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Good-Bye My Lover

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good-bye my friend

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I woke up fully ready to get up and move around. My stomach growled loudly...I wonder if actual food will help me... I raided my fridge eating just about everything...all it did was make me puke it all back up. I have no choice but to kill now... I shook the thought out of my head and walked into my bathroom. The reflection I saw was new. My body had changed on me. My hair was no longer red and black, it was just jet black. My eyes were bright blue and my skin turned much paler than usual. My frame was just a little slimmer and my boobs had gotten bigger. What did he do to me? I was still cold to the touch. And I know I'm going to have to get used to this one... A thought from a clearly different mind hit me. "hungry yet?" he said. "Yes....I will not fucking kill." I fought back. "Don't be're not going to die. I wont let you kill yourself." I began to grow angry with him. Then my gums started throbbing. My teeth grew out. "Ow fuck!" I said aloud. Then they went back in. That hurt worse. I gripped the bathroom counter and lowered my head. I have to live with this now...I straightened myself out after a while.

I walked into the living room and laid on my couch. My phone wrang "I need to see you..." Gerard's voice wrang through. "When and Why" "We need to talk something out...I have a sorta plan...and I'll be over in a little bit if you'll have me." "What ever...just get here and say what you need to say...then you can leave." "Alright...Kaiden I'm really sorry..." "Don't feed me your bullshit." I hung up. A few minutes later Gerard was at my door. It was already getting late...I guess I slept the day away. I opened the door and let him in. We sat on the couch facing eachother. "What is it that you needed to talk about?" "You said you didn't like this right..." "I hate it." "Can we do something... twice and thats it." "What?" "Okay...I want you to come out with me tonight and feed. And if you decide that you don't like this...we'll end it together." "Together?" "Yes...I pulled you into this life....and we can go out together." "Okay..." "I will show you how to do it...and I know you will catch on fast and not mind it at all..Kaiden this lifestyle isnt so horrible.." "What? Yes it is...What did you do to my body?" I used my hands to desplay it. "It just brings out everything in you..." "I don't like it..." " have to like something or you're just going to get even more depressed..." "I don't wanna live like it doesnt matter....I...I wanna call Sonny. You can get me when you're ready tonight." "Alright..." We both stood. He turned and pulled me into a tight hug then kissed me lightly. I can feel the electricity between us...that was definately something. He turned and walked out my door.

I walked back to my room with my cell in hand. I debated on weather or not to call her...I answer. "Heyyyyyy You've reached my answering machine! Leave a good one." her voice wrang...I'm going to miss it..-Beep- "Hey Sonny...its Kaiden....I just wanted to say bye for the last time...some fucking crazy shit happened and I've realized I can't live my life like this anymore...Thank you for always being there for me....You know I love you...good-bye." I called back again and explained everything that happend to me on her voicemail...I know it would fucking kill her to be in the dark about this. I turned off my phone...I can't hear anymore good-byes. Later Gerard came for me. He opened my door and found me sitting on my bed with my head in my hands. "Take my hand and never be afraid again..." He stood before me. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. We walked out of the house together and I watched down the street as he stalked a teenage couple. "I know what you're thinking....but they're blood is just so much sweeter." I nodded as if I understood what was going on. The girl the boy was with walked into a building. He stood there waiting for her return. Gerard walked behind him and just bit the hell out off him. He made sure to cover the boys mouth. He drained that kid. The body dropped completely lifeless. Gerard tossed the body in the back ally "Your turn..." I shook my head..Gerard I can't...please... "Would you want that girl to suffer the heart ache of seeing her boyfriend's dead body?" "No..." My stomach growled. "Fuck..." The girl walked out of the building with a bag. She looked around for her boyfriend...I feel horrible. I walked passed then doubled back behind her and took her down just as I watched Gerard do. I sucked the warm liquid out of her limp body. She didn't even scream. I dropped her when I was done. I looked at what I had just done... I ran around the house and puked all the blood back up...and seeing that cause me to vomit more.

I began crying again. Gerard came over and looked at me.. "So..." "I want out...I'm sorry..." "You're not to be sorry...I pulled you into this.." "What actually kills us?" "Sun rise...the rays are strongest." "So its the beauty of dying...." "Yea...and we're doing it together...I told the guys if I didn't return tomorrow...They know what happened." I nodded...We walked forever in this night...Endless night. Gerard took me to a hill that overlooked all Belleville. It was actually nice with the city lights. We sat together. Silence....Gerard pulled me into a hug "I'm sorry I did this to you.." "Its going to be okay soon enough" "Oh how wrong we were to think imortality meant never dying..." With that the sun began to rise over the Jersey city. Gerard kissed me softly. I kissed back and felt the sun begin to burn the flesh right off me. Through this neither of us broke the kiss. This is how we should die. I know he felt the same way I did. It hurts...It hurts...Its done.
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