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Majestic Passions

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A lonely night leaves Sasuke remembering all the memories of him and Sakura. He then realizes his true feelings for Sakura.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Sakura, Sasuke - Published: 2005-12-15 - Updated: 2005-12-16 - 336 words - Complete

It was a long journey home from the village hidden in the sand. Sasuke was coming home from an assanation job and was staying at an akwardly silent Inn.
When Sasuke entered the room and smiled at the comfortably warm room and big bed. The fact that Sasuke was alone flustered him while he unpacke dhis stuff. Sasuke unbelted his kunai holder and then his shuriken bag and threw them on the ground relieving his body from the extra weight, then he quickly removed the rest of his clothes. Sasuke dove on to the bed, comforting the strained muscles that hadn't relaxed in days. Loving the sweet tranquil silence he softly went to sleep.
That night he dreampt the memories of his past expierences and adventures that he has shared with Sakura.
When he woke he lie in his bed thinking over the dreams he had, had. He sat alone for a while remembering all the memories untill an asent truth came to his realizing. Through out all of his youth even back to when he was a genin, she had always loved him and he had not once accepted it, he had always pushed her away no matter what the situation was. He also realized the bitter truth that he was alone, at the rate he was going he would die alone. He had always wanted to get married, but that goal had been so tossed around so much by other events that it's priority was altered from essential to inexistent. The extremely crucial thought brought a subtle tear to his eye. He was surprised at the mood that had overcome him, but also relieved that these thoughts of his were not forgotten.
After a few more minutes of recalling his memories he then got dressed packed his thing s and headed downstairs. After a light breakfast of bread and cheese he headed on his way back to the village hidden in the leaves, overwhelmed with that of excitment and of passion..............To be continued.
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