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Chapter 6

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Rukia starts her long recovery and finally with Byakuya, Toshiro, Jonshiro, Kisuke, Yoruichi and Unohana Ichigo can speak to Rukia.

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Rukia's eyes fluttered open and before she could shoot up pain coursed through her stomache and she gave a slight hiss of breath. Suddenly a hand was on her shoulder keeping her down as Byakuya said," Rukia, stay down. You need your rest."

Rukia stayed down and Byakuya feeling that she would took a seat next to her and looked over her. "Nee-sama... it.. it really happened, didn't it? Ichigo... he really tried to kill me?" Rukia asked her voice full of pain and she kept pausing to gather her barings.

Byakuya looked into her sad accepting eyes, she already knew it was true, she just wanted him to confirm what she knew as he answered," It did, Rukia." Tears filled Rukia's eyes as she squeezed them shut and she said," I'm such a fool.. i'm an idiot."

Byakuya didn't say anything as Rukia continued," I knew something would happen and I knew that nothing good could happen in being friends with Ichigo." Byakuya blinked at that before she could continue Byakuya said," Rukia, stop. Don't blame yourself."

"Nee-sama..." Rukia said before cutting off and her tears fell down her cheeks softly and Byakuya on instinct lifted his hand out and wiped the tears away gently just like he had on her birthday. Rukia reached up and put her hand against his and pressed her cheek to his hand.

He knew she wanted comfort and knew this was the only way he could comfort, to the best of his ability. "Nee-sama.... thank you so much." Rukia said softly and Byakuya just nodded his head and he just sat beside her.


Byakuya sat in his chair after getting back from staying with Rukia until she fell asleep and then stayed with her for a little bit longer. He picked his pin up and was right about to start writing the other captain letters on Rukia's progress when a calm yet pissed Renji walked in. Byakuya looked up at him and waited for him to speak.

"Captain Kuchiki, Kurosaki is here to speak to you." Renji stated calmly or as calmly as he could get and Byakuya put his pen down before he said," Send him in, Renji." "Hai, Captain Kuchiki." Renji said before leaving Byakuya alone once more. Toshiro, Junshiro, Unohana, Kisuke, and Yoruichi walked in only to lean against walls.

"You are here because of Ichigo?" Byakuya asked as he picked up his pen to write others a letter on how Rukia was doing. "We're worried.. Kuchiki-taichou... we heard he wanted to ask you to talk to Rukia." Unohana answered calmly and respectively and Byakuya looked up but didn't say anything. He knew that would be the only reason why Ichigo would ever want to talk to him.

Byakuya looked up once more when Renji walked in stiffly, followed by Ichigo who was tense only to freze at the sight of everyone in the room. "What is it that you wish to ask me, Ichigo?" Byakuya asked curtly almost to the point of rudeness.. no passed the point of rudeness. Ichigo tensed as he asked," May I talk to Rukia?"

Before anyone could point out arguements Toshiro said calmly," Let Captain Kuchiki speak and give him the answer." Byakuya stared at Ichigo before he asked," Why?" "To tell her how sorry I am... and to tell her what happened and that I didn't mean to hurt her, I would never hurt her on purpose." Ichigo answered as he stared into Byakuya's eyes calmly.

Byakuya didn't answer for a few moments before he answered," You may but we will be there with you and Rukia the whole time. Only on one other condition." "What is it?" Ichigo asked fighting down his eagerness to see Rukia and explain what had happened. "If she doesn't wish to see you don't push her into seeing you. Leave automatically if she doesn't wish to see you." Byakuya answered calmly.

Ichigo bit back a retort especially at the looks he was being given by the other captains and the one lieutenant and nodded his head in agreement. Byakuya stood up and said," Follow me." Everyone followed him silently before he opened a door and Ichigo saw that no sunlight enterred the room at all. That the room was encompassed in nothing but shadows.

"Rukia." He heard Byakuya say and he heard Rukia ask softly, in pain," Hai, nee-sama?" He didn't hear anything for a few moments before Byakuya answered," Ichigo wishes to speak with you. If you wish, I will send him away until you are ready." He heard Rukia's quick intake of breath and readied himself to leave when Rukia said," Only if you and the others are in here as well, nee-sama."

"We had planned that Rukia." Byakuya whispered to her which Ichigo couldn't hear since he said it too softly. Byakuya then said," Enter." Ichigo walked in carefully and followed what little light there was to Rukia's side. "Rukia, I am... so sorry." Ichigo said softly as the captains lounged around the room easily and Renji stood there stiffly.

Rukia didn't say anything as Ichigo explained," I had lost control of my spiritual powers and I had nearly done the unthinkable... I had harmed you, Rukia, but if I had been in control I would never have harmed you." Rukia didn't say anything before she said," If that's all.. please leave, Ichigo. I am not yet ready to face you..."

Ichigo didn't say anything as Renji led him out of the house and stood on the front porch and said before Ichigo left his sight," She will forgive you because she's not that unkind not to... just don't abuse that forgiveness, Ichigo."
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