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[5] The Sharpest Lives

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Benji is a chic who decided that her boyfriend of four days was moving too fast with the talk of kids and running away togeather. She was 18 and she had a life to live! So instead of being smart an...

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I opened the door, staring into the eyes of the last person on earth that I wanted to see.
"Well look who I finally found." He grinned, clearly proud of the fact that he had broken into Cades address book.
"Well look who the fuck is leaving now." I tried to close the door but he held it firmly in place with his hand.
"Now look that anyway to treat a guest?" I cringed at the mention of my real name.
" need to leave....NOW Benji...before I call Tony to come kick you're ass again." I said this with clenched teeth, glaring at him, wishing he would spontainiously combust. "Not this're not running away, come with to me, and I promise you, I'll leave." I looked into those eyes, that was my first mistake, the second was trusting him. I got into his car and he drove, neither one of us knowing where we were going.
"Come back...I miss you, Sam, I need you" That was all he kept saying... the entire drive. Then I started to notice it. He moved onto the highway and started steadily going faster.
" need to slow down, you're going too fast!" I was scared, I tried to not let it show,but I was.
"Not until you promise to come back...Sam...I can't live without you." There were tears streaming pitifully down his face. He wasn't in his right mind, I had to get out of the car.
"Benj, if you stop, I promise we'll talk about it." Promises can be easily broken.
"No! You're lying! It's too fucking late Sam." He screamed then everything when quiet between us and I started crying, he kept going faster. He was out of his fucking mind.
I pulled my knees up to my chest and thought of everyone I loved, this wasn't going to end nicely and I knew it.
Benji Madden twisted the steering wheel sharply and then let go, I saw us rushing into the boundry and I felt the car spinning, landing us on the other side, my vision goes bright red, then black.
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