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The Breakup

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Frank stumbled over his own feet as I watched him walk to my car. "Next time you want to wake me up, do it during a time that I know exists." I kissed his cheek, "I'm sorry." "S'kay. Did you really mean it when you said you weren't going to come to practices anymore?" I nodded, "Well who I am supposed to talk to then?" "Mikey, Ray, Bob, Gerard." I cringed on his name. "Calm down, you said it last night, he's just a teacher." "I know but...ok next subject." "Wanna hear about my dream?" He asked cheerfully, like it was the best thing in the world. "Uh, sure." I said hesitantly, if this was another sex dream I was going to throw my hand over his mouth. "Ok so there was this panda bear and this polar bear and me..."

Frank's dream had just made my day when we pulled into the school parking lot. "And then the panda bear kicked the polar bears ass and we lived happily ever after." I laughed, "These were girl bears right Frankie?" I asked, he never mentioned it and I was curious. "I hope so." He stopped and scratched his head, "Oh my God that would suck." He said like he and a bear could really ever fall in love. "Ok bear boy, lets go to school." "Maybe we should stop at the zoo later, make sure. We'll talk to a keeper or something, will you take me?" "Sure Frankie, anything you want." "Yes!" he threw a fist into the air and brought it down slowly and close to his chest. "I'll see you later." I grabbed my books and headed to class. "Bye."

I walked into class to find Miss Bliss, chatting with Gerard who looked sad. As I walked past them I heard her say "I'm sorry" and she continued to speak but I didn't want to be seen eavesdropping. I saw him lift his head from his hands and hit them against the desk, but not hard enough to make a sound. He looked angry, they seemed to be arguing. He returned his head in his hands, pushing his hair out of his face as he did. His face was red, he looked like he was crying. Maybe their relationship was going on longer than I knew, maybe it was more serious. She threw her arms out to her sides like parents do when they say "I'm done with this", was she dumping him? Something hit the desk as she left, Gerard didn't move. The bell rang, more students came in. Four minutes passed, "Mr. Way?" I heard someone ask. "Oh uh, ok free drawing today. Talk to each other, whatever." He wouldn't look up from his desk, something was wrong.

I got up and brought my homework to his desk. "Gerard?" I whispered. "Just put it in the corner." He said, a tear dropped onto his grade book. "Do you-I mean, do you want to talk-." "Not with a student." He snarled. If that wasn't enough to kill the good feelings that were left from Frank's bear dream than nothing was. I nodded, set my paper down, as I walked back over to my desk I saw what Miss Bliss had dropped on his desk...a key. I put my head down, now I didn't feel like drawing, I just felt sad.

"Ok so Exponential Relationships." Math was pushing me to the edge today. Ever since Gerard snapped at me, I haven't been able to concentrate at all. I looked at the clock, she couldn't teach us a whole other lesson in 2 minutes. Apparently my teacher took notice of this too. "Just do what it says to do on the calendar sheet", the bell rang, "have a good afternoon." I gathered my things and walked out the door, I saw Gerard standing by the stairs. Why did I have to walk down those at this second? Right now I prayed for another class on this floor. I took a deep breath and headed for the stairs, we made eye contact. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something but then walked away. "Walk!" The person behind me shouted. It brought me back to reality, oh well.

"He like...yelled at me." I said to Frank, who had invited a new friend to sit with us. "Who?" He asked. "Ger-Mr. Way." "Why?" "I don't know, he looked sad so as I was turning in my paper I tried to ask him what was wrong and he...snapped." Frank's new friend, Alli, entered the conversation. "Wait, Mr. Way, isn't that the art teacher? He's fucking gorgeous." I looked up at her, Frank grabbed my hand. "Oh no Alli, he is Veronica's." "Frank, he's not mine. Now he's no one's." "He's Liz Bliss's." Frank corrected me, ha now I got him. "No, she broke up with him this morning. Or maybe they were just arguing but then it wouldn't been a really really serious argument. She dropped a key on his desk, I guess they lived together." "Wow." Alli said, she seemed so lost, it made me laugh. "What?" She asked. "Where have you been?" I asked still laughing. "In Chicago." She answered proudly. I looked at Frank, who looked back at me, "Cool."

Alli was in mine and Frank's literature class so we all sat together in the back. I guess Alli really liked me because they both insisted I sit in the middle so they can both sit by me. "2 friends, yeah I'm content." I joked. There was a knock at the classroom door as we were all 'silent working.' I looked up from my paper, "Look who it is." I said grabbing both Alli and Frank's arms. Gerard's profile showed through the crack in the door. Miss Bliss walked over to it, she pushed him backwards and they both ended up outside. "I have an idea." Frank got up and grabbed his book and paper making his way up to her desk like he had a question to ask. He carefully looked over his shoulder and watched them. He looked like he was watching some soap opera, different emotions making their way onto his face. A minute later, Miss Bliss returned into the room, looking annoyed. She noticed Frank there and helped him what whatever he pretended not to understand. When he returned to us he spilled what he saw. "He grabbed her face and laid one on her. She kept pulling away and I heard something like 'we're done' or some shit like that." Alli grabbed my arm, "This is good for you." "What?" I said, was she crazy. "Just, ok something's gonna happen." "You're nuts." "Seriously." She said with a serious expression to match her diction. I sighed and looked at Frank, who shrugged and returned to his work.
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