. Frank was kind of okay with it; more friends meant more drama, and more... Frank looked at his bandage wrist, and shook his head. He couldn't believe he lost it so easily, he was supposed to be trying to stop. Alaska probably hasn't even checked her messages yet. "Anyways I guess I made a new friend, a nicer one...I met him last night."

"Does this 'friend' have a name?" she asked with a slight attitude with a hint of sarcasm. Great she thought someone stealing the only good thing in her life. Her best friend.

"Yeah he's name is Gerard."

"Gerard? That sounds fruity. Where did you meet him at?"

"Well...I-I." Frank stuttered. "I...met...him on the sidewalk." She smiled.

"What did I tell you about talking to hobo's pssh and my parents call me immature and irresponsible."

"Because you are...and he's not a hobo I took him to his house!" Frank sighed did she always have to be so mean.

"Cardboard boxes are not houses." Darcy snickered to herself. "And I'm not immature or irresponsible, my parents are bullshitting."

"It wasn't a cardboard box it was a real house, and it was pretty."

Darcy fell back in her seat again crossing her arms. "Yeah.. whatever."

"What are you jealous? That I have a friend and you don't?" Frank asked in a sing along voice.

Darcy stared out the window. Refusing to look at Frank. "I don't care. I don't need friends." She pouted. "Are we still going to McDonalds after Church?"

"I guess if you want." Darcy smile was huge and childlike and the only meant the she was planning something horrid.
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