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X Chapter two X

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"This is where he lives?" Asked Joe, looking up at the house infront of him. He couldnt beleive one of the best vampire slayers lived here. It was just He had been expecting something slightly more....impressive. Pete sensed this and smirked.
"What were you expecting Joe? Dracula's castle?" He asked. Joe glared at Pete.
"Well, its not exactly threatening is it?" He said throwing his hands into the air to add emphasis. Pete sniggered.
"Its not meant to be threatening Joe, he's not going to have a giant neon sign saying 'Hey come attack me vampires, cos' Im a vampire Slayer!' now is he?" He said. Joe scowled.
"Ok ok, point taken!" He said, folding his arms and sulking. Patrick made his way up the drive and towards the two story house. He stopped at the door and looked around at the others.
"Now remember, he doesnt know who we are, so if he see's our fangs before we have time to explain who we are, he'll most likely attack, so...just be wary ok?" He said. They nodded and Patrick turned and knocked on the door.
At first there was no sign of life in the house, but just as a cloud moved out of the way of the moon, and pale silvery light covered the front lawn, there was the sound of a key turning in the lock and soon after, the door swung open. The hallway beyond the door was pitch black, and they could see the silohuette of a man standing at the door. Though they couldnt make out any of his facial features, the moonlight ensured that he could see theres.
"Can I help you?" He asked, his voice was smooth and mysterious. Patrick took a small step foreward and answered -
"Um...are you Gerard Way?" He asked.
"Who's asking?" The man replied.
"My name is Patrick Stump, and this is Pete, Joe and Andy. We want to talk to you." Patrick said, his voice was strong and held no fear, but he was a bit unsure about this man. He seemed very clever and strong.
"You want to talk? Is that all?" The man asked. Patrick nodded.
"And why do you want to talk to me?" He asked.
"We have...for lack of a better word, a misson. And we want to know if you'll help us." Said Patrick, the man stepped out of the house, the moonlight allowed them to see him properly. He had shoulder lengh black hair and penatrating hazel eyes, his skin was pale and he had a well set jaw, his fingernails were slightly long and sharp, painted with chipping black nail varnish, he was wearing black jeans and a long sleeved black top. A crucifix round his neck. His appearance made him look like an outcast teenager, but his eyes held the story of a man who was filled with a lot of hatred, and one hell of a big grudge.
"A mission huh? And how am I supposed to help?" He asked.
"Well, its a long - ish story..." Began Patrick.
"I've got time." Said the man, then he grinned, showing two perfectly white, sharp fangs. "And from what I can gather, you do too...all the time we could ever want. Unless some maniac vampire was to come over and drive a stake through our hearts without us making any form of defense or attack...which would be quite unforunate..." He added. Patrick didnt know what to make of this Gerard. He was obviously strong, and clever, but mysterious aswell. Patrick knew if they could get his help, then he would be a great person to work with, but if he became an enemy...lets just so it probably wouldnt end pretty...
"Well...we're vampire slayers, and I believe you are too..." Patrick stopped, wanting to know if he was right before he continued. Gerard nodded.
"Thats right, I am" He said. Patrick nodded and continued -
"We've been slaying vampires for the past twenty years, and we've found a secret club called 'East street' near where we live. Around 60 to 70 vampires go there every night, and so we're planning a raid -" Patrick was cut off when Gerard held up a hand.
"You plan to raid a club holding a total of 70 vampires?" He asked. Patrick nodded. "Theres four of you, and 70 of them. Dont you think thats just a little risky?" Asked Gerard.
"Well, this is where we need your help. We know you've got four other slayer friends, and that your all great vampire slayers. If the nine of us work go to the club, that would mean we would have to take on about 7 to 8 vampires each. And, yeah its a little risky, but I think we could pull it off." Gerard looked thoughtful for a second.
