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Chapter 23 - Jane?

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Jane's P.O.V:

After what seemed like a couple of hours of crying I heard a knock at the door.

" Miss? I've come to get you fitted for your wedding dress. Please open up," a kind voice asked me calmly. I wiped my eyes and fixed my face before opening the door. When I opened it I looked for the lady who said it but I couldn't find her.

" In here." I turned around startled to find her in the room already with materials and various sewing kits strewn about. I shut the door gently and laid my hand and the side of my face on it as I took a large intake of air.

" Here we go," I muttered as I pulled myself slowly away from the door. I turned my head to see a young lady who wore a dress that looked as if it was from the late 1800's. She had long blonde hair pulled up into a tight bun and she seemed as delicate as a butterfly's wing.

" Hello my name is Arie. I'm the Master's seamstress." I looked at her face and saw that her eyes were red. An all too familiar colour. I could also see the sadness that hung in her soul.

" Well let's get started I mustn't anger the Master," she stated shortly. I didn't notice what she was doing. All I did was stare at myself in the full length mirror as my heart fell into even more pieces than it already was.

" Miss, what's wrong? I sense that you are saddened. Why is that? You should be happy marrying him! It's a great honour!" A scowled at what she said.

" Not offence or anything but please cut the bullshit and stop trying to make me feel better. It's not working, it's just annoying."

" Thank god! I mean, sorry Miss but I do as I am told. 'Cheer her up, make her feel happy and joyful that she's marrying me. Or else she won't say 'I do' and you'll pay for it endlessly...' So you see, I have to. For my sake," she said sadly. I looked down at her sewing a part of the hem along the bottom of the dress crying. I bent down a put my hand on her shoulder.

" It's okay, it's okay," I said trying to calm her down.

" Do you mind if I told you about my life, I feel I need to tell someone and you're the only one here with a kind heart."

" If the need be, you may." She set down the sewing needle and started pinning some fabric to the partly finished dress.

" I am a Vampire, as you have probably noticed. Born from true blood. My mother taught me everything about Vampires and how to survive out in the world whilst my father was the leaders of our group in West Virginia doing various things to help us all.

" I stopped growing at age 19 as we always have and to that point everything felt great. I found a loving husband and had three beautiful children. But then, when our happiness was in its prime, some outcast Vampires from a group in Boston went to the Underworld to tell them of us and what we did to some of them. These secrets were supposed to be kept secret. They were infuriated at the remarks these Vampires made and soon killed thousands upon thousands of us. They killed my entire family and friends. Then they came and killed my husband, sons and daughter right in front of my eyes. Worse enough, they spared me and bought me back to the underworld to be enslaved.

" So here I am. A slave to the ruler of the Underworld's one love's fiancé. Battered, bruised and heartbroken from the events taken place." She started crying a bit more as I tried o calm her down.

" Everything will be good in due time. Don't you worry. I'll make everything alright."

" How will you do that? It's impossible! You marry him, and every immortal, all your friends and family will be killed as you be tortured for eternity by the Dark Mistress. Get away, he'll find you, and the same fucking thing will happen! It's insane!" I rushed and put a hand over her mouth.

" I am blocking this room so no one will ever hear and see what I'm about to show you. If you ever tell a soul, be warned what will happen to you and everyone else." She nodded in approval confused. I conjured up everything I needed and laid my palm on her forehead. It took about twenty minutes to do and at the end she was in tears and I was too. All the pain, anger, sadness, every single emotion I felt came back as I showed her.

I took my palm off of her head, took off my almost finished gown and made my way over to the bed then sat down on it without saying another word. She came over also and sat there with me in silence. Then she spoke quietly looking down at the floor.

" So you're going to..." she asked as I hung my head low.

" It's the only way I'll save him from the torture he'll endure and everyone else. If I die, then Anthony will parish also. And that will lead to the Mistress' death," I whispered. She patted me on the back.

" I'll be with you when you go. You won't be alone. When will you?" I took a sharp intake of air and breathed out deeply.

" I feel I should do it in two days. The night before the wedding. I just have to prepare myself first."

" I'll be with you until then when you're in the room. I'm allowed to keep you company if you wish me to." I nodded.

" Thank you. I know only few as kind as you."

" And I the same. Your mother and father raised you right. Not like most out there today," she told me gathering up her things and setting them aside for later use. I was saddened even more at her remark.

" My parents were killed when I was 18 by some Vampires. You know, up until now every Vampire that I've ever encountered either tried to kill me for blood or they were dead. But you have given me a new light."

" I am saddened to hear that happened to you. My, my didn't you have a hard life." I sighed.

" Yeah, did." We said our goodnights and then she left for the night. As she closed the door I laid on the bed and started to think to myself.

Why am I meant to suffer? I don't want anyone else to go through what I'm going through but why me? I wish I could just go back to when I was 14. I could have stopped myself from creating the band. It would have stopped me from ever meeting Anthony or Gerard. And maybe, just maybe, I could have died alongside my parents. If it wasn't for that gig in Ottawa I would have gone out with my parents that night to feed. Instead I had and still have to suffer the guilt that was laid upon me when I received the phone call. I remembered the last conversation I had with them...


" Hello? Jane? It's good to hear from you! Your father and I were just about to go out and find something to drink." I sighed and rolled my eyes as I heard my mother call to my father that I was on the phone.

" You sound a bit cheery there." She laughed a bit. I yet again rolled my eyes as I could hear the smile plastered on her face.

" It's just good to hear from you finally! You've been there for three days and we never heard a word from you. I was starting to get worried that you weren't going to call."

" Of course I'd call what are you on?" I lied. Fact was I wasn't planning to call them but I accidentally hit the wrong speed dial number on my cell.

" Well you're father wants to talk to you now. I love you and don't do anything bad. Play your heart out honey we'll be cheering you on!"

" Love you too," I shortly replied. I didn't want to promise that I'm not doing anything bad. I'm getting my clothes on just after having sex with Anthony, wanting to call Holly, some of my other girlfriends and my band mates so we could go out altogether, get piss drunk then come back for another round of intercourse with my boyfriend. Maybe I might even get high... oh the possibilities. Even though I'm already a bit drunk I still want to get drunk. Does that even make sense? Oh who gives a fuck I'm talking to myself again...

" Hello Jane," my father said to me. His voice was full of authority as it always was.

" Hi dad, how are things?"

" Jane, quit this bullshit. I just got a call from Samuel up there and he said that he saw you with a bunch of people partying and drunk out of your minds. You're not what we've raised you to be. You have to learn to control yourself..." was all we got out before I interrupted him angrily.

" I'm not fucking around okay? Uncle Sam probably saw a group of teenagers that so happens to have someone in it who looks like me. I'm perfectly fine dad . Fine enough to hang up in your ear." And that's just what I did. I sat there for a minute feeling somewhat guilty but shook it off quickly and made my way to the door."


I started to cry even more. Fuck I cry a lot...

I suddenly heard a knock on my door.

" Jane?" I froze. I turned towards the door to find...

*A/N: Hahah cliffhanger! Kill me not though cause it was a fairly long chapter! Be happy that I posted it! Comments are still loved by all! --Christiexox
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