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The Battle

by DemonGuitar 2 Reviews

Frank is still possessed, and a surprise comes out of Mikey and Gerard's mom, and of course, a battle from the title.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007/07/23 - Updated: 2007/07/23 - 896 words

Most if not all of the credit for this chapter goes to gmcmil1, the idea of this is all his, I just changed a few things in the basic idea, like the Harry Potter movies :-) But I'm not as bad it as they are, haha. I know this hasn't really been such a love story, more save the world Eric Draven almost kinda revenge story. I'll shut up now.

Frank's Point Of View

I knew I wasn't me before I even opened my eyes, I mean, I was me, but it wasn't truly me. I sighed and slipped out of the bed I was somehow in. Mrs.Way could tell me what was going on, right? " Morning Mrs. Way" I said, walking into the kitchen. She turned around quickly and a look of feigned happiness quickly replaced fear. I sat down across from her and sat my head down on the table, " Is it possible for an angel to... have something wrong with them?" I asked, muffled by the table. She sighed quietly and waited a few minutes before she answered me, " Well... What's wrong with said angel, if there is something wrong?" She questioned, passing me a cup of coffee. " I just... feel weird..." I didn't bother with anything after that and we sat in an almost comfortable silence until she stood up and crossed the room, " I need to take you somewhere Frank, lets go" I looked up and followed her slowly out of the house and into the car, I had finally gotten used to the idea of that moving people around.

We finally had driven to an empty treeless area and she stopped the car and got out. I looked around, walking around the area and kicking up dust, my back turned from Mrs.Way. I felt a huge surge of power and turned around to see a glowing shield around her, I felt uncontrollable anger go through me. Wait, anger? I'm an angel, we don't feel anger. Angels don't, but we do. A voice said into my mind. " What?" I yelled outloud, " No! This isn't me!" I screamed as pain flew me, the energy coming from Gerard's mom, " Oh! You wanna play that way? Lets go then!" I yelled, the voice not belonging to me. I ran full force to her, seeing a gap in her shield and got inside the shield.

" Can we avoid getting me killed, please?" I asked out loud, trying to convince the demon to stop trying to fight, " I'm sorry Frank" Mrs. Way said out of breath, " but it has to be this way" She finished. " No, I'm... UGH!" I yelled, feeling my body controlled by the demon again, I was almost too tired to try and fight, I was thinking of giving up all together, and I wanted to convince Mrs. Way to do the same thing, but I couldn't get through to her. I knew she was starting to get tired and was soon going to unleash everything just to finish it off. Please! I begged, hoping the single word would stop the demon and at least have him leave, until a huge surge of power was coming from their mom. I felt the pain before it hit and screamed in horror and pain. See, you should've left! She's gonna rid you for good! I yelled at the demon trying to pass out of my body. When it did I felt the full force of the power and noticed a fire around me. " MRS.WAY!" I yelled with all I could muster trying to clear the flames but my legs gave out and I fell to the ground, completely spent.

" Frank? Frank, are you Frank for real now?" I heard a voice, it was getting slowly closer and I moaned and rolled onto my side, still not helping the pain, " Its me" I hissed, " Oh, thank you" She sighed. I felt her arms come around and she was carrying me somewhere. I decided not to worry about it and just let her take me with her. " Do you want to heal for a few hours or go back home, to your real home?" She asked, setting me down against what I now know was the car, " You gotta let me know something before I go" I said after resting a few minutes, " I know, I know. I was sent here to protect. I was told that a demon was going to try and take over, and an angel, you, was going to be sent to save us, but there was always a doubt about you" She stopped and looked over at me as I smiled, " Yeah, there has to be doubt about me, I was possessed" I stood up and smiled down at her, and walked back towards were the burning flames once were. " Are you sure you don't want a break? Just stay at the house for a while" She asked standing up, " Nah, But, tell Gerard I'm gonna miss him, he's pretty cool" I smiled, " Yeah.. Sure, I promise."

Yay, thanks for the support on this one, I don't know when I'll have a new story up but who knows, you guys might get lucky. This is the end of the story, kinda short and I don't think I'll do any extra things for it. Once again most credit goes to gmcmil1.
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