"Well, it could work...the most vampires I'ved killed in one go on my own is five, but I'm sure I could take on more." He said. Patrick nodded. "Lets see...Frankies killed 6 in one go, Bobs killed four but then again Bob could kill about 10 on his own, Rays killed 8 so he'll be fine, and Mikeys killed 6 on his own...Yeah, I think we could do it. But what about you four, how many have you killed in one go on your own?" Gerard asked.
"I'ved killed seven, Joes killed five, Andys killed three but that was because there was only 3 there to begin with, and Petes killed nine." Said Patrick. Gerard looked at Pete.
"Nine? Thats pretty impressive" He said. Pete didnt reply. Gerard stared at him for a moment before looking back at Patrick.
"Alright, I'll help. But I'll have to get the others aswell, I'll give them a call, they should be here in about 10 minutes. Come inside" Gerard lead the way back into the house and into the living room. It was pristine, but Gerard told that was because he didnt spend any time in it.
"Make yourself at home, trash the place if you want I dont really care" He said. The four men sat down, Pete saw a book on the table marked 'vampire myths' and picked it up. He grinned at some of the stuff in it, most of it complete nonsense. Gerard made a few phone calls and sat down.
"I doubt you'd want a light on." He said, Patrick nodded.
"The darks fine" He said. Pete turned another page.
"Vlad the impaler...y'know, he wasnt actually vampire at all, he just beleived in them. And he obviously wasnt a descendant, or ascendant of Dracula because Dracula is just pure fiction" He said. Nobody asnwered him as he flicked through a few more pages.
"Huh says here that Bram Stoker really believed that he met a vampire. Couldnt have though since he got so many facts wrong in his book" He said, then he put the book down and looked at Gerard.
"Why do you have that book, its obviously all a load of bull shit, so how can it help you in your vampire slaying?" He asked. Gerard smiled, once again showing his fangs.
"I dont read it to help with my vampire slaying, I read it because it makes me laugh. All these stupid things humans believe, what I used to believe, before I was blooded. I find it funny" He said, Pete opened his mouth to reply when there was a loud crash in the kitched and they heard someone say -
"Ah fuck!" Pete stood up, ready to attack an intruder.
"Sit down, its only Frankie. He always tries to sneak in. Fails everytime" Said Gerard, slowly Pete sat back down, and soon four men walked into the room.
"Allright Gee!" Said one with curly brown hair, he high fived Gerard and sat down on the sofa next to Pete. "All right dude?" He asked, Pete looked at him in confusion, he wasnt used to people being so forward.
"Hi Bob" Said Gerard, high fiving a man wearing a hoody with a blonde emo fringe. Then another man walked in, he had black hair gelled back. He nodded at Gerard who nodded back.
"You alright bro'?" He asked, the man nodded and sat down cross legged on the floor. Leaning against the wall. The fourth man had dissapeared, Gerard held up three fingers, then he lowered one, then another, then as soon as he had lowered the last finger, a man jumped up from behind the chair he was sitting on and grabbed his shoulders.
"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He yelled. Joe almost fell off the sofa in shock, but Gerard and his friends werent surprised at all.
"Hello Frankie" Said Gerard in a bored voice, 'Frankie' let go of his shoulders and pouted.
"How did you know it was me?" He asked, sounding put out.
"Because you do that everytime" Said Gerard. Frank sighed and walked out from behind the chair. He spotted the four strangers and grinned.
"OOOOH NEW PEOPLE!" He cried jumping on the spot. Pete raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, Frank, this is Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe." Said Gerard. Frank waved at them all. "And this is Frank, Bob, Ray and Mikey." Gerard added, pointing out each man. They all gave a small nod.
"So, why did you call us here?" Asked Ray.
"Patrick will explain" Said Gerard. So Patrick told them about East Street, and about the raid they had planned. Then he quickly told them about how Pete had been blooded by one of the worlds strongest vampires and how he couldnt drink from humans because of it, and how he also had a short temper.
"Kinda like you then huh Gee?" Said Frank, Pete suddenly seemed interested and he looked at Gerard who sighed but didnt say anything.
