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Same shit different day

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Usually covering up my bruises was easy, they were all below the waist or on my stomach. Now I had one on my arm and it was summertime, I'd look like a fucking idiot wearing long sleeves. Why couldn't my parents be like Frank's parents?, that'd be nice. Mom stays at home, makes pies, Dad goes to work, comes home and eats pies. Then we all sit around the TV and watch a horror flick or two. That'd be great, that'd be fantastic, if only I was an Iero. Instead I have both parents working, no pie, and my life is more or less a horror flick give or take some gruesome activity. I woke up Saturday, to the sound of my phone ringing. If it was Frank, I could count on him coming over in 6 minutes tops. Knowing it was Frank, I decided to start getting ready, forgetting it was Frank, he had a key to let himself in. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" He shouted, I saw him through my mirror as he watched my apply cover up to the bruise. "This is what I couldn't tell you, Frankie I don't get pie." I broke down, thank God he caught me. "I knew it, I knew it." He said holding me tight; I had the best best-friend anyone could ask for.

I literally begged on my knees for Mrs. Iero to not call the cops. "They don't mean to do it, my mom told me. She said sometimes they just get to fed-up, really Mrs. Iero they'll stop." She just continued shaking her head. "I have to sweetie, I care about you." "They do too; my mom told me she loved me last week. That's care." Love was rarely said now-a-days so when it was said, I held it close afraid it would fly away too soon. Tears streamed down my cheeks, "And it's my fault." I choked out. "Why?" "I left my sweater in my art teacher's car." Frank and his mother both glared at me, dumbfounded and completely confused. "I let him drive me home 'cause I let Frank take the car to practice 'cause I had to stay after school. And I got detention for 2 weeks so I had this coming. This is only the 4th time they've done this too so really it's nothing." "Mom, can you give us a minute." Frank said kneeling down in front of me. "Sure sweetie and Veronica, you'll be staying here awhile ok?" I nodded, I clutched my shoulders and tried to disappear into the woodwork.

"All of this was happening, 4 times, you never thought it'd be right to tell me?" "Frank, really I wanted too but I was afraid of this happening." "This?" He asked. "Your mom finding out, she wanting to call the cops, I can't have that. Where will I go?" "You'll say here with me, we can share a room. I mean we basically already do." I smiled, Frank brushed my cheek. "I love you." He said tilting my chin up. "I love you too Frank, you're my best friend but this whole thing it's so...we've been through a lot but this is too big for even us." "Hey, nothing's too big for us. We're like the Rugrats, you're Chuckie, I'm Tommy or sometimes it's the opposite but we're in this together now so leave it alone." I loved his analogy, I laughed at the thought of Frank as a bald baby in a diaper. "OK."

While my parents were gone I packed enough clothes to last me two weeks. "Bring your cds." Frank said half way down the stairs. I sighed, "Could've told me earlier." I dropped my other bags and went back into my room. I grabbed all the one's Frank didn't have, I also grabbed his old Pencey Prep cd. "Don't you dare bring that one." He said pointing to it, "Too bad." I pushed past him, he grabbed my arm. "Please don't bring it, it's almost embarrassing." "Frank, get over it. I like it." I pulled my arm from his grasp and we walked outside to my car. Even though we could walk, we needed the car for later trips (like going to the school). "At least now I don't have to take the bus." Frankie said happily. "Yeah lucky you." "Lucky me? Lucky you, you get to sleep with this at night." He ran a hand down his chest; I'm guessing he was trying to be sexy. "Are you trying to seduce me Frankie?" I asked. "God, can't a guy joke to his best friend about them having a completely hypothetic rendezvous?" I laughed, "You're such a whore." I said as we pulled into the driveway. "Proud of it."

All night, I couldn't sleep. I wondered what my parents thought when they got home and the majority of my stuff was gone. I wondered if they even cared, I kept Frank up with me the whole time so I could talk to him about it. "If do I say this without making your parents sound like bigger assholes?" I shook my head, "Just say it." "Ok, if they cared they would've called someone about it. You know they would've called here first, even if they don't like me they still would've called here." I rested my head on Frank's chest, "Yeah I mean I guess they don't really care then." "Didn't you say your mom told you that she loved you though?" I nodded. "Maybe you looked to deeply into that fantasy and kind of... neglected what was really happening but for your own betterment." "You sound really smart right now you know that?" He nodded with a huge grin. "Frank, I think if I didn't have you I'd probably be..." It's the truth, I mean it's not like suicide never ran through my mind. "Dead?" He asked. "Why'd you say that?" "Because it's basically plastered against your forehead." He rubbed my shoulder, I held onto him tighter. "Yeah, probably dead."

"Come on sweetie, we love you." My parents stood on one side of me, the other was Frank. "Veronica, don't believe them." Frank shouted. That word 'love' was making me fall to my parents, I guess just hearing the word and never feeling it was enough for me. "Veronica, I love you." Frank said. I felt love with Frank but not that kind of love, the kind of love I want. Your parents are supposed to love you, I mean if they knew they weren't going to love you, then why have kids? "I love you too Frankie." I said falling back to the middle. The walls began to close in on me, there was a countdown now. I have to choose, I can't choose. "STOP!" I shouted. "JUST STOP EVERYTHING STOP!"

"Calm down, Veronica, calm down." I was flailing, sweating, yelling. "Open your eyes." They shot open, Frank was staring back at me looking incredibly scared. "V, oh God please." He pulled me close, I clung to him vowing internally to never let go. "We're gonna get you help ok? I'm going to help you." He slowly rocked me, Frank was acting more like a mother and father to me and he was only 17. "OK." I sobbed; I heard the doorknob turn and some footsteps. "Frank, her parents called." Mrs. Iero broke the terrible news. "They aren't getting her back." They had the conversation like I wasn't even there. "Frank, we can't do anything. They're her legal guardians." "Well can't we adopt her or something?" Mrs. Iero caressed her son's cheek. "You have big heart Frankie but adoption takes 2, not 1." "Well...well then they have to come here and get her." Mrs. Iero sighed, "They're coming over now." "NO!" Frank shouted. "GET OUT!" Mrs. Iero tried calming her son down but Frank didn't allow it. "GET OUT!"
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