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Thanks For The Memories

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Petey get sad, Patrick gets cuddley. You dont wanna miss it.

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The next couple months were quite uneventful and boring to say the least. Although, Pete did recover from his cold and Patrick continued to go on dates with his new friend Joy. They hadn't heard much from Kate since Patricks last birthday party. She was hardly apart of their lives anymore. Pete's constant thoughts of her continued, leaving him uncertain of what he should do. The only Kate he wanted to keep in his memory was the old one. The girl he met at the concert. The girl who would stay up late and watch horror movies with them, even though she had better things do to. The Kate he would lay next to everynight while she slept. Every night we watched her sleep peacfully. Those moments, were the best ones.
Pete layed in bed one night, after everyone had gone to bed, staring at the ceiling; just waiting for her to walk in the door and say she needed him and that she was sorry for everything she had done. He was waiting for her to come home and lay next to him. No matter how many times he wished, he knew that it wasn't something that was going to happen.
He turned on his side, away from the window and looked into the room, that was now filled with the darkness of the late night. He knew he was thinking about her too much, and needed to stop. It would only hurt him to go back to those memories.
He needed someone to talk to who would listen. He couldn't be alone tonight. It would only make things worse. He needed a friend.
Slowly and quietly, he grabbed his pillow and walked down the dark hallway. He got to the end, and went into a room. The room was alot easier to see in. The moon was peaking through the window of the small bedroom. He walked slowly, and quietly got into the bed with the sleeping figure. He watched as Patrick slowly breathed in and out. He was a very peaceful sleeper. He didn't want to wake him, but he felt like he had too.

"Patrick..." He whispered into his friends ear.


"Can i sleep in here tonight?"

Patrick turned over and faced Pete. His eyes opened slowly, and he took a deep breath.

"Sure Pete. What's wrong?" Patrick whispered, his voice was raspy from just waking up.

"I can't stop thinking about....Her." Pete layed his head on the pillow next to Patrick.

Patrick nodded. "I'm sorry she hurt you. I wish it was me that got hurt, not you."

Pete smiled faintly. "I don't know what to do. I can't get her out of my head. I can't stand being like this anymore." Tears began streaming down his pale face.

Patrick moved in closer to his friend and put his arm around him. "It's gonna be okay Pete." he held his friend closely as he cried.

Eventually, they both fell asleep.

Was that fucking sad or what? It gets more sad coming up. DONT MISS THE ACTION!
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