"Erm...were you blooded by a strong vampire too?" Asked Patrick. Gerard leaned back in his chair and folded his arms, he stared at the ceiling for a while before answering.
"I suppose you could say that..." He mumbled.
"Oh go on Gee, if we're gonna be working with them then they need to know" Said Frank. Gerard sighed again, every one in the room was staring at him.
"Well...I was blooded 25 years ago at the age of 23. The vampire who blooded me said he could see a potential vampire in me and decided it would be fun to blood me. Unlike most vampires he didnt give me the choice, I was blooded by force..."Gerard stopped.
"Go on" Frank urged.
"I was blooded by a vampire called William Beckett." He said. Petes jaw dropped.
"THE William Beckett?" He asked. Gerard nodded. "The William Beckett - the strongest vampire this world has ever known?" Asked Pete. Gerard nodded again, Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe were all looking stunned.
"As a result, when I feed I tend to forget about the human and end up completely draining them, resulting in killing them. So I always have to have someone with me when I feed so they can pull me away if I drink too much" Said Gerard. "But I'm also very clever, and powerful since I have Williams blood in my viens" He added.
"At least you can feed off humans. No one will be able to pull me away if I get carried away..." Said Pete.
"Thats because the vampire who blooded you was well known for killing when he fed, William is known for many reasons, so completely draining and killing a human isnt as strong in me as it is you" Said Gerard. Pete nodded. For a while there was silence. Then Patrick spoke.
"So. Should we go now, we should get back to our place before sunrise, then we can spend the day finishing our plan for East Street..." He said. Gerard nodded his head.
"Yes. We'll go now" He said getting up, everyone got up with him, but Mikey was looking un - comfortable. Gerard noticed this.
"Mikey. Whats wrong?" He asked. Mikey looked at his feet when he answered.
"Well...I...I cant go." He said. Everyone stared at him.
"Why not?" Gerard asked. Mikey refused to look at Gerard as he spoke.
"I...I've got HBC..." He said sadly. Patrick raised an eyebrow, but Gerard gasped.
"Whats HBC?" Asked Patrick.
"Its a disease, Human Blood Control. Only vampires can get it, its when you lose all vampire abilities, so your basically a human who's immortal. Its only temporary, but if Mikey comes with us he wont be able to flit so he'll have to take a train or something, and also, if he joins in the battle, he'll be un - able to kill the vampires, but they'll shred him apart within seconds" Said Gerard. Mikey nodded his head.
"We'll have to leave him behind" Said Frank.
"But that would mean we're one man down" Said Patrick, Gerard turned on him.
"Maybe so, but I'm not allowing my little brother to join in a battle where he doesnt stand a chance" He said angrily. Patrick was shocked by his sudden anger.
"Calm down bro' - please!" Begged Mikey, Gerard glared at Patrick for a second before taking a deep breath and calming down.
"S...Sorry. A bit of Williams blood took over there" He said, giving an un - easy laugh.
"Dont worry about it, Pete does stuff like that all the time" Said Patrick. Gerard nodded and turned back to Mikey.
"Will you be ok if we go. I dont know how long we'll be." He said. Mikey nodded and smiled reassuringly.
"I'll be fine bro'. And if your not back by the time the disease is gone, then I'll come and join you." He said, Gerard nodded.
"Well...shall we be going then?" Asked Patrick, not wanting to rush them, but night was drawing to a close and he was eager to get back. Gerard nodded and they all left the house. Reaching the road Gerard turned and hugged Mikey.
"Stay safe y'hear!" He said. Mikey nodded.
"I'll be fine. Now bugger off and go kick some vampire ass!" He said with a grin. Gerard nodded and stood on the road inbetween Frank and Ray.
"Race ya'!" Cried Frank.
"Your on!" Said Ray. With one final look back at Mikey, Gerard began to run down the road with the others, Mikey watched them until they seemingly dissapeared. But really, they had reached flitting speed, but with is vampire powers gone - Mikey couldnt see that.
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