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Character Desciptions [becuz everyone loves reading these things]

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just read the damn chapter title

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Character Descriptions!!!

Jasey Danger
Gender: she is a Female!
Age: 18
Likes: soccer, music, friends, eating cupcakes, coffee, energy drinks, blogging, song writing
Dislikes: any other sports, people invading her privacy, insomnia, nightmares
Hair: Blonde short, sorta like Victoria Beckham [just not as stylish] and she spikes it up in the back with gel and pink hair goop that changes the spikes pink
Eye Color: Pacific Blue [look it up on crayola crayons!!]
Body: Athletic, skinny
Favorite Food: breadsticks!!
Favorite Band: Hawthorne Heights
Nick Names: Jase, Danger Kid
Personality: ADHDish, sarcastic, nice when people are nice to her, mean when people are mean to her, can be funny when she wants
Role is Band: Keyboard

Cecilia Hanson
Gender: Male jaykay she is also Female!
Age: 18
Likes: books, music, friends, sleeping, eating cake
Dislikes: mean people, fake people, pop music, country music, rap music
Hair: Shoulder length brown hair with blonde streaks in it
Eye Color: Silver
Body: slim, good curves in the right places
Favorite Food: cake
Favorite Band: Metro Station
Nick Names: Cece
Personality: nice, easy-going, sweet, protective, she also has a crush on Trevor
Role in Band: Guitar

Amelie Calvins
Gender: both? No she is Female.
Age: 19
Likes: video games, fire, ninja's, pirates
Dislikes: being out of control, lying
Hair: Past shouler blades black hair [not dyed!]
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Body: just getting over an eating disoder so she is really skinny
Favorite Food: low calorie foods
Favorite Band: Scary Kids Scaring Kids!
Nick Names: Am
Personality: mother-like, sorta bossy, nice, she likes Clarick and is angry that he likes Jasey
Role in Band: Drums

Trevor Simons
Gender: acts like a female but is really Male.
Age: 19
Likes: messing around, video games, singing, writing
Dislikes: bratty people, really rich people that show it, people that are haters
Hair: Short brown and spikey
Eye Color: Brown
Body: Slim and a little muscular
Favorite Food: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Favorite Band: Senses Fail
Nick Names: Trev
Personality: Jokes a lot, nice, cute, is really good at doing the screamo in the band
Role in Band: Bass/Screams

Clarick Evans
Gender: not sure, no he is male too
Age: 19
Likes: screamo bands, playing acoutsic guitar, Jasey
Dislikes: people that mess with his friends, druggies, fake people
Hair: Blonde with brown streaks, long enough to flip in front of his face, its choppy styling
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Body: Very buff :]
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Band: Dashboard Confessional
Nick Names: Little Miss Screamo [gaven to him by Jasey and only Jasey can call him it]
Personailty: fun-lvong, funny, sometimes rude, can be really mean if you make him mad or if he is in a bad mood
Role in Band: Sings/Screams
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