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Chapter 1-Soccer

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Will Kristina finally beat Pete?

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I narrowed my eyes in his direction. I will beat him today, no matter how the odds were against me. /Pete Wentz/. Jock,jerk,neighbor, and worst enemy. Just because the whole high school bows down to him doesn't mean I will.

"Back to lose again, Fink?" he asked, approaching me with his ball.

"No! I'm here to win!" I retorted but it sounded stupid.

He snickered.

"You may be laughing now, boy! But you're gonna be crying when you lose!" I really need to think of better comebacks.

", I was thinking, instead of picking teams from these neighborhood idiots--who suck even worse than you do--why don't we try a little one-on-one?"

I nodded although I was pretty sure I didn't suck. If I did, he wouldn't even bother playing against me.

"Fine...I'll race you to the field!" We always played in the soccer field near his house. I won. Maybe today the odds are with me. Pete threw me the ball.

"Since you lost last time--and every other time--you can start."

I scowled and started warming up with some knee pops.

"Hurry up Fink! I've got homework to do after this," he said impatiently.

"No we don't! Nobody gave out work this weekend."

"Yeah well my mom makes me do extra math because she thinks I need to improve." he murmured.

It was my turn to laugh.

"Shut up! At least I have a promising career in music, if not soccer."

I set the ball down on the middle of the field without replying. Pete stood opposing me with an intimidating smile. We stared at each other with menacing looks until he finally blinked. Then I pivoted and started dribbling. He came up next to me soon enough and tried to steal the ball. Of course, I didn't let him. Today is my lucky day. Or maybe one of my "Beat Pete" days. Almost at the goal...I was beginning to sweat. Just as I was about to power-kick the ball into the goal, Pete got it. I cursed and ran after. Right after he'd crossed to his side of the field, I stole it back. I did a scissor. Pete attemted to block me as I bunted the ballinto the goal. He'd almost failed but at the last moment managed to do a famous Wentz flip-kick, sending the ball pummeling through the air at top speed. It was heading straight for his goal. I ran as fast as I could. No! I can't let this happen! In some way, I got ahead of the ball. Good, now I can stop it. I turned around sharply. Something came over me, I don't know what. I could've head butted, flipped, /something/. But the next thing I knew, I was crashing down to the ground.

"Kristina!" Pete yelled before I passed out.
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