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Love You Always

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Yuki comes home to hear something strange coming from in his office. ShuichixYuki

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Love you always

Yuki had just come home from meeting with his publisher. As he walked toward his office to work on his new book. He had heard a soft moan surpass his lovers lips. He couldn't help but feel startled after all it was coming from his office. His pace quickened as he suddenly began to run thinking either something was wrong or Shuichi was having sex with someone else I mean they just did it last night 'aren't I good enough' thought Yuki. Either idea he didn't quite like.

When he finally got to the door he didn't hear anything so finally thinking that Shuichi was injured. He opened the door slowly because after all, knowing how senseless Shuichi is sometimes, he could have been behind the door. When the door was finally completely open there was Shuichi sleeping on Yuki's laptop.

Yuki walked over to Shuichi. He wouldn't admit this to anyone but he loved to watch Shuichi when he slept, that seemingly calm face just lying there. After all when he did look at Shuichi when he was awake Shuichi would either state that Yuki loved him or he'd jump on him and squeeze him to death.

He stood there for awhile before deciding to see what Shuichi was doing on his laptop. He moved over silently but swiftly, he was careful not to wake his lover. What he seen was not of much of a surprise. Shuichi had written down what he loved about Yuki, on a separate piece of paper beside the laptop. Then on the laptop he had written a song. He guessed that Shuichi had reconstructed the words on the piece of paper to create the song he had written.

Yuki couldn't help but to smile. He knew that Shuichi loved him, but not enough to write a song about him. He had never admitted to anyone or himself on how much he loved this boy.

He took a moment to glance at his watch, it notified him that it know was 1 in the morning. He knew Shuichi would have a long day tomorrow so he decided to call Tohma and tell him that Shuichi wouldn't be attending work. As he dialed Tohma's number he couldn't help to glance at Shuichi.

"Hello Tohma speaking."

"Hey, just calling to tell you Shuichi will not be able to attend tomorrow."

"And why is this."

"Because he's over worked from writing songs all week for his band. Honestly Tohma why would I be calling at this hour if it wasn't serious."

"What happened to him?"

"That is none of your business, I just called to tell you, know go back to bed before you fall asleep one the phone. G'night."

'There now that that's taken care of what will I do with Shuichi,' thought Yuki as he walked to the fridge to grab a beer. 'I guess I'll just have to carry him to our bedroom' he thought as he walked back to his office. After all the boy only weighs 112 pounds.

As he carried Shuichi to their bedroom Shuichi curled up against his chest. Yuki couldn't help but blush. Once he finally got Shuichi tucked in, he opened his eyes and said in a very tired voice, "I love you Yuki and thanx for carrying me to bed," yawn, "G'night."

"G'night Shuichi and I love you too." Yuki replied, after he got himself into bed he had remembered that he forgot his pillow in the living room. 'oh well' he thought 'me and Shuichi can share'. He went and moved over a bit so he and Shuichi were so close together. Yuki gently and carefully put his arm on Shuichi's waist then fell asleep.

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