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Part One

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Wait... Don't go away... Just not yet [Frerard]

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Up in the clear cobalt sky, celestial beings dripped light all across the land. The moon made a clean cut reflection on the ripples of the lake in the center of the park, stray rocks tumbled over the edge and into the body of water. Simple lanky lamps gave way to people's vision, but hardly anyone was around to embrace the night. His piercing green eyes, they looked out of a wooden gazebo, his lips were pout-y and curled into a frown. Whenever you came to the park at night, you'd always find him lurking around under the stars. If there was a shooting star, that boy would be there, making his wishes. And you could be sure to here him cry when they didn't come true.

Frank was on the verge of just giving up; possibly on everything you could imagine. All his live, his dreams consumed him; he wasn't a normal boy. Fairy tales were the only definite thing, at least, that's what he believed. His mom was the one that taught him that, right before she passed away. All her dreams and her hopeless hair, they gave Frank wisps of hope to cling to. In his mind, she'd never fade away. When she had died, Frank made a vow to never come home. It held too many memories and he knew he'd be stuck in a limbo of dreams that he couldn't fulfill. This was his last chance and his patience was waning.

Another rock was tossed seamlessly into the pond, droplets of water formed a miniature wave that came after it. Something sparkled in the corner of Frank's eye, he saw the last falling star he would ever see again. Over the side of the gazebo he leaped, he was determined to not let that star fall away without his final wish. "Please... Let me have all I will ever need," Frank begged the burning ball of light. His knees buckled underneath him as his hands instinctively threw themselves out to catch him. But by the back of his collar, he was dragged up. For a brief moment, Frank managed to mouth the word "mother" because for the time being, she was the only thing on his mind. Instead, it was a gangly teenager, the boy was only a few inches taller than himself.

"What's someone like you doin' out here at night? You a vampire?" the boy tried to be serious, but his face broke out in laughter. Somehow Frank felt at ease and laughed with the stranger.

"I could ask you the same thing," Frank pulled away from the teenager and brushed himself off. "But you look more like one than me. Frankly, I'm jealous." The boy put a hand up to his cheek, Frank loved how he looked so serene and at peace with himself. "So this white foundation really works. Mikey said my skin was already white and I didn't need to get whiter."

"I think you're... beautiful," it felt weird to call a stranger beautiful, but Frank was all about taking risks.

"You're pretty cute yourself," the boy lifted Frank's chin up when Frank tried to look at his shoes for comfort. "So are you going to tell me why you're here?" The moon moved a few inches in the sky, it's glow beamed straight down on top of the strange boy. Frank stood slightly dumbfounded, he bit his tongue as he searched for an answer. "It's a long stupid story. I'm just chasing my dreams with nowhere to go."

"I could help you out. I'm Gerard, at your 'dreamy' service," the boy held out his hand. It was so fragile looking, Frank was afraid he'd break it if it was shaken too hard. "'M Frank. Erm, thanks?" He grabbed Gerard's hand and limply shook it.

"I should be going, mister dream-catcher," but Frank wouldn't let go of his new "friend".

"Don't go."

"Is something wrong?" Gerard asked with a tinge of guilt and worry in his voice.

"I've got nowhere to go."

"Neither do I," were Gerard's last words before disappearing into the dark, the street lamps all magically flickered and burnt out to conceal his whereabouts.

AN: There will be another part to this =]
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