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Ive lost my fear of falling, I will be with you

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Two weeks had passed, the school holidays were over, The Way family were devastated, I was grounded for life, Frank was already looking for a new frontman for the band (heartless bastard) and worst of all baby Way was to die in 3 days.

My dad had flipped when he found out about the baby, and was forcing me to abort it, my mum wouldn't even look me in the eye, Frank wouldn't speak to me and he would give the guys the silent treatment if they even smiled at me. I was a disgrace to the family.

Id been back at school only 2 days, and already the plastic bitches in my year had began to spread rumours.
Actually.. they were all true. One of them, Stephanie (or Stephaniiie as she liked to spell it) saw me patting my stomach at lunch the first day back, and now its all over school. I get funny looks when I walk down the corridors.
..but soon all of this would just be a memory.

I was making my way to the last lesson of they day. Usually I would be overjoyed that it would soon be time to go home, but today I wished that I could stay here forever, and never have to face my fucking family ever again.
Walking through the yard towards the art block, I heard someone calling my name.
I looked around, but I figured I was hearing things, as the school yard was deserted, as everyone was already in their lessons.
I continued to walk forwards, until I heard the voice once more.
"Sarah Iero!"
I turned and stared in the direction of the school gates.
A familliar face stood there, smirking at me.
"Sarah fucking Iero.. come here honey."
Gerard? No it cant be.. wait.. Gee? Oh my god it is!!
"Gerard! Oh my fucking god!" I ran over to the gate and pulled it open with all my might.
"Heyy.." he smirked, holding out his arms for me to hug him.
I threw my arms around him. He held onto me tight, and began to kiss my neck. I felt so warm and safe inside.
"I thought you were.." I began, stroking his hair.
"I couldnt do it.. Not without you anyway.." he smiled.
"So you were gonna.. you know.. do it?" I got lost in his eyes.
"Well.." he pulled at the collor of his shirt and hesitated, "But that doesnt matter anymore, Im here, Ill never leave you, ever, I swear." he went to kiss me, but I pulled away.
"Ive spent weeks crying myself to sleep at night because I thought I'd never see you again, and I blamed myself for that. And now you think you can just walk over to me and expect everything to be alright, because youre back?" I screamed in his face.
He went to pull me towards his body, but I was quick to push away his arms. It was then that he noticed the scars.
"What the fuck have you done to yourself!?" he yelled, clutching my arm, then kissing it gently.
"What have you done to me more like!" I pulled my arm from his grasp.
"What? I dont understand. I know I was a dick, and I know I made my move too soon, and I know Ive upset you, but honey, why would you hurt yourself like that?" he exclaimed, reaching out for my hand, which I then moved up onto my stomach.
"This kid's gonna die Gee. It has only, like, three fucking days to live, and you wonder why Im in so much pain? Why Im so fucking hurt?" I screamed, hurting my throat.
"What?" Gerard looked confuzed, "Who has only three days to live?"
"Im pregnant motherfucker!" I yelled as loud as possible.
"Oh Sarah!" Gerard pulled me close to his body, and hugged me so tight that I couldnt breathe.
"Chill dude!" I pushed him off me, "Yeah, well I wont be for much longer so, enjoy it while you can.." a single tear rolled down my cheek.
"Oh honey no. Why cant we talk this through? Ill support you. Ill help you. Im back now baby. For good, and I promise Ill never leave you, please lets talk about this.." Gerard wiped away the tears from my wet face.
"If you can convince my dad to let me keep it, then yeah, we can be a proper family, if thats what you want?" I looked hopeful.
"Your dad? Honey I cant go back there. I cant face your parents, or mine for that matter. And I cant face the guys, not yet, especially your brother." a tear now rolled down his face, and I was quick to catch it on my fingertips, and feel his warm skin on mine.
"But thats the only way, and youre gonna have to go back sometime. What about your family Gee? Dont you wanna see them? What about Mikey? He's slowly drinking himself to death, because he thinks his brother, and his best friend has gone and killed himself! I dread to think what your parents are like, Im suprised they havent already organised a fucking funeral!" I cried into his shirt, drenching him.

"Run away with me." Gerard looked at me. Deadly serious.
"What the fuck, youre not serious!" I yelled.
"Run away with me. We can be together forever and have this baby, together.." he rubbed my stomach.
"Are you fucking crazy!?" I held onto his hand. "I want to be with you, and have this baby with you, but I want to do all of that here, in Jersey, with my family, the guys, and Im sure you want your family to be there for this too.." I looked up into his eyes, "Please Gee?"
"But I dont know how to face them.." He began to cry, falling to the floor and resting his back against the school gates.
"Lets go somewhere else.." I sat down beside him, patting my hand on his knee, "lets talk this whole thing over.."
I tried to calm him down.

He took two cigaretttes from his pocket, and also his lighter, and handed one to me.
Id been smoking a lot recently, when my parents werent around obviously, and so I could wait for this, I really needed it.
Gerard leaned over to light the cigarette in my mouth, but hesitated.
"Actually.." he looked down at my stomach then back up into my eyes.
"Just light it bitch. I need it," I smiled.

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